93 Part 2

Olivia could not contain her overflowing drive and called Levy.


“Did you call me? Olivia.”

“Levy, I’m going to hold a masquerade ball.”

“I got it. Well then, I shall get ready with the preparations.”


Olivia merely said that she’s going to hold the ball and Levy has understood all that he has to do and went out of the room. Tiararose was surprised by that interaction.

As usual, he’s a strange butler, Tiararose thought.



He’s Olivia’s personal butler and 24-year-old.

With his black hair and butler outfit, he looked composed, but his rose-red eyes give off strong presences; he’s someone who will do anything for the sake of Olivia.


“Lady Olivia, what kind of instruction did you give Levy? The details have not been confirmed yet…”

“I have always wanted to hold a masquerade ball. I have already told Levy all about my ideal masquerade ball.”


As expected of Olivia-

Tiararose gave a wry smile and asked Olivia about what should be done. There are lots to be done before the actual ball, when it comes to the venue, number of invitations etc.


Olivia immediately talked about the details of the masquerade ball with a grin.


“For the venue, it will be held in the separate mansion of the Ariadale family. Although it is a separate mansion, it’s within the same area so there should be no difficulty moving around.”

“People who are joining will feel safe since it is Lady Olivia’s mansion.”


The Ariadale Count family will not carry out seedy activities; if the guests were to be invited behind close-doors, some might be suspicious and fret about seedy activities.


“As for the people to invite, I’d limit it to the nobles of Marineforest… for the age requirements… let’s settle with 18 and above, 25 and below. It does not matter if the person is married or not. With this, they will not realize that the purpose of this ball is to allow for new encounters, and Lady Tiararose will also be allowed to attend.”

“I think that’s great. Ah, but… if we do not invite Lady Akari too, she’ll probably become furious.”


It’s easy to imagine her being angry for not being invited to this fun party. Both Tiararose and Olivia faced each other and smiled wryly.


“Let’s send an invitation to Lady Akari too. It’d take time to reach here from Lapis Lazuli… so shall we hold the ball around two months later?”

“Yes, I don’t think there’s any problem with that. Sir Aqua will also be able to adjust his schedule accordingly if it’s two months later.”


Even if his schedule is really tight, he will probably squeeze some time out for this… was what Tiararose thought. He will probably be worried about Tiararose going to the masquerade ball alone as she might be pursued by some weird guy.


It’s so easy to imagine that happening, and she smiled without realizing.


“Lady Tiararose?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was just thinking how it’d end up as the event’s not in the game… I look forward to it. It’d be good if there’s a positive outcome for Philiane though…”

“That’s right.”


After that, Tiararose and Olivia talked so much about the details of the masquerade ball that the sun has already set.







One and a half month has passed since then; Akari has arrived from Lapis Lazuli. Hartnight, who has become Akari’s husband, was also invited but he excused himself as he was busy.


“It has been a long time, Lady Tiara, Lady Olivia!”


With bright dazzling expressions, they have gathered at Olivia’s mansion.

Today, the three of them were to hold a meeting about the masquerade ball.

Akari Lapis Lazuli is the heroine of the maiden game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”.

With beautiful black hair and eyes, she’s unmistakably Japanese. Of course that should be the case as Akari has reincarnated here from Japan.

Right now, she’s married to the second prince of the Lapis Lazuli kingdom Hartnight and currently lives in Lapis Lazuli.


“Both of you seem fine and that’s good! I was totally looking forward to meeting both of you.”

“Yes. I’m also glad that Lady Akari seems fine too.”

“It has been a long time. Well then, let’s start talking about the masquerade ball already…!”


Tiararose and Olivia replied to Akari’s greeting, and they were happy about the reunion.


Tiararose said that Aquasteed has somehow managed to arrange his schedule to join in; Tiararose and Aquasteed have new splendid clothes prepared especially for this and they were looking forward to it.


Surrounded by the black tea and snacks prepared by Levy, the ladies talk has begun.

Even so, most of the conversations were about the masquerade ball. They have received replies of attendance from most of the nobles they have sent the invitations to, and it has become quite a large-scaled one.


They talked about the interiors, drinks and dishes pertaining to the d-day.

By the way, all the matters pertaining to the desserts will be dealt with by Tiararose alone.



All of a sudden, Akari muttered ‘Hmm, marriage…’ as she snacked on the cookies.


“It’s kind of unexpected that we are talking about the marriage of a character who is not directly involved in the love scenes of the game.”


Akari said that she could not imagine it.


“That’s true… Lady Philiane followed Lady Tiararose and was forced out of the country with her in the ending.”

“Indeed, something like that was written in the end roll.”


In response, Olivia talked about what happened to Philiane in the ending. However, in this case Tiararose was chased out of the country, and it does not fit into the current situation.

Tiararose, too, nodded as she remembered that something like that was written.


Akari continued her words, and said something sharp that’s unusual from her


“Thinking about it, it’s strange that she has a marriage proposal from her childhood friend in Lapis Lazuli at this point of time… I mean, Philiane has left the country, and although it’s different from the original scenario, she is indeed now located outside the country. In that case, don’t you think that it’s more natural if she’s going to marry some nameless mob character in Marineforest?”


Akari said that it does not sit well with her how Philiane has to go back to Lapis Lazuli alone at this point of time.


“Indeed, it’s hard to imagine that Philiane will return to the country after she left along with Tiararose… I mean me…”

“Right? That’s why I’m sure that Philiane will meet a good person of Marineforest.”


After receiving Tiararose’s shared sentiment, Akari came out with that simple conclusion. In general, Akari has an optimistic character, but there were many times Tiararose was saved by this personality of hers.


“Male characters near Philiane… he is not a mob character but there’s Elliot. However, he’s a strategy character, so what should we do?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure about that. If they have mutual love, I support them; but I am generally on the side of Philiane.”


In the case Elliot likes Philiane and Philiane says no to him, Tiararose will oppose it.

Akari recommended Elliot, but Philiane’s feelings should be of the utmost priority.


After having such conversations, Olivia came up with a suggestion.


“In that case, wouldn’t it be fine if we also invite Elliot?”

“That’s great!”

“I agree!”


At that proposed plan, Akari immediately raised her hand, followed by Tiararose.

The masquerade ball that they were planning for, was probably going to be quite a fun and lively one-

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