99 Part 2

There’s no way father would forgive Akari.

Even so, he knows that she’s getting along well with Tiararose so he’ll appear to be friendly to her.


“In that case, I’ll give up on staying in Lady Tiara’s house. However, if your father was still angry about that, I’d like to pay a visit to apologize in near future.”

“Thank you, Lady Akari.”


She’s not sure if her father’s anger will be subdued with that, but her sincerity will probably reach him. Thinking of that, she felt a little relieved.

Olivia has been looking over Akari too, so everyone hoped that things will go well.


“All that’s left is the problem of Philiane’s family. Philiane might find it hard to talk about it, but it seemed like their financial situation’s quite worrying… it’d good if Elliot can also offer some assistance in that matter.”


Tiararose has heard that Philiane sent most of her salary back home.

After telling that to Aquasteed, he said ‘Yes.’


“As for that matter, there’s probably no problem. In terms of wealth, Elliot possesses more than the unskilled nobles.”



With a plenty of bonuses, Elliot’s salary was quite high.

Also, as he’s busy with work, he does not have much time to spend the money. Therefore, despite looking like that, he’s actually quite loaded.

It’s just a matter of Philiane giving up her noble status. In other words, without her noble status, she could get together with the commoner Elliot.


“Could it be that, they could end up getting married like this?”

“Indeed, if they’re not too particular about the noble status, that’s actually quite possible.”


Tiararose said that and Olivia decided that it’s possible.

It’s impossible for the lady of the count family like Olivia, but it wouldn’t be a problem for Philiane who come from the baron family with a cloudy future ahead. Or rather, they’re in a situation where it’s difficult to guarantee that she’ll marry into a good family.


However, Aquasteed put a stop to that idea.


“Elliot has announced that he’ll become a noble… so he’ll probably not go back on his words.”

“That’s true…”


Elliot would not say ‘let’s get married immediately since I have money.’ He’s a serious and earnest person so there’s no way he will go back on his own words.

Both of them were getting closer, but it seemed like the journey ahead’s quite long…




“Phew, with this I’m finally done with work.”


Elliot stretched his back and cleaned Aquasteed’s office where there’s no one around. After that he’d lock the door and leave, as his work for today was done.

He left the office and passed through the courtyard, where the night breeze was blowing, back to his own room.

Elliot’s a close aide of Aquasteed so there’s a room allocated to him within the castle grounds. If there’s anything wrong, he could immediately deal with it; he can also settle his meals in the castle’s dining hall, so it’s quite convenient too.




Noticing someone’s presence, Elliot stopped walking.

Could someone have invaded into the castle? With such thoughts he scanned his surroundings and a figure appeared from the shadows of the building- it was Saravia.


“Hey, it’s a wonderful night, isn’t it?”

“King Saravia…! Why are you here…?”


Elliot was perplexed as he was not invited to the castle or anything. However, he could not be rude to the king of another country so he dealt with him humbly.


“Is there any matter? If you’re looking for Sir Aquasteed then-”

“No, I’m here for you today.”



Elliot was trying to figure out what’s going on in his mind after hearing such unexpected words. He’s careful not to say anything inappropriate as it might cause troubles for Aquasteed.

He was nervous about what he’s going to be told next.


“Hey, Elliot. I’ll give you a noble position.”



At those carelessly tossed words, Elliot immediately doubted his own ears and wondered if he’s hearing things.


“Well, you’ll be able to propose to your girlfriend that way, right? I’d like to support the both of you who have been working that hard.”

“King Saravia…”


To Elliot right now, those words were probably like the devil’s honey.

Dripping with temptation, Saravia’s words were sinking into Elliot. Saravia was trying to stir up Elliot’s heart that’s filled with the desire to propose as soon as possible.


However, those words did not reach the core of Elliot.


“…I’m grateful for King Saravia’s intentions; however, I pride myself as Sir Aquasteed’s close aide.”

“Is that so, that’s disappointing.”

“If you’re about to return, I’ll prepare for the horse wagon…”

“No, that’s unnecessary. I have a close aide waiting for me too. He has already prepared the horse wagon.”


After hearing Saravia’s reply, Elliot nodded and said ‘I see.’

He then sent Saravia to the place where the horse wagon was waiting and saw him off. When the horse wagon disappeared out of sight, Elliot placed his hand on his stomach which’s throbbing with pain.


“Sigh~ it didn’t go well.”

“It’s not going to be that easy; it’s going to be hard to win over the close aide of the king.”


Saravia hung his head in the horse wagon; Izzet, his close aide, sighed as though he’s given up on him.


“In the first place, I’ve already said that it’s going to be impossible from the start.”

“I don’t like giving up before trying-”



It’s Saravia’s style to try something first even if he thinks that it’s impossible. If it’s really impossible, he’ll change his strategy next and challenge again.

As long as he doesn’t give up, there’s always a possibility.


“If I make Elliot a noble, kitty… Tiararose, will probably treat me in a nicer manner as thanks in return.”

“That’s impossible. In the first place, I don’t think she’s going to leave King Aquasteed?”

“Izzet’s so stubborn; please fall in love before coming back to my side.”

“Ah, I guess we will be reaching our inn soon.”

“Hey, don’t ignore me.”


Being tired of his master’s talk, Izzet gently brushed him off and quietly said ‘please have a good rest today.’

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