102 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 102

  1. Elliot’s feelings

Everyone opened their eyes wide at Philiane’s explosive declaration that Elliot’s her fiancé. After all, they didn’t expect her to say something like that.


However, Elliot was probably the one who was shocked the most.

His eyes and mouth were opened widely and his shock was evident.


“U-um, Philiane?”



The bewildered Elliot called out Philiane’s name but Philiane strengthened the force of her grip on his arm. When observed closely, she seemed to be shaking, and Elliot became aware of the situation immediately.

She must be having a hard time, being told to marry Lucas by her parents… what’s the point if he does not side with her at this crucial point of time?


Elliot took Philiane’s hand and headed towards the Sunfist Count.


“I wish you will allow me to be with Ms. Philiane… You might think of me as an inexperienced person, but my feelings are definitely true.”



Without blaming her for her selfish action, Elliot made the decisive decision to bear the brunt for her. He decided to protect her with all his heart.


The Sunfist Count was still stumped from the surprise, but he finally came into realization. His eyes wandered around, before looking at Philiane.

Despite the strong attitude which Philiane has just displayed, she was clearly a little uncertain somewhere. However Elliot was grabbing onto her hand tightly and it’s clear to the Sunfist Count that she trusts him.

When has his own daughter become such a firm person, and even brought her fiancé along… thinking of that, he felt a little lonely somehow.


“You are called Sir Elliot, right? Well, Philiane rarely takes a liking to someone so I’m very surprised.”


“Since you are the side aide of Sir Aquasteed, your character is attested for and there shouldn’t be any problem. Also, Philiane has such strong feelings towards you. I cannot oppose to that.”


Elliot and Philiane were shocked by the Sunfist Count who was smiling gently.


“Sunfist Count…”



They thought that he would ask her to forget about Elliot and marry Lucas immediately. However, instead of doing that, he acknowledged and gave his permission to Elliot so readily.

Tiararose, who was looking from the side, was also surprised. However, she was relieved that everything has settled down nicely without issues.


However, that doesn’t mean that the matter could end so easily.


“Stop fooling around! Philiane is my fiancée! I have prepared the wedding dress! I have also handed over money!!”

“T-That is… but I want to consider Philiane’s feelings too…”


At Lucas’ rage, the Sunfist Count tried his best to refute but his voice gradually become softer. He’s usually so passive and it’s impossible for him to retort Lucas with great force.


If it’s the usual situation, he will definitely be swayed by Lucas like this.

However, this time round, Elliot was there.


“Sir Lucas’ thoughts may be important, but I hope you will understand Philiane’s feelings somehow.”

“…Stop fooling around, you commoner!! If you are going to break the marriage plan between Philiane and I, you should be prepared to pay back the money I gave to the Sunfist family along with the compensation fee! I will give up if you do that!”

“Wait a minute, Lucas, what are you talking about…?!!”


Elliot tried to take into consideration Lucas’ opinion but ended up being raged at. Lucas claimed that Elliot probably does not know how much he loves Philiane.

Lucas did not hide his annoyed look and showed a look of contemplation “well then…” He then took out a piece of paper from his inner pocket and wrote something on it before handing it over to Elliot.


“Well then, pay this much! If you do that, I’ll let go of Philiane! Well! This is probably impossible for someone like you!!”


Lucas grinned and looked at Elliot who took the paper.



“Wait- this amount!”


Philiane’s face turned green after she looked at the paper Elliot has just received. Of course, it was an amount that Philiane cannot pay, so it was probably impossible for Elliot, who does not have a family name, to pay.

Philiane bite onto her lips and her face was contorted as she thought about how she was the worst. She should have known that Lucas would have burst into a rage like this.

She’s regretting the fact that she involved the kind Elliot into this matter.


“It’s fine, Philiane. Please do not cry.”

“I’m not crying…”

“But you look like you’re about to cry; what fits Philiane is a smile instead.”


‘That’s why, please smile.’ Elliot said to Philiane with a gentle smile.


“Well then, I’ll pay this amount immediately.”


With a nonchalant look, Elliot wrote something onto the paper and envelope which was in his inner pocket. He then sealed the envelope and performed a magic onto the letter.


“Flap your wings and fly through the clouds!”


Right then, the letter suddenly turned into a bird. It flapped its huge wings and flew away.

With this, the person who received the letter would probably do the arrangements for the payment immediately, said Elliot. There’s no way Lucas could back off from this.

That’s why, he made the first move.


“W-What… Even someone like me cannot perform this high level of magic but…”


Lucas thought that it was impossible and tilted his head.

Elliot just grinned at him.


“With this, the payment procedure will be done soon, so please confirm.”

“W-W-What…! There’s no way I will believe that! Hey, check immediately!!”


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