93 Part 1

  1. Fun Preparations


“Sir Aqua. It’s a little sudden, but is it okay if I visit Lady Olivia tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? That’s sure abrupt. Of course you can, did something happen?”

“It’s pertaining to Philiane’s matter and I thought I’d like to seek Lady Olivia’s advice.”


Night has fallen and it’s the time when they lounged around the sofa. Tiararose asked for Aquasteed’s permission to go out and received it readily.

Feeling relieved about that, Tiararose smiled.


“I was also worried about it this afternoon. It’d be good if there’s anything that I can help out with, but it’s better for me not to speak about my opinion when it comes to ladies’ worries… right?”

“That’s not entirely true but the matters will be blown up if Sir Aqua is involved.”

“…I think it’s the same outcome for you too, Tiara.”


‘Did you forget you are the queen?’ Aquasteed smiled.


“O-Of course I have that in mind! However, when it comes to marriage matters, my say in it is different from that of Sir Aqua’s words as you are the king.”

“Marriage…? I guess there was a marriage proposal for Philiane?”

“…Yes. However, it seems like the opposite party isn’t really a good person.”


That’s why, Tiararose thought of getting some advice from Olivia.

If Aquasteed were to intervene here, it’d probably become a full-blown international affair; Tiararose did not find it appropriate to seek his advice and help in this.


Aquasteed gently placed his lips on Tiararose’s forehead and said ‘Alright.’


“Please take care on your way there and back. However, if anything happens, please do not push yourself and share it with me, alright?”

“Yes, of course.”


After saying that, Aquasteed gently stroked Tiararose’s hair and she leaned onto his shoulder.







The next day, Tiararose visited Olivia’s mansion, along with Philiane and bodyguard Tarmo.

The garden was designed with the green color tone and it looked extremely beautiful even in winter. Usually gardens will look kind of lonely outside of the warm season but it still looked great.


Right upon their arrival, Olivia and Levy came out to welcome them.


Olivia Ariadale was the villainess of the sequel.

Like Tiararose, she reincarnated here as a lady of the Count. She loves maiden games a lot and proclaimed that it was impossible for her to marry her favorite character as she will end up with nonstop nosebleeds. She also loves going around places paying pilgrimage to the sacred scenes of the game. She possesses rose-red hair and beautiful honey-green eyes. While she might look like an intellectual with her glasses on, she is quite a pervert…


“Lady Tiararose, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“I’m sorry for paying you a visit all of a sudden.”

“No, please do not worry about that. Well then, let’s head to the room, shall we?”


As they were visiting Olivia’s room and having ladies talk, Levy was forcibly left behind. Philiane and Tarmo were sent to the anteroom together.


After drinking black tea and having settled down, Tiararose started talking about the main topic.


“Actually… I’d like to consult about Philiane’s matters. It’s not just that, I want to tell you everything about it…”

“Everything about it?”


Olivia tilted her head in confusion at Tiararose’s words.

Tiararose explained that Philiane received a marriage proposal and thought that it’d be great if she could love freely…


Olivia said ‘is that so…’ and thought about it.

Tiararose thought that Olivia might have some good ideas so she kept quiet and looked at her. After a while, Olivia opened her mouth.


“Actually, there’s something I’ve always wanted to try.”

“Something you’ve always wanted to try?”

“Yes. If that went well, we might be one step closer to the free love development that Lady Tiararose just spoke of.”


Olivia grinned and said that as she clapped; she looked extremely pleased.

What kind of idea does she have? Tiararose was about to ask her about it… but before she could, blood kept streaming down from Olivia’s nose.

It’s a nosebleed.


“Eh!? Are you alright? Lady Olivia…!”

“I’m sorry, tsk! This happens often. Please do not mind about it.”

“H-Happens often…”


Brushing aside the worried Tiararose, Olivia wiped away the blood from her nose naturally as though she has done it many times before.


“I’m really fine, so please do not worry; I just became a little too excited when I imagined it…”


-What on earth did you just imagined, Lady Olivia!!

Without realizing, Tiararose’s face has turned red.


“My idea is none other than ‘masquerade ball’!”

“Masquerade ball…! I-Indeed that is a little too exciting…”


After hearing Olivia’s words, Tiararose’s heart also started pumping hard.


Masquerade ball is a night party where all the participants will conceal their faces with masks.

They will be able to have a fun time, dancing with people of whom they do not know the name or social status of.


-If Sir Aqua were to put on mask, it’d sure fit him well…


Tiararose was sure of that and really wanted to see him in one. At the same time she nodded with vigor at the suggestion ‘let’s hold it.’

Olivia probably wanted to see the charming character she’s strategizing for in a mask. Sharing the same feelings, Tiararose agreed from deep within her hearts.


Also, at the same time, it’d be a place where Philiane will get the opportunity to have new encounters.

Since she’s normally a servant, she could not join the night parties. However, if it’s a masquerade ball, she will probably be convinced to… or rather, they will make all the preparations and let her join them.

Tiararose smiled at the thought of Philiane in a dress, something she has not seen for a long time.


“With this, Philiane might be able to come across a guy she’s interested in. For me, I think Elliot will match her well… that’s my personal opinion though.”

“The side aide of Sir Aquasteed, Elliot, huh. Indeed, that might be the case but it might be a little difficult since he does not have a noble status.”

“Is that so…”


Social status was a wall to overcome.

Even so, Elliot is Aquasteed’s side aide. It’d be possible if Philiane’s family agreed to it, but they probably prefer wealthy nobles like the Sunfist family.


-I hope they’d be able to find a compromising point though.


“Lady Philiane does not have a guy she’s interested in?”

“I have never heard of her liking any specific guy… She did ask me a lot about mine though.”

“She dislikes the guy who proposed to her but it seems like there are no other people who she can get married to… Indeed, there’s no choice but to hold a masquerade ball…! We have to quickly start with the preparations, now that we are determined with it! Levy, Levy-!”


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