92 Part 2

-However, thinking about it carefully, that’s natural.


If Philiane has not come to Marineforest with Tiararose, she would have probably already gotten married.

Even so, it’s the pained look of Philiane that worries her.


“It seems like you’re not really interested in it… who is the other party?”

“…it’s someone who Lady Tiararose knows, I think. It’s Lucas Dunston.”

“If I’m not wrong… he’s Philiane’s childhood friend, right?”



After she tried asking about the details, it seems like the recommended marriage partner was Philiane’s childhood friend.

Of course, Tiara also knows about Philiane’s childhood friend, Lucas, as a noble.


Lucas Dunston.

He is the eldest son of the Dunston Count Family and 22-year-old.

He falls under the category of wealthy noble.

Tiararose also remembered talking to him several times during the night parties held before.


She tried recollecting about the kind of person he was and recalled noticing that Lucas kept looking at Philiane a lot.


-Speaking of which, I do remember seeing Sir Lucas chasing Philiane around…


It seemed like a one-sided crush on Lucas side, Tiararose gave a wry smile.


“I do not want to return to Lapis Lazuli for marriage. I want to continue working for Lady Tiararose from now on too, forever.”

“Philiane… Thank you, I’m really happy about your thoughts. However, if there is someone Philiane likes, please go ahead without considering about me.”


She does not want Philiane to give up on someone she likes for her sake.

She made the message clear but Philiane just smiled and thanked her with ‘Thank you very much.’


“If I’m going to get married with Lucas, I’m resolved to cut off my ties with my family.”

“Um, Philiane, do you hate Sir Lucas?”

“It’s impossible for me to like someone like him!”


Philiane said it so bluntly that Tiararose widened her eyes. It is rare for Philiane to burst out with emotions like that.

Philiane sighed and continued speaking.


“Lucas is a very self-centered person; if things do not go according to his plans, it’s not interesting to him. That’s why he is persistently inviting me out and kept sending me letters regularly even up to now.”

“Is that so…”


Lucas might be doing those with the thought of love but it seemed like all of his actions have quite the opposite effect.


“I have continued refusing him about the matter of marriage, but he was very persistent. I hope he’d just give up.”

“Is that so… if Philiane does not want to get married, I have nothing to add. Please tell me if you have any worries. I will do my best to help you.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Tiararose.”


Philiane smiled with a very refreshed expression, probably because she was able to speak about the matters she kept within her heart.


“Well then, I’ll go back now.”

“Yes. If there’s anything, feel free to call me.”



After knowing about the matters of Philiane, Tiararose went out of the anteroom.

That’s because if Tiararose continued to stay there, Philiane will not be able to rest properly. Tiararose told her she can take her time and return later, and headed towards the guestroom where Sirius was staying in.


Sirius has come from Lapis Lazuli, the home country of Tiararose, for school exchange.

She decided that it’s best to ask him if she wants to know more about what’s happening inside Lapis Lazuli. Of course, she also has the intention to get more information about Lucas who was persistently pursuing Philiane for marriage.



After telling the maid who was assigned to Sirius that she has some matters with him, the maid prepared a room and tea. Of course, it’s not possible for Tiararose, a queen of the country, to enter a male’s room just like that.

She drank the black tea and waited for a while before Sirius has arrived.


“Elder Sis Lady Tiara!”

“Prince Sirius, I’m sorry for the sudden visit.”

“No, I’m happy that I get to meet Elder Sis Lady Tiara!”


Sirius Lapis Lazuli entered the room with a happy look.

He has light golden brown hair and azure blue eyes. He was a ten-year-old young boy with a childish smile, but he was the first contender for the next King of Lapis Lazuli kingdom.

He was also the younger brother of Hartnight, Tiararose’s previous fiancé.


“However, what happened? It’s rare that Elder Sis Lady Tiara would find me for some matter.”

“Actually, there’s something I want to ask…”

“What was it that you wanted to ask?”


Sirius looked puzzled and Tiararose instructed him to take a seat on the opposite sofa by saying ‘Please sit down’. After the maid prepared his black tea, she started the conversation.


“…I see. The son of Dunston Family, huh, of course I know about him too.”

“I only know about him before I got married so I do not really know about his matters right now.”

“Ah, that’s of course.”


Sirius tried to recollect and told Tiararose about the information he knew.


Lucas’ family has succeeded in their industrial arts business of Coral processing, and they are quite wealthy. There are several stores of theirs in the streets as one of the famous brands in Lapis Lazuli.


“I see. Indeed if one were to be persistently pursued by him, they’d agree immediately…”

“Elder Sis Lady Tiara?”

“It seems like Philiane has received a marriage proposal so I just wanted to know about the opposite party.”

“Is that so… I remember that the Sunfist family is quite the opposite and their business hasn’t been doing well.”


Sirius said that unlike the Dunston family of Lucas, the Sunfist family of Philiane has not been producing positive results in businesses.

In the first place, Tiararose knew that Philiane’s family was not very wealthy, but she did not expect her situation to be this serious.


In other words, it’s a political marriage that involves money matters.


“In terms of the condition, I do not think it is bad but…”

“That’s true. Speaking objectively, it’s a political marriage.”


Sirius seemed to think that Philiane should get married and this puzzled Tiararose.

However, Tiararose do not believe that Philiane should get married if she does not want to. If only she has a convincing excuse; Lucas would probably not give up if the excuse was too trifling.


For now, Tiararose thanked Sirius and left the room.

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