95 Part 2


While trying to escape from the party hall, she ended up in the garden that’s open for all. It was slightly cold as it’s the winter, but she judged that it was much better than being in the party hall.


Philiane confirmed that there’s no one around before stopping.


“Give me a break, Lucas! I do not want to get married!!”

“Please do not say something selfish like that, Philiane.”



Lucas spoke as though he’s implying that since it’s a political marriage between nobles, this should be natural.

Philiane thought that she would get married someday. However, she definitely disliked the thought of getting married to Lucas.

She knew that there’s a chance one would not be happy in a political marriage, but a marriage with Lucas will produce not even a milliliter of happiness. That’s how much she detested him.


It’s alright if she doesn’t become as happy as Tiararose and Aquasteed are. However, at the bare minimum, she hoped that it will be someone who will treat her with respect…



Tiararose bit her lips as she watched the two. She thought that she has to butt into the conversation and mediate between the two, and approached them- but she was stopped by the tanned guy who followed her.


“! W-What is it?”

“They are both nobles, right? In that case, you should not interfere between them. Or do you have any power to do that? There’s meaningless to interfere in private matters.”

“T-That is…”


Tiararose thought that it was indeed a convincing argument.

Also, as the queen of Marineforest, she has the power. If she ordered Lucas to leave, she can probably chase him out of Marineforest.

However, that does not solve the root problem, and will only cause strife between Philiane and her family members.


Since there’s no choice, she decided to observe the situation.



As they were outside of the party hall with no one around them, Lucas sighed deeply.




“You are coming with me.”



‘You are a good kid after all.’ said Lucas as he held Philiane’s hand. Philiane tried to brush it off, but Lucas’s strength was unexpectedly strong.

She failed to brush him off and grimaced.


“I will definitely not marry you! Let go of my hand quickly!”

“I like Philiane so much though. Also, I have already sent money to your house, so you cannot brush me off.”

“No way…”


As expected, deals were being done in the shadows.

He did not only receive an agreement to the marriage proposal, they have already received monetary aid from him. Philiane thought that she could not longer escape from Lucas, and became extremely depressed.


Looking at how Philiane was looking down without words, Lucas thought that she has accepted his marriage proposal. He rubbed Philiane’s head and told her arrogantly, ‘it’s great that you understand now.’


”Well, let’s go back inside and dance before going back; you can come to the mansion that I’m staying in today.”

“…I don’t want to.”

“! Won’t you stop that, Philiane. Or perhaps you are merely just saying that without meaning it?”



Lucas raised the corners of his lips and gave an awful smirk. He pulled Philiane towards him, hugged her, and was about to steal her lips- right then Tiararose could not stand it any longer and jumped in between the two.


“Please stop it!”


-I cannot forgive how he’s forcing her against her will!




Philiane and Lucas were surprised at Tiararose’s sudden appearance, but Philiane recognized Tiararose’s dress so she let out a sigh of relief.

With all her strength, she brushed off Lucas’s arm and headed towards Tiararose.


“Are you alright? I’m sorry. I should have properly checked the guests who entered this venue…”

“It’s alright. Please do not mind about that. It’s Lucas’ fault for barging in like that.”


Philiane shook her head and insisted that it’s definitely not Tiararose’s fault.


”I have finally managed to talk to Philiane… so could you not interfere us?”

“…talk? I was observing you guys, and it seemed like Philiane was really unpleased?”

“That’s your misunderstanding. Philiane and I are engaged after all. She was just a little shy.”


Since Tiararose has a mask on, Lucas did not realize that it was her. For that reason, Lucas continued to speak in a rude manner.

He probably thought that she was just another average lady… and was arrogantly looking down on her.

If he knew that he’s talking to the queen of this country, he will probably turn green immediately- however, if Tiararose tried to help Philiane by showing her power, the latter will definitely not be pleased about it. Philiane will probably blame herself for causing Tiararose troubles


Tiararose and Lucas glared at each other, when a cheerful voice ‘You shouldn’t do that’ intruded.

Of course, the owner of that voice was that tanned guy.


“You should not act that way to these cute ladies, you know?”

“…Who are you? This is our problem, so outsiders should just stay out of it.”

“I don’t need a reason to help ladies.”


The tanned guy defended Tiararose and Philiane, and confronted Lucas.


Looking at that, Philiane turned green.

‘I did not want to drag other people into this matter and make it huge…’ whispered Philiane.


“W-What should I do…”

“It is fine, Philiane. Rather than that, are you alright? Are you hurt?”

“Yes, I’m fine but… I’m causing troubles to the two of you.”

“You are not troubling us. Please do not mind us.”


Rather than that, Tiararose thought that the tanned guy has disturbed her so much, that in comparison this seemed like a trivial matter.

Also, in a little while, Aquasteed will probably come finding her. Therefore, there will be no problem if Tiararose defend Philiane for the moment.

Fortunately, it seemed like the tanned guy has become their ally too…


While she was thinking about that, Lucas raised his voice.


“Come out, all of you! I am going back with Philiane!!”



In response to Lucas’ voice, a couple of men appeared. It seemed like they were bodyguards or some people Lucas has employed… From the look of the situation, this issue probably cannot be resolved through talking alone.

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