103 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 103

  1. Sweets classroom

Tiararose thought that it was quite an ingenious idea.

It’s ideal to increase the number of stores dealing with sweets, and there’re not many stores right now so it probably wouldn’t be difficult to launch one.

Since it’s the Sunfist family, Tiararose thought that it might not be a bad idea to expand the business to cater for the commoners rather than the nobles.


They may need some initial capital funding for the equipments, but they can get some investment from the Clementine family or receive some help from Elliot.

Tiararose was planning all these within her head, before realizing that Alan was looking at her with a perplexed look.


“Ah, I’m sorry for the sudden idea. Sir Alan, actually I… like sweets a lot.”

“Y-Yes… I have heard about that from sister Philiane so I knew about it.”

“Philiane? I see… in that case, that makes things easier.”


Tiararose did not expect that the others would know that she like sweets… and was feeling a little embarrassed but she continued her words.


“Let’s make a sweets store. For the recipe, I will impart you my secrets.”

“Eh, sweets store…?”

“Right now, there are a few stores in Lapis Lazuli. However, I think it would be a good idea to have more of them.”


Also, there were way too many stores which were catered for the nobles.

There might be a drop in the quality of ingredient, but Tiararose suggested that they could try selling sweets at an affordable price for the commoners too, by lowering the cost of ingredients.


However, if Alan dislikes that idea, she will stop insisting upon it.


“I wonder…”


When asked by Tiararose, Alan was thinking about what he ought to do.

There were probably a lot of factors he has to take into consideration. They need labour of course, but in addition to that, they need the money for land, construction fee and ingredients to own a store. They also have to make arrangements.


More importantly…


“I don’t think it’s a decision that should be made by a student like me…”


Alan said that he needed to receive the permission of his father, the Sunfist Count.

That might be the case but since it’s a new business, she thought that it might be good for the Sunfist Count to stay out of it; it might be a little rude though.


“Indeed, you might need to permission of the Count. However, if you are going to set up a business, I wish you will do your best, Sir Alan. Of course, please let me back you up.”

“Lady Tiararose…”


Alan could not hide his surprise at how she was so concerned about their matters. However he was happy about it and immediately nodded to express his determination.


“I would like to accept that idea.”

“The Clementine family, and of course me myself, are going to help out too. I have always been supported by Philiane after all.”

“Thank you very much.”


Philiane has worked as her attendant since young, and has always been a great source of support to Tiararose.

When the Hartnight and Akari shadow issue happened, or when her marriage proposal was cancelled… and when her romance with Aquasteed progressed, she was always supported by Philiane.


-If I can be of some help to Philiane.


“Let’s do our best, Sir Alan-”

“What are you going to do your best for? Lady Tiararose.”



Tiararose was holding onto Alan’s hand to boost his tension, and someone called out to her, before she could finish her sentence. Philiane has finished her talk with both her parents.

She looked a little tired but her expression seemed somehow relieved.


“Actually, I am going to open a sweets store with Sir Alan as the Sunfist family’s new business.”

“Lady Tiararose!? We are going back to Marineforest though?”

“Of course I know that. I am going to teach the recipe while I’m still here, and will visit the store when I am back in Lapis Lazuli again.”


It seemed extremely fun and it’s going to be exciting from now on.

Also, if it’s a store which Tiararose was involved in, Akari will probably drop by to have a look. In that case, weird guys like Lucas will not come and cause troubles.


Philiane put her hand on her temple and sighed.


“You are going something rash again…”

“It’s not rash, Sister Philiane!”



Philiane was about to stop her when Alan rebuked.

His eyes were full of determination and it was clear he was full of conviction to make this a success.


“I was not able to stop Sir Lucas. I’m extremely regretful about that and I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. Therefore, I have to build on my power so that I can protect our younger sisters, as soon as possible!”

”So you were thinking of something like that… Alan has become a wonderful person.”


Philiane was moved to tears at her younger brother’s growth and bowed to Tiararose.


“Lady Tiararose, please take care of my younger brother.”

“Hey, Philiane, please raise your head. I am not going to manage everything, I’m only going to lend help by teaching the recipe. The person who has to do his best is Sir Alan.”


Since they were going back to Marineforest soon, she could not take her time to teach the recipe. Or rather, it seemed like it’d be difficult if she does not teach it right now on the spot.

Tiararose counted the number of days she’ll be here before exclaiming “let’s do it!” with determination.





They changed their location and were now in the kitchen of the Sunfist family.

Starting with Alan, Philiane’s siblings were in full force.


“Well then, I’ll teach you the recipe. The right way is plan first… but the time is constrained so I’ll teach you first.”


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