96 Part 2

“There’s no need to. However, I’m glad that Philiane was not hurt too.”

“It’s because you have saved us, Elliot… I’m really sorry for causing trouble.”


Philiane said that and looked at Lucas.

However, his mouth was stuffed with cloth, so he could not say anything. Right after that, the security personnel has finally arrived and brought him away.


“That person… is Philiane’s acquaintance, right?”

“…Yes. My parents accepted the marriage proposal without my consent, and he said he was here to bring me back.”

“! Such a forceful…”


Philiane explained coolly and Elliot, who did not know anything about the situation, was shocked. After that he grasped his hand and blamed himself for not being able to do anything.

Looking at Elliot, Philiane giggled.


“You are kind, Elliot. …There’s no choice, I’m sure. It’s embarrassing to say this but my family is not wealthy.”

“That’s why the noble did that just now…”

“Yes, it appeared that he has provided my family with financial aid.”


Philiane has many siblings and they probably needed the money for her younger sisters. While it is quite logical, it’s quite painful to be forced into this entire thing.


Elliot gulped his saliva upon the sight of Philiane who was smiling with a lonely look.





Philiane tilted her head in confusion as she looked at Elliot, who seemed to be at a loss for words. Did she cause him to worry by revealing her family problems?

In that case she’s really sorry about it- thought Philiane.


“Elliot, I’m fine, so please do not be concerned about me.”

“I’m concerned.”


He replied immediately.




Philiane looked at Elliot with wide eyes. Right then he looked straight at Philiane too.

With such earnest looks, her face blushed.


Elliot then said softly.


“…I do not have any fitting social status so I do not have the qualification to tell Philiane about this.”



Elliot is a commoner so he does not have any family honor. He’s a close aide of Aquasteed and was more knowledgeable about the matters of the noble society, but he was not directly involved in it.

Up till now, and even in the future- that’s what he thought.


Elliot was blessed by the protagonist, so he never thought that it’s not a problem that he’s not a noble. Or rather, he thought that it’s good that he do not have to attend the troublesome evening parties.


“However, right now… I wished I was a noble. If only I am one, I’ll be able to help Philiane out immediately.”

“! Elliot did help me out. Like a prince from the fairytale.”


He has properly saved her so there’s no need to worry about it- said Philiane. However, Elliot seemed to be feeling otherwise, and shook his head side-to-side.




“…If you could grant me a wish, will you wait for me to obtain the status of a noble through my hard work?”



Philiane widened her eyes at Elliot’s unexpected words.


It’s really rare for a person with no noble status to confess to a noble. Even if it really did happen, most of them will not come true.

However, the case was kind of special for Elliot. After all, there was a possibility that he could obtain a noble status.

Eliot is the aide to Aquasteed and a trusted person. If he managed to have any big achievement, there was a very high possibility of him obtaining a noble status.


Philiane’s heart started beating fast. Philiane could not reply, and worried about what kind of reply she ought to give. It seemed like she did not expect to be confessed with such a pure intention like this, something that’s not a political marriage.

Staring at the ground and being lost for words, Philiane took a small deep breath before looking at Elliot. He’s still staring at Philiane with earnest eyes.


Elliot’s the colleague of Philiane.

He’s usually kind and gentle… but he’s good with magic and swords so he’s dependable. He was also kind of awkward; that kind of cute gap in his image and personality made him very popular among the maids in the castle.


“…Thank you very much. I’m very happy about Elliot’s feelings.”


“I will wait- for Elliot to extend your hand to me again.”

“…Yes, I will definitely do so!”




Tiararose looked at Philiane and Elliot and let out a sigh of relief. She did not expect that things will be wrapped up so smoothly like this…


“I’m glad.”

“Elliot will probably be working even harder from now on.”

“That’s right.”


Aquasteed smiled beside Tiararose, as if he’s supporting his close aide. He thought about helping out but it seemed like there’s nothing he could do as Elliot will probably do his best.


With this, one case has been settled!

Well, let’s go back- right when Tiararose thought of that, someone put his hand on her shoulder.



“By the way, Kitty… who is this guy?”


The tanned guy approached her and asked Tiararose with an interested look- however, there’s no way Aquasteed will keep quiet and forgive him for that.


“Will you not touch my wife?”

“Eh? So you are really married, humph…”


Tiararose stared at the tanned guy and brushed off his hand off her shoulder. Growing impatient, Tiararose told the tanned guy ‘Like I said, I’m married!’

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