98 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 98

  1. Tiara and Aqua’s shopping

Aquasteed decided to pamper Tiararose as things have finally settled down after the end of the masquerade ball event. She was probably tired out by the annoying antics of the Sandrose king at the masquerade ball.


However, as Tiararose was quite shy, she probably wouldn’t allow herself to be pampered too much.

Aquasteed thought that side of her was cute.

Also, Tiararose does not have greed for material goods and would not request for stuffs. Well, sweets are an exception, but even so Tiararose would be able to obtain them herself, even if Aquasteed does not prepare them.


“Sir Aquasteed, is there anything wrong?”

“Oh, it’s you, Elliot…”


Aquasteed was in the office, trying to come up with good ideas, when Elliot has arrived.


“No, I was just thinking of ways to pamper Tiara.”

“Lady Tiararose? Well, haven’t you already been pampering her in the first place?”

“Well that is…”


That’s indeed true.


“Many things happened at the masquerade ball so I thought we could wind down.”

“Ah, I see.”


‘It was indeed chaotic’ said Elliot with a wry smile.

Since then, Elliot has been putting even more effort into his work in the hopes that he will one day be able to propose to Philiane properly. Aquasteed knew that so he was thinking of entrusting Elliot with important tasks if there were any.


Elliot made a gesture as though he’s pondering deeply, and then he suddenly clapped his hand.


“In that case, why don’t both of you shop together?”


“Yes, I heard from Philiane that a merchant will come to pay a visit to Lady Tiararose later; it seemed like she planned on purchasing several dresses, so you can buy her some accessories as present.”

“Shopping… Hmm, sounds good, I shall do that.”


Tiararose usually doesn’t buy much stuff, so Aquasteed thought that this was a perfect opportunity and nodded.

He also thought that if he’s going to buy her a present, he wants to make it complete from top to bottom coordination. In a way, it seemed like it’s going to be a reward for Aquasteed instead… of course that was not intentional.







Many merchants and pastry chefs often come to visit Tiararose.

Tiararose and Philiane would spend a fun time shopping and thinking of what to purchase, as they were shown the newest products and sweets.

Philiane often makes the decision when it comes to dresses or accessories, and most of the time Tiararose would tilt her head and say ‘Do I really need that many of them?’ To that, Philiane would reply ‘You barely have enough’ in a conventional flow.


Today, merchants were led to the guestroom where Tiararose was waiting, but Philiane stopped them before they could enter.


“What’s wrong? Philiane?”

“It seems like Sir Aquasteed wants to do this with you.”

“Is that so?”


Tiararose expressions brightened up after hearing Philiane.

Aquasteed was usually busy with his work duties, so it’s rare for him to shop with her. With excitement, Tiararose welcomed Aquasteed who has arrived.


“Sorry for the sudden intrusion, Tiara.”

“No, I’m simply too happy at the thought of shopping with Sir Aqua.”

“Is that so?”


Tiararose said that with a smile, and Aquasteed too returned with a gentle smile.

Philiane has prepared the setting for the venue, so Tiararose and Aquasteed sat down side by side on the sofa.

The merchants who will come in later mainly deal with winter goods.


Philiane finished the preparations for black tea and took out a list with items that Tiararose needs, before calling in the merchants one by one in order.

Right then, Aquasteed called out to Philiane.


“Philiane, what do you intend to purchase?”

“For today, we will mainly buy winter dresses and accessories; after that, we will discuss about the designs for spring dresses.”

“I see. Thank you.”


Of course, other than that, there were also pastry chefs who brought in their delights.


“We have many winter dresses but there aren’t any new ones… that isn’t good, right?”


Tiararose smiled wryly at what Philiane has said. Tiararose has received some as presents from Aquasteed before, and owns so many dresses that they could almost pile up to form a mountain.

Even so, it’s not appropriate for Tiararose, the queen, to wear the same dress again. As the queen of the Marineforest kingdom, she’s expected by the public to be dressed appropriately, and she’s also the centre of the admirations from the young ladies as the icon of fashion.


“Well then, let’s take a look at the dresses and accessories first.”


After saying that, Philiane welcomed the first merchant into the room.


The representative was an elderly man dressed in refined suits. Along with him were several seamstresses.

After bowing to Tiararose and everyone else, they lined up the dresses.


“Wow, all of them are lovely.”

“The one with fur is good too; it seems like it’d suit Tiara.”

“Is that so?”


Aquasteed pointed to the dress with fluffy fur and looked excited. He thought that it was nice that there were a wide variety of styles with differing colours.

At the side, Philiane was looking at the designs seriously with glean in her sharp eyes. She then asked a question about the dress to one of the seamstresses.


“Is this the newest design?”

“Of course. We have prepared this so that Lady Tiararose’s beauty can shine the brightest.”


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