101 Part 2

Philiane ignored Lucas and called out to Tiararose and Elliot.


“For now, let’s go in. My father should be around today.”

“Yes. Thank you, Philiane.”


Right when the three of them were about to enter, Lucas shouted ‘wait a minute!!’


“Philiane, let’s get married. I have already prepared the wedding dress.”


‘What on earth is this guy talking about’- was what Tiararose and the others were thinking.

Indeed, there were cases where both families will proceed with preparations for a political marriage between nobles. However, Philiane has repeatedly expressed her dislike and refusal.

It might be difficult for the lady of the noble family to reject easily without power, but Philiane’s the attendant of Tiararose. In other words, she has a higher position compared to his father, the baron of the Sunfist family.


Philiane took a deep sigh and without changing her look of detest, she said.


“I’ve refused you various times on this though?”

“Philiane, ah I got it. You’re shy because other people are around, right? Sorry for not taking that into account.”

“That’s wrong.”


Right then Tiararose thought that it seems like there’s going to be no end to this, the Sunfist baron came from the inside of the mansion and asked ‘What’s going on?’

He’s surprised that all the important people have gathered in front of the entrance.


“What’s going on! …so you are back, Philiane. Sir Lucas, you are supposed to be waiting at the reception room- Wait a minute, Lady Tiararose!?”

“It has been a while, Baron Sunfist.”

“I’m sorry that you have to come all the way here. Philiane has always been under your favor.”


Baron Sunfist was looking around, and was shocked by Tiararose that he immediately greeted her.

He bowed repeatedly and it’s clear that he’s extremely humble.


“No, I’m the one who’s always helped by Philiane.”

“I’m glad that she managed to be some help of yours. Well then, please come in.”

“Thank you.”


Baron Sunfist welcomed Tiararose into the mansion. Right then, he noticed Elliot.


“Who’s this person?”

“He’s the close aide of Sir Aquasteed, Elliot. Today, he came here in place of Sir Aquasteed who could not come along.”

“I’m Elliot. Pleased to see you.”


Tiararose introduced Elliot and Baron Sunfist nodded. After that he shook his hand with a smile and greeted him.


“I might not be able to show great hospitality but please relax and enjoy.”

“Thank you very much.”


Right when they thought Lucas has finally calmed down, he was glaring at Elliot. It seemed like he’s not fond of the idea that Elliot’s near Philiane.


“Philiane, you’re going to marry me, so please do not get close to other guys so carelessly like that.”




After hearing what Lucas has said, Philiane decided that it’s meaningless to have any more conversation with him.

She turned her back against him and stood in between Tiararose and Elliot like before.


Looking at that situation with a frantic look was Baron Sunfist.

Lucas has a higher status than him and he received monetary assistance from him too.

He probably did not want to offend him in any way.


“Philiane, you should not treat him like that. Sir Lucas has been helping out our family a lot.”

“That’s right, Philiane. I’ll be able to make you the happiest bride in this world!”


Where did his confidence come from?

Philiane looked at him with cold eyes down to the temperature of absolute zero, and of course even Lucas was chilled by that and he trembled.


“Philiane? …You weren’t a girl who would show such a cold expression?”


Lucas told her to show a cute smile instead.

However, there’s no way Philiane would smile.


Baron Sunfist was anxious about the way Philiane was behaving and continued his words.


“Philiane was always a good child, right? Please do not say selfish words and cause trouble, alright?”


It seemed that her father was totally on the side of Lucas, and Philiane was sick of it.

Since the past, her father has never gone against people who have a higher standing. He’s constantly observing the expressions of the opposite party, and would agree to conditions that were unfavorable to him without resistance.

He could not say no.

That’s why, he ended up agreeing to the marriage between Philiane and Lucas.


However, Philiane also understood that there’s the merit of getting money from this marriage.

If Philiane were to marry Lucas, she could protect her younger sisters in terms of money so that they do not have to suffer.


However, even by taking into account that merit, she still hated Lucas.

She has ill-feelings towards him that cannot be erased no matter what.


Philiane looked at her father and Lucas.


“I’m sick of you guys already- my family member who has selfishly decided on my life and you who kept being persistent even after I said I hated it.”



They understood that Philiane’s seriously angry in spite of her quiet voice.

Philiane does not normally get seriously angry like that.

She would express anger when something happened to Tiararose, but she does not usually show that kind of emotions when it comes to her own personal matter.


-What should I do, she’s seriously angry!


Tiararose thought that they definitely have to settle this issue before returning.

Philiane’s suffering this much so there’s no way they are going to just talk without resolving matters such that it will lengthen the entire fiasco…


However, Philiane will probably not want to use Tiararose’s position as the queen to forcibly put an end in this matter.

‘In that case, what should I do?’ Tiararose thought about it but before she could do anything, Philiane started making the first move.


Philiane grabbed onto Elliot’s arm tightly.

Then she made a clear proclamation.


“This person’s my fiancé!”


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