103 Part 2

“No, I’m very grateful for that. Thank you very much, Lady Tiararose!”


There were many things that ought to be done like drafting a business plan and choosing the store location, however Tiararose does not have much time. Therefore she decided to impart her recipe first.

She was going to teach them how to make whole cake which she herself made at the sweets competition. They could sell it as a whole or slice it into ten equal portions and sell them individually.

The taste was of course crucial but the detailed sugar sculpture and chocolate ribbon on top of the cake were also important points. With shiny dazzling sugar sculpture, they are going to decorate with whipped cream and chocolate ribbon.


First of all, Tiararose made one as an example.


“Wowww, Lady Tiararose is amazing!! It’s my first time seeing such a wonderful cake.”

“Thank you, Ms. Luna. Let’s all eat it to confirm the taste.”


The cake was distributed and placed on plates; everyone ate it and their expression all brightened up upon eating it. “Delicious!” “Sweet!” “I’m happy!” “This is definitely going to sell well…!” they seemed to be full of hopes.

Tiararose was happy looking at them.

She decided to try the cake she made herself when someone called out to her from behind.


“Lady Tiararose.”



Tiararose leaded the conversation so much that Elliot’s presence has thinned so much as though he’s like air now. She felt bad for him and was starting to reflect on herself while asking him what’s wrong.


“Please allow me to invest for the capital required.”

“Eh? But Elliot has just paid Sir Lucas earlier, didn’t you?”


Tiararose thought that it might be a little too hard on him to fund the new business’ capital right now. She does not know how much money Elliot has right now but his finances must be in quite a serious state.

Tiararose was worrying about that when Elliot replied with a smile ‘it’s fine.’


“If it’s Lady Tiararose’s cake, I’m sure this business is going to become a success. This is an investment for the future.”



It seemed like he has no doubts that this will definitely be a success and was grinning from cheek to cheek.

Even though Elliot was usually gentle, he’s not one to budge when it comes to times like this. Tiararose made a wry smile and muttered ‘yes, that’s right.’


“In that case, I guess we will receive some help from Elliot too.”

“Yes, please leave it to me!”


When Tiararose agreed readily, Elliot’s expression brightened up.

After that, there’s a knock on the kitchen’s door and Aquasteed, who was led by the Sunfist Count, came in. The Count seemed extremely nervous and has become quite stiff.


“I’m late, Tiararose. Elliot, thank you for contacting me.”

“Thank you, Sir Aqua.”

“You have helped us a lot, thank you very much, Sir Aquasteed.”


Aquasteed thanked the Sunfist Count and wondered what he has to do next… when he noticed the confused Count who has yet to hear about the sweets store plan.


“Lady Tiararose, please allow me to explain to my father.”

“I got it.”


Alan made the suggestion and Tiararose, who was about to explain, nodded at him.

Philiane and Elliot also came to their sides and looked over them.

Aquasteed does not know about the details too so he was listening intently along with the Sunfist Count.


“It’s about what I’m going to do after graduating; Lady Tiararose has given me her advice and assistance. Mister Elliot was also involved in the plan too.”

“I thought Alan was going to help out with my business but…”


The Sunfist Count asked him what he’s going to do.


“I want to start a new business for the Sunfist Family! I have not started on the planning and preparations yet, but I’m definitely going to make it a success so please give me your permission.”


After saying that, Alan lowered his head.

The Sunfist Count looked troubled as to what he should reply and his eyes were wandering around.

He thought that it might be reckless for the young Alan to make a business alone, when he himself cannot do well in it.

However, at the same time, he’s painfully aware of how much he’s lacking in terms of talent.


He looked at Alan, then Tiararose, then Philiane and Elliot.

Right then, the Sunfist Count loosened the strength in his shoulders.


He did not expect his son to have these allies.


The Sunfist Count placed his hand onto Alan’s shoulder and nodded with force.


“I will place my faith on you.”

“Thank you very much, father!”

“However, please promise me one thing; if it did not go too well, please consult me first… I don’t think I’ll be of much help to you but I want to do my best as your father.”

“Yes, definitely…!”


This time, it was Alan who was nodding with force; looking at him the Sunfist Count smiled from the depths of his heart.

The chains that had bounded him for many years have probably started loosening up for now.

The heaviest chain of all, Lucas, will probably have no involvement with them anymore.


With a relieved heart, the Sunfist Count looked at Alan and said ‘Speaking of which.’


“What kind of store are you going to open?”

“A sweets store! There are many stores that cater to the nobles now, so I want to create one that caters to the commoners by suppressing the cost of ingredients!”

“S-Sweets!? It might be difficult for Alan to make sweets, no?”


The person who laughed after hearing Alan’s words was Aquasteed.

Aquasteed shook his head and conveyed to the flustered Sunfist Count that it’s going to be fine.


“If it’s a store with Tiara’s recipe, it’ll probably be fine; I will guarantee that.”

“If Sir Aquasteed says so, then I will not go against it.”

“Ah, I’m also excited for it… oh right, you could launch a sister store in Marineforest too.”


Aquasteed suggested this plan which was unclear whether it’s a joke or a serious suggestion.

However, Tiararose probably took it as a serious suggestion and plan to work towards realizing it.

That’s because her face was extremely bright and excited right now.


Aquasteed also made another plan.


“I’m going to teach you the recipe of Danish Cake which I made at the sweets competition so please sell it in the store.”

“That’s great, Sir Aqua!”


Tiararose immediately clapped her hands and said ‘We’re going to use it!’ with a happy laughter.


Like that, the lesson at the sweets classroom continued till late at night.

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