95 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 95

  1. Masquerade ball: Part One

“That cold response of yours is quite alluring too; it’s a pity that I cannot see your face with that boorish mask…”


While saying that, the man grazed Tiararose’s chin with his fingers.

Promptly, Tiararose brushed away the guy’s hand with the fan in her hand. It’s terrible that he’s doing something like that to her, a married woman.


“I did not put on the flower that indicate I’m single, so it’s inappropriate for you to do that to me; of course, it’s also inappropriate to do that to single ladies too…”

“Hmm, you are quite harsh huh. However, I think that part of you is wonderful too… I wonder if that’s a sign that I have fallen in love with you”



She warned him harshly but it seemed like he was not bothered at all.

Rather, it appeared that he’s gotten even more interested in Tiararose, as he looked at her with intense gaze.

The best option was to probably stay away from this guy.


While Tiararose was thinking about that, the guy uttered ‘Ah.’


“The cute lady you were interested in, it seemed like there’s another guy who has approached her?”



After being told that, Tiararose turned to look at Philiane too.

Indeed, she’s speaking to another person who was not the earlier gentle-looking guy.


With dark brown hair and suit in a soft warm tone, at first glance he gave off a warm impression but- Philiane seems to be acting weird.

She seemed to be a little nervous and disturbed. Judging from how she was trying to distance from him, the man probably did something rude to Philiane… however she cannot hear the content of the conversation from the distance.


-Stop being rude to my attendant!


The tanned guy, who was disturbing Tiararose, grinned at Tiararose’s fierce glance.


“You seemed to be quite obsessed with that lady. Is she your friend or something?”

“Yes. We were always together since we were kids, and I hope that no weird guys will disturb her. Of course, that includes you.”

“Is that so?”


She glared at the tanned guy as well, but was returned with a bright smile.


“In that case, we have to get closer to them! We cannot hear their conversation from here, right?”


After saying that, the tanned guy took Tiararose’s hand, and walked towards the center of the party hall.


“Wait-! Let’s go of me!”

“Well, well, don’t let that bother you.”


Tiararose raised voice of objection immediately, but the tanned guy did not care at all and acted freely.

Since they were a pair of male and female, they did not really stand out to others. If Tiararose was alone, another guy will probably approach her…


In other words, he might be a useful as a guy (insect)-repellent…


After they went closer to Philiane, they were able to hear the contents of their conversation,



“Philiane. Thank you for accepting my marriage proposal.”

“Eh…? Are you possibly Lucas?”


Tiararose’s eyes widened upon hearing their conversation. The tanned guy raised a voice of commendation ‘Wow.’


-What’s going on?

Philiane disliked the idea of the marriage proposal, so there’s no way she would accept it. The only possible way for that to happen was for her own parents to accept it on her behalf.


“Or rather, that guy… was Sir Lucas?”


She was shocked at that fact.

After all, Tiararose and the others did not send an invitation card to Lucas Dunstone. It was also the same for the tanned guy who’s beside Tiararose right now, it seemed like everyone could attend this masquerade ball and that was perplexing.

Well, acquaintances were allowed to enter the premises, so they might have pulled some strings.


“He said that they are engaged, but the girl you are obsessed with seems to hate him.”

“…That’s right.”

“I wonder if he’s just bad at dealing with ladies”


‘He ought to do better’ laughed the tanned guy.

Tiararose turned her gaze back to Philiane.


“Why… Lucas, you should be in Lapis Lazuli now? Did you come to Marineforest especially for this today?”

“That did not matter to me as all I wanted to do was to see Philiane. Also, I will be returning with Philiane. After all, I have received permissions from both of your parents.”



It seemed that Lucas was quite determined with various things.

Those words made Tiararose boil up with anger. What a selfish guy. It’s natural that Philiane was turned off by him.


Tiararose trembled in anger, and Philiane has started moving.


“I know that there’s no point in talking to you, so excuse me.”

“Wait a minute, Philiane. Do you think that I will let you do as you wish?”


When Philiane stepped away, Lucas followed her as though he’s chasing her.

She could not run so she walked with a somehow fast pace. That should have revealed how much Philiane hated him, but Lucas walked by her side nonchalantly.


“Hey, Philiane. Since we have this opportunity to participate in a night party, I was thinking that we should have a dance together.”



-What a persistent man…


Lucas called out to Philiane, but received no response.

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