98 Part 2

The seamstress smiled and said ‘I think this fur suits Lady Tiararose’s hair colour too.’

While Tiararose and Aquasteed were comfortably looking at the dresses, Philiane was making decisions on what was needed and purchased several dresses. In addition to that, she also purchased dresses that Tiararose was interested in.


-As expected, Philiane’s so reliable.

Tiararose cannot purchase things so decisively like this, so she smiled wryly.


“Well then, I’ll have the five dresses and accessories.”

“Ah, wait Philiane, I’m going to buy this dress and fur too.”



While she was going to purchase the dresses, Aquasteed halted her.

He selected a lovely outdoor dress with a cute light blue and pink ribbon attached to it, and a hair ornament. Also, he chose a fashionable fur scarf that’s in a shape of an animal.


“Eh, Sir Aqua?”


Tiararose was surprised by the purchase and looked at Aquasteed.


“This is a present from me; shall we go on a date together with you in this?”

“Date…! What am I going to do? I’m extremely happy right now.”


Aquasteed’s proposal made Tiararose smile shyly.


“Well then, I’m going to coordinate Sir Aqua’s clothing in that case… would that be alright?”

“Of course. I look forward to it.”



Both of them looked at each other and smiled; Tiararose leaned against Aquasteed sweetly. Aquasteed was glad that he proposed the idea of the date and broke into a grin.


After they have purchased the dress, they called in the next merchant- which made Tiararose and the others blink their eyes.


“Eh… King Saravia?”

“Hey, kitty. We’ve finally meet again.”


Saravia, the king of Sandrose, was called into the guestroom as a merchant.

He competed with Aquasteed during the masquerade ball, and they ended up with a tied result. Hence, they thought that they will not meet each other again- but it seemed like that was quite a naive thought.


Aquasteed sighed and corrected his posture before greeting Saravia.


“I have never thought that you’d enter the castle as a merchant; if there’s anything, you could have directly contacted me, you know…?”

“No, no. This is not an official visit but rather an incognito one. I appreciate Sir Aquasteed’s thoughts.”

“Is that so?”


Aquasteed and Saravia were smiling, but fiery sparks could be seen between them. Tiararose was troubled as to what to do; both of them are the leaders of kingdoms so she should avoid making this a big matter.


“Well, so that’s my situation; today I’ve brought over a jewel that seemed like it’d suit kitty. Ah, there’s no need for Sir Aquasteed to speak so formally too.”


While saying that, Saravia snapped his finger, and a silver-haired guy who was waiting at the back, brought out the jewel and presented it to Tiararose and Aquasteed.


“This is a desert jewel that’s acquired from my Sandrose kingdom. See? The beautiful red colour definitely suits kitty.”

“Sir Saravia, will you stop calling my queen kitty?”

“Well well, cute ladies are kitties.”


Aquasteed chided Saravia, but the latter expressed no intentions in changing his way of calling her.

Being a little annoyed by that, Aquasteed took a look at the jewel brought in by Saravia and sighed. Indeed, it was an exquisitely beautiful jewel.

The size of which was like that of a marble, and it has a deep red colour that’s close to black. A faint light shines in the middle of the jewel, and it seemed like it has magical power or something imbued in it; it’s probably very valuable.


“It’s the first time seeing such a beautiful jewel.”

“Ah, I see. It’s probably hard to mine for a jewel like this in Marineforest too.”


Tiararose’s eyes shone brightly, and Aquasteed agreed.

Marineforest has a lot of mining sites, but it’s really rare to see a jewel that has magical power in it. Furthermore, the jewel brought in by Saravia was quite large, and that’s also rare by the standards.


“Right~? Isn’t Sandrose a wonderful country? Kitty, aren’t you interested in coming?”

“! No! Why are you phrasing it that way?”


Saravia grinned and said to Tiararose ‘Be my queen.’ Of course, he was immediately rejected.


“No. There’s only Sir Aqua for me after all.”

“You are hard to get… Well, that part of you is cute though.”



Looking at Saravia who just winked, Tiararose grabbed onto Aquasteed’s sleeves and shook her head without saying anything.


“Well, I’m already prepared for a long battle; well then, I’m going to return for today.”


“Hm? Are you lonely?”

“No! Isn’t this jewel quite rare…?”


Tiararose does not care about Saravia who stood up from his seat, but she’s flustered by the jewel which’s probably quite expensive.

She could not accept it so readily like that. However, it’s also not good to reject the gift from the king of Sandrose if she were to think of the diplomatic ties.

It will appear as though Marineforest has rejected Sandrose.


Looking at Tiararose being flustered, Saravia laughed.


“Well, don’t worry about it; this is just something that I’ve brought because I wanted to present it to kitty.”



Tiararose nodded after listening to what Saravia has said and accepted the red jewel.

Looking at that, Aquasteed gently wrapped his arm around Tiararose, and expressed his opinion ‘it’s beautiful, right?’ before glancing at Saravia.


“Thank you for the present to my queen, representative of the Sandrose kingdom; I will also prepare a gift for King Saravia and your ladies. Please look forward to it.”

“…Yes. I’m looking forward to it, King Aquasteed.”


Tiararose was relieved after hearing what Aquasteed has just said.

She was wondering what she should do after receiving the present, and Aquasteed replied on her behalf.

At the same time, Tiararose thought that in that case it’d also be good to send some delicious sweets to the ladies of Saravia too.

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