102 Part 2

In contrast to the nonchalant Elliot, Lucas frantically instructed his follower to check it out immediately.



‘What a tumultuous development…’ Tiararose gave a thoughtful sigh.


Elliot does not usually show much expression and has little presence, but he was incredibly reliable. From that, it’s clear why Aquasteed chose Elliot as his close aide.

If he was not that outstanding, there’s no way he can continue to be the aide of Aquasteed.


“Sir Lucas, it will become quite embarrassing if you do anything more than this, don’t you think so?”

“Lady Tiararose…! However, it’s not an amount that a commoner can pay. He might have just said that he has paid it so that he could take Philiane away.”


Listening at what Lucas has just said, she was totally baffled.


-Words probably cannot make this person understand.


“Elliot is the closest aide of Sir Aquasteed. If you deny that, it will appear as though you are criticizing Sir Aquasteed.”

“I-I don’t mean that…”


Tiararose said that sternly and shut Lucas up.

It must be frightening to offend and make the large kingdom, Marineforest, one’s enemy. Tiararose took a breath before smiling at Philiane and Elliot.


“It seems like everything has settled for now, so it’s relieving. Philiane, I’m glad that you have dealt with this skilfully, Elliot too, thank you for protecting Philiane.”

“Lady Tiararose, thank you very much.”

“I’m still lacking in the ability to help, but I will do my best.”


Philiane smiled shyly and Elliot smiled too.

Lucas looked a little frustrated for now, but Tiararose was a little unsettled about leaving the rest of the issue to the Sunfist Count and decided to seek help from his own father.






Tiararose was led to the reception room and things have finally calmed down.

The Sunfist Count has totally taken a liking to Elliot and was in a welcome mode. Right now, Philiane was talking to her parents in another room, while Philiane and Elliot were waiting for the both of them.


Elliot sat down on the sofa and looked at Tiararose with an anxious look.


“Um… thank you very much. If you did not help out, the situation will end up being dragged out.”

“I’m the one who’s grateful that you protected Philiane… speaking of which, did you send the letter to Sir Aqua earlier?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


Tiararose has kind of guessed but she was curious about the recipient of the letter. It seemed that she was right as he has sent the letter to Aquasteed.


-In that case, Sir Aqua is probably coming over right now.


There wouldn’t be a problem if Aquasteed comes over now, and more importantly he probably wanted to greet the Sunfist Count as the superior of Elliot.


“In that case, let’s wait here for a while… hm?”



Right when Tiararose was about to say ‘before he arrives…’ the door was opened slightly and several pairs of eyes were peeking into the room.


“Could you guys be Philiane’s younger siblings? Come in.”

“Wow- it’s Lady Tiararose!”



Five children shuffled into the room while greeting.

Tiararose has heard from Philiane that she has younger brothers and sisters, but it was great to see them in person.


There was a young man who seemed to be the oldest among them, and he stood in front as a representative.


“Sorry, my younger sisters just wouldn’t listen to me…”

“I don’t mind. I’m Tiararose Lapis Marineforest. What about you?”

“I’m the oldest son of the Sunfist family, Alan. I’m sixteen.”


He was very polite and likeable.

With the same yellow-green hair colour as that of Philiane, he seemed like a gentle and warm young man.


“I’m Elena, I’m fifteen.”

“Luna, twelve.”

“I’m Luna’s twin younger brother Rui.”

“I’m Nadia, ten.”


Everyone introduced themselves and at the end, Elliot introduced himself.


“I’m Elliot. I’m working as the aide of Sir Aquasteed in Marineforest.”

“Thank you for being so polite. I never knew that sister has such a wonderful gentleman.”


Alan said with a wry smile but he looked very happy.

He was probably happy about the fact that Philiane will probably be happy.


“It’s a little embarrassing but our family does not have much money… with the hopes that our younger sisters could marry off in the future, our father was not able to refuse Sir Lucas strongly.”


That’s why he was very thankful that Elliot has helped out Philiane.

However, at the same time, he was frustrated that he could not do much to help.


“As the eldest son, I ought to have done better…”

“You are going to graduate but you are still a student right, Sir Alan? It cannot be helped it.”

“Lady Tiararose… Thank you very much. However, right now, I plan to work hard so that sister Philiane and my younger sisters would be able to marry the guys they like. I’m still inexperienced though.”


16-year-old is the age where one graduates from school.

In that case, Alan would be helping out with the Sunfist Count’s business. He showed a lot of enthusiasm, but Tiararose thought it might not be easy to turn the business situation around.


-it might be a little difficult for the young sixteen year old Alan to improve the business situation so suddenly.


‘It might be good to think of a new plan-‘ Tiararose thought, when an idea suddenly lit up in her mind.


“Oh right, let’s open a new sweets store!”



Alan, Elliot and the younger siblings were all surprised at the sudden proposal.

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