100 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 100

  1. Back home after a long time

“Sorry for involving you into my personal matters that you had to accompany me back home, Lady Tiararose…”

“It’s fine, Philiane. Don’t fret about it.”

“Lady Tiararose… Thank you very much.”


Tiararose smiled at Philiane who hung her head in despondence.


Right now they were in the horse wagon which was heading for Lapis Lazuli.

Tiararose was sitting in the center, with Philiane was on her left and Akari on her right. Right opposite of them were the two – Aquasteed and Elliot.


“It’s like everyone’s on a trip together, isn’t it nice? It’s really fun!”


Akari was so excited that it looked like she’s going to scatter flowers around; she happily said that she’s going to bring them to a store that serves the most delicious sweets ever in Lapis Lazuli.

It’s no wonder that Tiararose was intrigued by that.


“I know that it’s fun but you’ll end up being tired later on if you are this excited from the start, you know?”


Tiararose advised her with a wry smile and Akari laughed.


“Well, Lady Tiara… we are not aged like before, you know~!”

“T-That’s true…”


As Tiararose was of considerable age in her earlier life, she tend to forget that she’s only nineteen now. She has recollections of leading a long plain life that she sometimes think that she’s old.

At the same time, Tiararose thought that Akari was as lively as ever and she envied her for that.




The horse wagon journey proceeded smoothly and they arrived at Lapis Lazuli without issues.

Akari returned to the royal castle while Tiararose and the rest headed to her home – the Clementine mansion.


When they arrived at the mansion, her father excitedly came over to the entrance hall even before the butler could welcome them.


“Tiara, I wanted to see you so much~!!”

“Father, it has been a long time. You looked well, that’s good.”

“Yes. Your mother and I are both fine. Sir Aquasteed looks fine too and that’s good.”


Tiararose’s father, Schnauss, greeted Aquasteed after hugging her.

Isn’t the order of greeting reversed? Was what he wanted to point out, but he couldn’t do so as this was the father who loves his daughter – Tiararose.

Aquasteed too, thought positively of Schnauss who loves his daughter so much, and was rather pleased about it.


“Yes. Marquis Clementine looks fine too and that’s great.”

“I’m still actively working after all. For the sake of this country, there’s no way I’m going to rest.”

“Lapis Lazuli’s going to enjoy stability as long as Marquis is there.”


While they were exchanging simple conversations, Tiararose’s mother Ilutiana peeked in from the back. She and Tiararose look alike and she’s a lady with a mature and gentle atmosphere.


“Welcome back, Tiara. Sir Aquasteed, too, thanks for coming all the way here. Please take your time and enjoy this place.”

“I’m back, mother.”

“It has been a while. I’ll only be here for a short while but sorry for troubling you.”


It has been around two years since she has finally reunited with her parents.

Both of them looked fine so she’s relieved.

After they have exchanged their greetings, Philiane and Elliot came in. They were doing some arrangements for the personal baggage on the horse wagon.


Schnauss and Ilutiana happily called out to Philiane when they saw her. She was the attendant of Tiararose ever since they were young; Philiane’s precious to the both of them as though she’s like their daughter.


“It’s great to see that Philiane’s fine too.”

“Welcome back, Philiane.”

“Sir and Madam, it has been a long time. I’ve been looking forward to meeting both of you again.”


Philiane smiled as she exchanged greetings.

Ilutiana went to Philiane’s side and said ‘Are you okay?’ with a slightly worried expression. She’s been told the reason why Tiararose and the others were accompanying Philiane on her way back home.


“Madam, thank you for worrying about me. Lady Tiararose was also worried about me… I’m truly blessed.”

“Me, Tiararose, and of course Schnauss too, we are all on Philiane’s side. If you have any problems, feel free to consult us, alright?”



Tears welled up in Philiane’s eyes after she heard what Ilutiana has said. She’s really happy that she’s treated preciously like this.


Following that, Elliot also greeted and introduced himself as Aquasteed’s close aide. He has met and talked to Schnauss several times before but he’s never talked to Ilutiana before.


“He’s a really earnest young man. I’m so envious that Sir Aquasteed has such a great aide.”

“I’m Tiararose’s mother, Ilutiana. Please take your time here.”

“Thank you very much. I’m Sir Aquasteed’s close aide, Elliot.”


After everyone has greeted each other at the entrance, Tiararose laughed.

Normally, this would take place in the reception room, but I guess it cannot be helped this time round; Schnauss wanted to meet Tiararose too much so he could not afford to wait at the reception room.

The last time they came to Lapis Lazuli, they had to cancel their trip back home so Schnauss was even more impatient than ever.


Ilutiana was amused by the excited Schnauss, and urged Tiararose and the others to go to their rooms and rest.


“I’ll ask about your exciting stories during dinner; there are some preparations required like unloading your baggage and all, so I’ll guide you guys to your rooms.”

“Yes, let’s do that, shall we? Is it okay if I use my own room?”

“Of course. We have always made sure that Tiararose’s room can be used any time, so please go ahead.”

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