The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 158

  1. The Precious Princess

With the wind spirit Slyph as the guide, Aquasteed and Keith headed for the Eluty kingdom.

Tiararose returned to the royal castle with Elliot and Tarmo; they are waiting for the three to be back.


“Lady Tiararose, Sir Aquasteed will definitely be able to save Lady Luciarose”


Elliot said that while pouring black tea for Tiararose who looked worried.


“Thank you, Elliot… however, I cannot help but worry.”


Of course, she has faith that Aquasteed and Keith will bring Luciarose back.

However, she’s still worried.

Tiararose prayed for their safe return.








Luciarose finally met her father, Aquasteed, and she happily hugged him tightly with her small hands.


“I’m so glad, let me see your face more, Lucia.”


“Injury… it seems like you’re not injured…”


Aquasteed rubbed his chest in relief; Keith rubbed Luciarose’s head and said that she looks like she’s in a good condition.

It seems like he’s also relieved and let out a sigh.


“Even so, she’s doing do well despite being kidnapped…”


Keith laughed.


“It’s better than her crying.”


Aquasteed replied.


Right then, someone called out to them “um…”

Aquasteed looked over and there were two dwarf maids. They had shaker toys in their hands and it’s evident that they’ve been taking care of Luciarose.


“What kind of relation do you have with the princess?”

“You look extremely happy so I suppose you’re her family member?”


The maids asked timidly and Aquasteed nodded.


“I’m the father of this child, Luciarose, and I’m called Aquasteed Marineforest.”


“That’s extremely wonderful!!”


The maids were excited.


“Oh wait… Marineforest… isn’t that the huge kingdom?”

“That’s right, I’ve read it in the books before. Gnome brought the princess back from such a place?”


The two maids’ faces turned pale.


“I never expected her to be the princess of Marineforest, please excuse us for our rudeness!!”

“We did not hurt the princess physically!!”


The maids bowed down and apologized for their rudeness.

However, it’s not something that can be forgiven just with apologies… Aquasteed was wondering what he should do when Luciarose stretched her hands out the maids and exclaimed “Ah-”



“Princess…? Ah, could it be that you want this?”


The maid shook the shaker toy in her hand and showed it to Luciarose. Right then Luciarose stretched her hands so the maid handed the shaker toy over to her.

It seems like she has taken quite a liking to it. Luciarose grabbed it tightly and shook it towards Aquasteed.


“Lucia, you are great at this.”



It seems like she really wanted to show it to Aquasteed.


Furthermore, looking around the room carefully, there were many toys placed around. There were shaker toys, soft toys and a lot of other cute stuffs.

How, in the middle of it, there’s one that’s extremely eye-catching—there’s a lion toy made out of rocks.


–Is this made by the dwarfs?

Or perhaps it’s made by Gnome?


Either way, Aquasteed thought that it’s made with great precision; it’s something exquisite and perfect that requires a substantial amount skill.




Luciarose stretched her hands out to the rock lion, probably since Aquasteed was looking at them. It seems that she wants to play with the lion.


“No, Lucia. Mama is waiting for us so let’s go back immediately, alright?”

“U-… au”


Aquasteed reprimanded Luciarose and she just nodded obediently; she was probably able to recognize the word “mama”.


“You understood? How smart.”



Keith said that and stared at Luciarose. His eyes were extremely serious so Aquasteed asked him what’s wrong.


“…Lucia’s magic power has grown quite considerably; it’s possibly due to her contact with the Gnome.”

“In that case, it’s better to leave here as soon as possible.”


Aquasteed immediately replied and then they heard Slyph’s voice “Keith~!”


“Ah, idiot! Don’t come here!”



After hearing what Keith said, Slyph immediately stopped.


“And please suppress your magic power so that it wouldn’t cause a resonance!”



Slyph did as what Keith has said and suppressed her own magic power. With this, she wouldn’t affect something… but what was it exactly? She tilted her head in confusion.

After that she looked at Luciarose… and widened her eyes.


“This kid has the magic power of Salamander!? To think that this baby has it… is that why you told me to suppress my magic power?”


Slyph began to understand the situation and nodded.

After that she stared at Luciarose and was surprised by the enormity of her magic power.


“What amazing magic power, she is still unable to control it, right? Furthermore, it’s quite at the brink… if I didn’t suppress my magic power it’d definitely go out of control.”


If it goes out of control, this entire mineral ore castle would probably explode and injure many people… In the worse case it might cause the underground passages to collapse and bury Eluty kingdom as a whole.

Those thoughts caused her to shudder.



“Ah, it’s fine Lucia. You were frightened by the loud voice right?”


While rubbing Luciarose, who was blinking rapidly, Aquasteed called out to Keith and Slyph and told them that they should get going.


“That’s right, Tiara must be worried about us.”


Keith agreed but Slyph told them to wait.


“Of course, we’re going to return… but I don’t see the Gnome anywhere… hey do you dwarfs know anything?”


Slyph was concerned about the fact that Gnome was not there.

Of course, Aquasteed and Keith were concerned about that too but they were more concerned about bringing Luciarose back.

Either way, they could just come back again later–


The maids were questioned; their eyes wandered around and they looked at each other.

However, they probably thought that they could not keep it a secret from Slyph and opened their mouths.


“Um… Gnome went to meet the fire spirit.”

“After that… the Gnome is going to some other place.”

“Some other place? That introvert Gnome is going to?”


Slyph asked what on earth is going on and the maid shook her head saying that she knows nothing.


“In other words, the person who kidnapped Lucia is not around?”

“…that seems to be the case. We might be able to see the Gnome if we go to where the fire spirit is.”

“We can leave that for later; let’s go back to Tiara.”

“I got it.”


Even though they did not meet the Gnome, Luciarose is their utmost priority.

Aquasteed looked at them and left the mineral ore castle.








Aquasteed and the others returned to the Phylargia royal castle; Tiararose started crying buckets when she saw Luciarose.

Her tears were overflowing so much and it doesn’t seem like she could stop them.


“Ah, Lucia… Aqua, Keith and Slyph, thank you very much.”

“We’re back, Tiara.”

“Gnome was not around but I’m going to punish him later.”

“We’re back.”

“I’m glad everyone’s fine.”


Tiararose hugged Aquasteed and Luciarose who was in his arms. The body warmth of her two favourite people warmed her heart.

Luciarose also seemed to be relieved upon seeing Tiararose; she was smiling in Aquasteed’s arms before but her face started to warp.


“Fueee, aa”

“Ah, Lucia. It’s fine already, mama and papa are here.”


“It seems like she’s relieved after seeing Tiara.”


Both of them were in tears and Aquasteed gently hugged Tiararose. It’s as though there were two kids.


“I’m sorry; I just could not stop my tears…”

“You should just cry as much as you want; I’ll hug you until you stopped crying.”





Looking at the three family members who were having their private times, Keith sighed and shrugged his shoulders.


“Let’s leave the three of them alone.”

“Yes. In that case, why don’t we have a date? Keith!”

“For now, I guess I’m going to contact Grail…”

“Ah, you’re being cold…”


Keith pretended not to hear Slyph and left the room.



“Hah, the matters are settled earlier than expected.”


Keith headed up to the rooftop; he stretched his body and looked at the mountain ranges in front of him.

He squint his eyes at the setting sun; he thought that they should leave this place where there are spirits.


“Who knows what effects it could bring to Lucia.”


Ah, but.


“It would not feel good if I don’t get my revenge against the Gnome.”


If it’s about the human matters, he’d leave them all to Aquasteed. However, the matters of the soil spirit Gnome and Eluty kingdom is different,

No one knew about the existence of Eluty kingdom and it’s not a place where the humans’ law could apply.


Keith laughed thinking that it’s a troublesome thing.


“Oh well—I’m not going to forgive for that fact.”

“You’re saying something reckless again,”

“–! Oh it’s Grail”


Grail’s voice reached him with a gust of wind.

Grail could communicate with someone in the distance with the power of wind. As long as it’s a place where the wind blows, he could communicate.


“How’s it going on over there?”

“Lucia’s fine.”

“That’s good. Do you know the Gnome’s purpose?”


Grail asked and Keith told him about the conversations of the dwarfs in Eluty kingdom.

The fire spirit flame that they’ve been using for blacksmithing has been diminishing, so they probably needed the Salamander’s magic power in Luciarose to revitalize the fire.


“Also, there’s another awful thing to report about.”

“…is it about the resonance?”



Luciarose has even more magic power now compared to the last time he saw her. That’s definitely caused by the close distance she had with the Gnome.

She still was not able to control the magic power well so she’s in quite a dangerous condition.


Keith sighed.


“Right now, the ring is absorbing the magic power, but we don’t know when it would break.”

“That’s true. That’s why I told you before that you should not have blessed Luciarose, Keith…”

“…Yes. You did say that before.”



Grail told Keith those words at the forest library.


“Keith’s blessings–”

“When Lucia’s at a tight spot, I’m going to present her something to help her out… I know that much.”


Keith smirked saying that he’s going to do that even if he’s not told to.

Keith was resolved to help her with his own happiness at the stake when Luciarose’s facing desperation.


However, that expression disappeared from Keith’s face quickly.




Grail seemed to have sensed something and called out to Keith. However, after a short brief moment of silence, Keith sighed.


“We have planned to return tomorrow… but it seems like something troublesome is going to happen soon.”


Keith cluck his tongue while holding his head, he then told Grail that he’s going to contact him again before leaving the rooftop.

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