101 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 101

  1. Philiane’s home

I’ll profess my love to you with a bunch of roses that could hardly be contained within my arms.

It’s tough to obtain such red large roses in this winter period. However, you will fall in love with the person who went this far for your sake… I’m sure.

No, you might have already fallen in love with me.


“Philiane, I love you. Well then, let’s get married immediately!”



However, Philiane only looked at those flowers with cold eyes.


“I don’t want to see you anymore, though…”


Philiane stared at Lucas, who was presenting her roses in front of her, like she’s looking at trash.






Going back to one hour earlier-


The next day after they have returned to Tiararose’s house, which’s today, they went to Philiane’s house without much rest. It was Philiane’s hope to settle all the troublesome issues as soon as possible.

It’s not good to have the king of the neighboring country Marineforest to go with them, so Tiararose and Philiane went to the Sunfist family home with just the two of them.

The horse wagon was prepared at the entrance hall and they were about to leave.


However, Aquasteed looked at Tiararose with a somewhat worried look.

Aquasteed was calming down Schnauss, who was worried and wondered if he should join them; however, Aquasteed shared the same feelings.

Right when he was contemplating about what to do, he called out to his aide who’s behind him.





‘Is there anything wrong?’ said Elliot, and Aquasteed tried to convey his intention to Elliot by glancing in the direction of Tiararose.


“Go with them.”

“Eh, but that’s…”

“I’m alright alone. I’m worried about Tiara. Also, Elliot is worried about Philiane too, right?”


‘That’s why you should go’ said Aquasteed. Elliot gave a wry smile in response. He hesitated over leaving his lord alone, but he’s extremely happy about the consideration shown by him.

Elliot was a little hesitant, but he nodded and agreed to go with them.


“I got it. However, please avoid making any moves alone, alright?”

“Yes, I got it. …Tiara, please take Elliot along with you.”

“Sir Aqua!”


At the sudden suggestion, Tiararose was surprised but she agreed with a smile.


“Thank you for your consideration, Sir Aqua. Elliot, please look over Philiane.”

“Tiara should avoid doing rash things, alright? If there’s anything, please come back and consult me first.”

“Yes. I hope I’ll be able to provide some help though.”


Aquasteed reminded Tiararose, and Elliot nodded with little confidence.

It’s an ordinary occurrence for him to visit a noble mansion as a companion of his lord Aquasteed, but he never expected to visit the home of his colleague… one whom he has confessed to, and they have yet to become official lovers too.

Of course, he’s worried but he hoped he’ll be able to provide some help.

Careful of not making a blunder, Elliot braced himself.


Philiane was looking at that interaction from the side and giggled.


“My house is not a place that makes one feel nervous; we might not provide great hospitality but please enjoy your stay there.”

“Thank you.”


Elliot thanked Philiane and smiled, looking a little more relaxed.

Like this, the three of them – Tiararose, Philiane and Elliot, headed towards Philiane’s house.




Now, back to the story-


Lucas has shiny eyes, and in contrast, Philiane’s eyes were cold like those of an ice queen.

The temperature difference between the two was way too severe.


-Or rather, why was Sir Lucas here?


After making a big scene at the masquerade ball held by Tiararose, he was forcibly sent back to Lapis Lazuli. Also, he was warned by Marineforest to not approach Philiane anymore… but it seemed to be ineffectual.

Tiararose gave a small sigh.

Unlike Japan, this world does not have any clear laws. In the first place there’s social status and not everything’s fair. Of course, that does not mean she’s going to forgive offenders.


If they were at Marineforest, she might have been able to make some arrangements to ensure he doesn’t approach Philiane. However, now that they are back at their own country, there’s nothing she could do.

Tiararose walked to the side of Philiane and looked at Lucas with a troubled expression.


“Sir Lucas, please do not put my attendant in a fix. Also, to think that you’re doing this in front of the entrance… Aren’t you lacking a bit of consideration?”

“Eh… Lady Tiararose?”


‘Why are you here?’ Lucas made a perplexed expression. However, Tiararose did not care about that and continued her words.


“Philiane is an important attendant of mine. Is it strange for me to go along with her as she returns home so that I can greet her family members too?”

“Well, that might be the case… but isn’t Lady Tiararose the queen of Marineforest now? To think that you’ll go this far to send your greetings-”


Lucas said that as though he’s looking down on Philiane’s position as the daughter of the baron family; this fanned the rage of Tiararose. There’s no way she’ll have favorable opinion of him, with the way her precious attendant was talked about like that.

Well, she doesn’t have favorable opinion of him in the first place.


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