96 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 96

6.Masquerade ball: Part Two

“How should I put it… it’s kind of cliché…”


The tanned guy was dumbfounded by Lucas’ actions and smirked.

At his signal, five men appeared. They were all in splendid outfits and masks so their faces cannot be seen.


-I wonder how did this many people managed to sneak in?


The Count family’s security was definitely not lax enough to allow this many people to sneak in. If any uninvited people tried to enter through the reception booth, someone will definitely inform Tiararose or the others.

…However, it’s not the right time to think about that now.


-First of all, this situation has to be dealt with promptly.


Lucas folded his arms and laughed through his nose. He then reached his hand out to Philiane and grinned.


“Well then, Philiane. I do not intend to go rough here too, so let’s go back together.”



If left with no choice, he will resort to force- that implication was all written over Lucas’ face.

He’s saying that if she doesn’t want her precious friend to get hurt, she should go with him. That sight of Lucas made Philiane bit her lips in anger.


“I did not expect Lucas to be that stupid.”

“Philiane, there’s no need for you to go with him.”

“Tia- but.”


Tiararose gently told Philiane that there’s nothing she should worry about. Rather, she cannot forgive the man who treated her cute attendant badly.

Tiararose did not express it outwardly in terms of her expression or vocal tone, but she’s extremely angry right now.


The tanned guy shared the same sentiment as he glared at the guys under the mask.


“…It seems like you guys do not intend to hand Philiane over. In that case, I have no choice. I will let you taste a bit of your medicine!”



With Lucas’ command as a signal, the five men headed towards them. The tanned man immediately tried to stop them and stepped out towards those guys- and he kicked with all his might.



“You guys do not even know the way to escort ladies properly, there’s no way you guys can beat me!”

“…Y-You are strong despite being a noble… are you a knight or something.”

“Well then.”


First, one man collapsed onto the ground.

Looking at that, Lucas clicked his tongue and stepped one step backwards… but the momentum of the tanned guy cannot be stopped. In a brief moment, the remaining four people have all collapsed.


He dealt with them so well that Tiararose and Philiane let out voices of surprise.


“Y-You are really strong… thank you, you helped us out.”

“I do not know who you are, but thank you very much.”


The two of them thanked him. Right when Tiararose thought about handing over the mastermind, Lucas, to the security, the tanned guy raised his voice in surprise.


“Be careful, behind-!”



They let their guards down thinking that everything’s fine, and did not expect that Lucas’ underlings were hiding in the shadows. Two men leapt onto Tiararose and Philiane from behind.

The tanned guy tried to help, but there’s no way he could make it in time with the distance between them.


“Be careful!”



Immediately, Philiane stepped out to protect Tiararose.

She saw the knives in the hands of those guys and shut her eyes tight- however, she noticed that there was no movement or anything.


“A-Ah, I’m glad I made it on time…”


“Yes. Are you fine, Philiane?”


The guy’s knife was knocked off with Elliot’s sword.

Sweat droplets were trickling down his forehead; it seems like he rushed here.

He returned his sword to the sheath and stretched out his hand to Philiane, who has collapsed to the ground, with a smile to comfort her. He said ‘Everything’s fine now’ and helped Philiane up.


-That’s great.

Tiararose was relieved at the sight of the two. Also, she heard a gentle voice from the back saying ‘Sorry for being late.’

It was the deep loving voice of the person who Tiararose loves the most.


“Sir Aqua!”

“I’m glad Tiara is fine; I never expected that something like this would happen…”



Aquasteed looked at the guys, who have collapsed onto the ground, and Lucas, who was restrained by the tanned guy. He immediately headed towards the tanned guy.


“You have protected the two of them. Thank you very much.”

“It’s the role of a man to protect ladies.”

“Let’s hand over that man to the security personnel immediately.”


It’s a good thing that the situation was controlled before it gets too big.

It seemed like the guests of the masquerade ball have yet to notice this situation. Tiararose was about to suggest that they should bring Philiane to another location, but she decided not to after seeing how Elliot is with her.


-…hm? Could this be a rather pleasant atmosphere?

She thought out loud..

Aquasteed and the tanned guy were looking at Tiararose, and they followed her sight, shifting their gazes to Philiane and Elliot.


The warm atmosphere surrounding the two people made it seemed as though the earlier tumult did not happen at all.


“Thank you for saving me. More importantly, I’m glad Lady Tiararose was not hurt.”

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