99 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 99

  1. Saravia’s scheme


“It’s difficult, isn’t it?”


Tiararose has been groaning and worrying since afternoon. The person who enquired about that was Akari who currently stays in Marineforest.

As there have been many things happening recently, there were many tasks Tiararose has to do.


First of all, there’s the case with Saravia, the king of Sandrose.

As he sent a present to Tiararose, Aquasteed has decided to prepare a thank-you gift in return. Even so, the recipients of the gifts are his wives. Therefore, it was Tiararose’s task to select the gifts.


Second of all, there’s the case with Philiane.

Things seemed to be going smoothly with Elliot so there wasn’t much problem with that, but it seems like she has to return to her hometown temporarily.

Of course, there’s not a problem and since it’s a good opportunity, Tiararose has decided to return with her back to their hometown. Of course, Aquasteed will be going with them too.


“As for the presents to Sandrose, it’d be good to send Marineforest specialties like corals or pearls.”

“That’s true. However, I think that’s a little too conventional…”

“Indeed, there’s nothing exciting about it, hm.”


Olivia was the one who made the suggestion.

Tiararose has also thought of that idea but since it’s quite conventional, she thought she has to do something special… to make it outstanding.

Listening to that, Akari also said ‘that’s difficult~’ and sank into the sofa.


Right now, the three of them, Tiararose, Akari and Olivia, were in Tiararose’s room. They were drinking tea and being excited about what’s going on with Philiane.

They then started a discussion over what to present to the queens of Sandrose.


“The problem wouldn’t have existed if King Saravia didn’t give Queen Lady Tiara a present in the first place! Let’s quickly settle on this issue.”

“That’s right.”


Akari was puffing away, and Tiararose nodded while smiling wryly.

Even so, it’s not something that can be easily settled.

However, she wanted to send something related to Marineforest.


-Doing that would restraint the amount of choices though.


They will be limited to resources from the sea like corals or pearls.

Or resources from the mountain and forest like flowers or crystals.

However, the weather and travelling distance will pose difficulties when it comes to flowers and food, so those weren’t appropriate.


-Also, what they wanted was Tiararose flower.

However, they have decided that it’s difficult to send that.


…Oh right.


“How about sending accessories in the shape of Tiararose flowers, made of corals and pearls?”

“That’s good! I agree with that!”

“I think that’s good idea too; accessories in the shape of Tiararose flowers do not exist in the market yet so they’ll be quite a novelty.”


With this, they would also be able to fulfill the desires of Sandrose’s side as they did mention that they wanted the Tiararose flower.

Now, all they have to do was to request for the design from the dressmaker whom they often consulted. As they have finally settled this issue, it felt like the burden has been lifted off their shoulders.


“Now, all there’s left is the romance of the villainess’ attendant! I thought she’s just a mob character when I played the game, so I didn’t expect her to have this much presence!”

“There isn’t much information provided on Philiane Sunfist after all, huh?”


Akari said ‘this is going to be happening for real!’ as she thought Philiane was a mob character. Indeed, she was not a character who left a deep impression in the game.

Olivia agreed with her and added that her character introduction portion in the strategy book only takes up half a page.


Tightening her hands into fists, Akari shouted ‘I’m so excited for this~!’

Right then, a knock sounded and Aquasteed entered the room.


“Ah, you have arrived.”

“Sir Aqua!”

“Pardon my intrusion, King Aquasteed.”


Akari broke into a wide grin while Olivia gave a graceful greeting. Aquasteed told the two to relax and sat next to Tiararose.

Right opposite them were Akari and Olivia sitting side by side.


Tiararose told him that they have decided on the presents for Sandrose, and Aquasteed promised to accompany her to discuss about the design later.

Looking at their interaction with a warm smile, Akari threw Aquasteed a straight question.


“Well then, Sir Aqua, how long will it take for Elliot to become a noble?”

“I’m not sure about this; it’s not easy for it to happen even if Elliot does his best to work hard.”

“Is that so?”


Akari sounded disappointed, and Aquasteed shook his head with a wry smile.


“It’s difficult to have great achievements in a peaceful time like this.”

“Ah, I see… Indeed, it’s hard to become one without a huge contribution to the country, huh.”


Akari nodded and muttered ‘so the timing was bad.’ Right then she immediately clapped her hand, ‘in that case-’ but Tiararose stopped her from continuing.


“Lady Akari, we should refrain from doing bad things.”

“I-I just thought that we could cause a little problem and have Elliot settle it.”

“Of course that wouldn’t do…”


The idea of staging a situation was immediately faced with rejection.


Even if they do that, Philiane and Elliot will not be happy about it, moreover it’s not morally right.


Aquasteed sigh a breath of relief after seeing how Tiararose warned against it. After that, they changed the conversation to the topic of them accompanying Philiane back to her hometown in Lapis Lazuli.

As it’s a good opportunity, Akari decided to return at the same time.


“I also thought of giving my greetings to Philiane’s family members; as for the residence, Sir Aqua will stay at my house.”

“Yes, please.”

“Eh, I also want to stay in Lady Tiara’s house.”

“That’s impossible.”


Akari raised her hand to join in, but Tiararose shook her head and rejected her.


“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, why…?”

“Have you forgotten what you had done to me? There’s no way father will allow Lady Akari to stay.”


“Lady Akari… please do not put on a face as though you’ve forgotten about it.”


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