97 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 97

  1. Dance of the Two Kings

“So you are really married…”


The tanned guy said that with disappointment, and looked at Tiararose.

Unable to see that the tanned guy looked like he’s lost hope as his facial expression was hidden under the mask, Aquasteed wrapped his arm around Tiararose as though to warn him.


“In today’s world, divorce is not a rare thing, right? So come to me.”



The tanned guy nonchalantly said that, and Tiararose grimaced. She thought that he would give up upon knowing that she’s really married, and did not expect him to tell her to divorce and go to him.

Of course, Tiararose has no plans to go with the tanned guy, and will definitely not leave Aquasteed.


Tiararose immediately shook her head, rejected him and hid behind Aquasteed.


“Can you please not frighten my wife?”

“I don’t particularly intend to scare her… I just wanted to get closer to her.”


The tanned guy grinned.

The opposite party does not seem to be backing off, and Tiararose thought about what she should do. She doesn’t want to get along with him, and wanted him to stop fooling around as Aquasteed was around.


On the other hand, Aquasteed judged that it’s a waste of effort to deal with him; wrapping his arm around Tiararose’s waist, he quietly said ‘let’s go, shall we?’

Indeed, it’s not good to fight with the guests of the masquerade ball here. Tiararose gave a small nod, but was stopped by the tanned guy.


“Wait a minute. Aren’t you being too cold?”



As the tanned guy tilted his head, his accessories swayed along with his movement and made sounds.

Aquasteed, who was beside Tiararose, gave a small sighed and warned him once again ‘Like I said, she’s my wife.’

However, it seemed like he’s not being heard- what he has gotten was a response of a proposal.


“In that case, let’s have a competition. With that, this masquerade ball will become even livelier, don’t you think so?”



Aquasteed looked at the tanned guy with suspicion.


“If I win, you will give me time to seduce kitty.”

“…Of course there’s no way I’m going to accept the competition.”


Aquasteed quietly thought to himself that jokes should have boundaries. Rather than the competition, he doesn’t like the idea of Tiararose being treated like a prize.

He should stop talking to him; while he was about to leave with such thoughts, the sound of claps reverberated through the area.


“Competition! Doesn’t that sound good?!!”



Everyone on the spot widened their eyes, as the butler suddenly appeared.

Right behind him was Olivia and Akari with excited shining eyes. They were probably going to name this as “The Villainess being Fought over by Two Handsome Men Event!? Can’t miss it!!”


“Lady Tiara, are you okay?”

“You were not inside the hall so we were worried about you.”

“Thank you, both of you. I’m fine… but”


She was concerned that the three of them, Akari, Olivia and Levy, were supportive of the competition idea.

Aquasteed was beside her and looked somehow tired.


“Hmm… it seemed like the three of them are supportive of the competition idea? Or could you be trying to escape, knowing that you cannot defeat me?”

“Wait a minute, please do not spout nonsense! I don’t know who you are but there’s no way Sir Aqua will lose! Of course he will agree to this competition!!”



Akari, who’s totally not directly involved, responded to the provocative statements of the tanned guy. The response sounded like she’s speaking as a girlfriend and Tiararose made a wry smile.

She peeked at Aquasteed and he’s giving a deep sigh. As if there’s no choice, he muttered ‘I got it’ and agreed to it.


“That’s the spirit~!”

“So, what are we going to compete about?”

“…Hmm, how about a dance?”



Everyone was surprised by the unexpected proposal of the flashy tanned guy. At the same time, hopes of seeing Aquasteed dance inflated.

He has danced at the evening parties before, but they have never seen a performance from him.


-However, can Sir Aqua even dance to begin with?

That obvious doubt was in the back of Tiararose’s mind.

However, as though Aquasteed’s brushing aside Tiararose’s worries, he replied.


“I got it. That’s fine with me.”


After Aquasteed said that he accepted it, everyone headed back to the party hall.




◆ ◆ ◆



“-Well then, everyone. From now on, I will commence an event.”


The voice of Levy, the host, reverberated through the party venue.

As Aquasteed and the tanned guy were making their preparations, Tiararose, Akari, Olivia, Philiane and Elliot are in the party hall right now.


Philiane approached to Tiararose’s side and peeked at her worriedly.


“Lady Tiararose, are you okay?”

“Yes, there’s no problem with me… but I’m worried about Sir Aqua.”

“That’s true…”


No one would have thought that he would be in a dance competition.

Akari and Olivia seemed very excited about it, and wondered what kind of dances the two will perform.


“It’s going to be fine since it is Sir Aquasteed.”



Elliot said that with a smile as though he’s trying to reassure them.

Since the close aide of Aquasteed said that, he should be able to dance somehow and this made Tiararose a little relieved.


-However, that guy will probably be skilled too…


Thinking about that, she began to feel unsettled again.


“Well then, the preparations are done; there will be a dance performance this evening for everyone to enjoy. We will decide on the victory based on the loudness of everyone’s claps, so please give a round of applause after the performances.”


After Levy said that, Aquasteed and that tanned guy, still in their masks, appeared. The latter was wearing a native costume with several layers of different cloths.

The first dance performer was the tanned guy. He bowed and stepped out to the front. Before he started dancing, he shifted his gaze to Tiararose for a brief moment.

She instantly knew that he’s winking at her through the mask.


In the quiet party hall, soft and deep drum beats could be heard. She turned her sight to the drummer and it’s someone with tanned skin and silver hair- who was clearly an acquaintance of his.

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