100 Part 2


The maids helped out with the baggage and Tiararose brought Aquasteed to her room. There were rooms prepared for Philiane and Elliot too, so they headed to their respective rooms and rested.



Entering her room after a while, Tiararose took a look around.


“What’s wrong, Tiara?”

“It just feels nostalgic… Ah, that doll’s still placed right there…!”

Tiararose saw the rabbit doll on top of the chest and smiled warmly. It’s a birthday present she received from her father when she’s young. There’s a red-checkered ribbon tied around it and it’s extremely cute.

She also felt a little embarrassed for having a doll in her room.


“It’s cute. I guess I’ll also give Tiara a doll as a present after going back.”

“Ah, I’m no longer a kid…”

“Is that so? I think you’ll hug it as you sleep if I place it on the bed, and that’s cute.”


Aquasteed said that with a giggle and Tiararose blushed.

However, right after that, Aquasteed said ‘but’.


“In that case you wouldn’t hug me while you sleep so I’m not going to do that.”

“Ah, Sir Aqua! Tsk…”


For a moment, Tiararose thought what he was going to say with his perplexing expression… and was astonished by the reason. At the same time, she’s happy and doesn’t know what she should say to rebuke. No, it’s appropriate to not rebuke in this case.

Fanning her flushed cheeks, Tiararose opened the windows. Right then, Aquasteed looked at Tiararose and said ‘how nostalgic’.


There’s a balcony attached to the window that Tiararose was opening.

In the past, before both of them were engaged, Aquasteed came through this window to meet Tiararose.

With the help of Aquasteed, she gets to see the Star Festival of the fairies and had tea at the balcony. These flashbacks were extremely nostalgic.


“Sir Aqua, since we have the chance to, shall we have tea together? At the balcony, of course”

“That’s great.”


Tiararose prepared the teapot, went out to the balcony from the window and turned around the corner. At a spot that’s kept hidden from the outside, a long table and sofa was placed.

It’s a favorite spot of Tiararose as she often read, ate sweets and took her time to relax here.


Both of them sat side by side on the sofa and the cold breeze blew onto their cheeks.

It’s not snowing but it is winter after all; it might be a little rash to drink tea outside and Tiararose looked at Aquasteed.


“It is colder than expected out here, right?”


Even so, it’s a rare chance so she sat on the sofa.

Aquasteed followed and sat down beside Tiararose. However, he’s worried if Tiararose would catch a cold.

Her winter dress might help to combat the coldness for a bit, but it’s probably tough to be outside without a coat.

Her breath’s also white.


Aquasteed held Tiararose’s hands and frowned at how cold they were.


“We’re just outside for a while but you are this cold already…”

“Sir Aqua’s hands are warm.”

“I wonder if it’s because my body temperature is high. My hands and feet don’t get cold easily.”


Tiararose simply thought that she’s envious after hearing that.

Her feet get cold especially easily and they would end up being a pain during winters. She’s of the cold-bodied type and always has to compensate for it with hot drinks and such.


It’s also a good excuse to snuggle up with Aquasteed during winter.


“Since you are warm, I want to hold you.”


Being touched by Tiararose with a giggle, Aquasteed chuckled too. Their fingers intertwined and Aquasteed started playing with Tiararose’s hand.


“Are you not going to hold my hand when it’s no longer cold anymore?”


“That does not matter to me; I want to hold Tiara forever.”



At Aquasteed’s smooth words, she grew embarrassed and curled up.

Of course, Tiararose too, wanted to hold Aquasteed and be held by him every day, without any reason.


“It’s the same for me! Here!!”



Tiararose agreed with Aquasteed and jumped into his arms. She hugged him tightly and was drowned in Aquasteed’s warmth.


-Sir Aqua’s snugly.


Having experienced this once, she thought that she doesn’t want to leave this spot ever again.


-Ah, that’s right. It’s because she has never really hugged him like this before outside.


They were usually inside their warm rooms and they have never really flirted with each other outside. Even if they did, they only held their hands.


“…Sir Aqua’s so warm that I don’t want to be apart from you.”

“Tiara… I see.”


Aquasteed was about to burst out into laughter after hearing Tiararose’ words, but he suppressed that and hugged her, who was clinging onto him, back.

Right then he thought that it’s indeed warm and snugly.


Aquasteed looked at Tiararose who was hugging him and lifted her up so that she’s sitting on top of his knees.


“Kya! Sir Aqua, please don’t lift me up suddenly like th-”



Tiararose opened her mouth to rebuke but right before she could complete her sentence, Aquasteed covered her.

After a gentle peck, she was kissed repeatedly. The soft sound of lips touching each other made Tiararose’s shoulder tremble. He withdrew a little and both of them gazed at each other.

The golden-colored eyes were staring at Tiararose with delight.

Tiararose closed her eyes in embarrassment and their lips overlapped once again. The air outside was cold but the breath they exchanged were extremely hot.


They kissed for a while and Tiararose tried to catch her breath as she’s running low on oxygen.


“Hah… hah… Sir Aqua, it’s outside here…”

“Well, Tiara it’s what you wanted… right?”

“T-That is…!!”


Tiararose wanted to say that they shouldn’t kiss outside like this so suddenly, but Aquasteed just smiled as her words were not convincing at all.

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