The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 159

  1. Slyph and Gnome

“Hah~ Keith was really cool. I envy Luciarose for being loved by Keith like that…”


With a dazed look, Slyph stared at the scenery from the window of Emerald’s room. The owner of the room was still in her dreams.

His usual expressions, angry expressions, looks of displeasure all were cool… but the best expression of them was his gentle smile towards Luciarose.

Slyph wished that he’d look at her like that.


“Ah, but… since we brought Luciarose back, they’re probably going back to Marineforest already.”


Slyph felt lonely and depressed.


“…Should I go with them to Marineforest?”


Slyph thought that it might be a good plan, or not and laughed. She has lived quite a long life and a moment like that would probably be fun.


“Phylargia’s wind is extremely comfortable though. I wonder what the wind in Marineforest is like.”


Her heart started to beat fast as she thought about it.

Ah, what should I do?

Should she really leave Phylargia and head to Marineforest? When Slyph thought about that, her heart started beating faster.


However, the next moment, her thoughts were wiped out with a quiet voice.




When she heard that voice from the back, she widened her eyes and immediately turned around.


“Gnome!! Do you know what you were doing!?”



Gnome suddenly appeared and stepped back from Slyph’s force.

After that the Gnome fidgeted and made up an excuse saying that it cannot be helped it.


“Without the power of that kid, the fire spirit’s flame will diminish…”

“Even so, there are some boundaries you should not cross.”

“…it’s fine. I’ll return her once all of these are over.”


Gnome replied made Slyph sigh deeply.

That’s not the crux of the problem.


“Even though you’re an introvert… ah”



Slyph stepped forward and took the leaf from the Gnome’s head.


“There’s a leaf in your hair. Sigh, you’re helpless to not even notice that…”


She flicked the leaf out of the window. The wind flew and the leaf drifted off.


“T-Thank you…”

“You’re welcome.”

“…as expected, I cannot live without Slyph.”


After saying that, Gnome laughed.


“It’s the case for Eluty kingdom too, if Slyph’s not here… it would have collapsed. It’s because of Slyph that we were able to contact the Phylargia kingdom and obtain food supplies. Slyph is amazing…!”


As the soil spirit, Gnome thought that nothing could be done with the dwarfs as the citizens if Slyph were not there to help out.




Slyph stepped forward and was going to tell him that he should not say it in such a hesitant way- when the Gnome said something ridiculous.


“That’s why, Slyph… I hope you would cause resonance with Luciarose’s magic power!”



Gnome’s ridiculous plead made Slyph’s mouth open wide. If she’s going to cause resonance with Luciarose’s magic power at her current state, it’s going to run out of control.

Slyph stared at Gnome, wondering if he said that with such knowledge.


“There’s no way I can do that!”

“I really needed Luciarose’s fire power.”

“…with the magic power being out of control, it will strengthen the flames of fire spirit? Please don’t say something so ridiculous.”


Slyph refused flatly without listening much to him.


“It’s a good decision.”



With a gust of wind, Keith teleported into the room and appeared.

He cut short his conversation with Grail because he sensed the soil spirit power and followed the power.


Keith stared at Gnome with cold eyes.


“We finally met. It’s quite brave of you to kidnap our princess, huh, Gnome.”




Gnome stepped back in fear when Keith appeared suddenly.


“W-Who are you…! C-Could you be Luciarose’s father!?”

“Well, it’s something like that.”


It’s the daughter of Tiararose and Aquasteed whom he has blessed so it’s like his own daughter.


“Ugh… I intended to meet Slyph secretly in private.”


He did not expect to come across the guardian of Luciarose. Also, as Gnome stepped back, his back is in contact with the wall of the room.

With this, he’s not able to place a distance between Keith and himself. Looking at the angry look of Slyph who’s next to Keith, it seems like she would not offer help.


“Don’t think I’d forgive you for putting your hands on Lucia.”


Keith shortened the distance between Gnome and himself, when the room’s door opened with someone asking what’s going on.




The door next to the wall where the Gnome’s leaning onto is the door that links to the sleeping room of Emerald; the bad timing made Keith cluck his tongue.


“Um, what’s going on?”


Emerald was confused at the war-like atmosphere in her own room. Furthermore, one of them was the Gnome whom she has never met before.


Everyone was thinking of what to do when Gnome acted quickly.


“Prison of mineral ore!”



Gnome used magic and trapped Emerald in a cage of mineral ore. Slyph never expected him to use such drastic measure and opened her eyes widely.


“Gnome, stop the bad acts!! Let go of Emerald!!”

“No way! I’ll let her go if you cause resonance with Luciarose’s magic power, Slyph.”



Slyph tightened her fist at that ridiculous offer.


“…What ridiculous offer. Step aside, Slyph.”


“Gnome, let go of her immediately.”


Keith’s resolute voice caused the room’s atmosphere to become heavy. The air became electrifying and Slyph could not move her body.

Ah, he’s really furious.


Keith slowly stepped towards the Gnome and attacked him with magic via the fan. That force blew Gnome off and it even damaged the wall- however it did not leave a scratch on the mineral ore prison.


“It’s fine even with my attack?”


Keith thought that his defence skills are indeed extraordinary.

He was thinking of the next step when the knights who overheard the commotions came over.


“Lady Emerald!?”

“What’s going on!?”


The knights looked into the room and immediately withdrew their swords.

Emerald has fainted in the prison and is unconscious now. However, the knights have not seen the Slyph or Gnome before so Slyph could not do anything.

The knights only know of Keith, who’s here as a guest.


“Ugh… Slyph, please listen to my wish… I’ll take this kid.”


Gnome stood up unsteadily and disappeared into the ground with the entire mineral ore prison.






After hearing what happened from Keith, Tiararose held her head. Aquasteed, who’s next to her, did the same and they were pondering what they should do.


“…Gnome would not let Lady Emerald go if Slyph did not undergo magic power resonation with Lucia… is that so?”

“That’s right.”


It’s quite a serious problem with Emerald not around. After all, Emerald is the only royal family member who knows of the spirit Slyph’s existence.

The king thinks that Slyph and spirits were fairytale creatures so it was quite tough trying to explain.


Tiararose and the others were together, but Slyph was isolated in another room.


“We have to save Princess Emerald, but we can’t let Lucia be in danger. Is there a good solution…”

“The fastest solution is to resolve the root problem.”

“You are referring to the diminishing fire spirit flames, right?”



Tiararose said that and Aquasteed thought that it’s difficult to offer a solution.

To resolve the problem of Gnome, they have to use Luciarose’s power and they could not think of any other better solution than that.


Everyone present was troubled and mulling about it when Keith said “For now…”


“Tiara should return to Marineforest forest, or Lapis Lazuli, as it’s safer there…”

“Indeed, that’s better. If we leave this problem alone, Lucia might be targeted again…”


Aquasteed immediately agreed when Keith proposed that.


“H-However… if I’m going back alone-”


Tiararose said that worriedly, but Aquasteed placed his index finger on her lips.


“I understand your feelings, but you can’t do that. Lucia’s safety is our utmost priority now.”



Aquasteed’s words struck her heart.

There were so many things to be worried about, Emerald who’s kidnapped by Gnome, the matters of Slyph and future of dwarfs… however the one thing they have to protect the most is the small fragile life.


“Tiara, would you leave the matters here to me and return first?”

“I got it. I’ll definitely protect Lucia.”

“That’s reassuring.”


Aquasteed smiled and hugged Tiararose tightly.


“In that case, let’s decide our next step now. I’ll stay here and resolve the issue with Gnome. Tarmo would protect Tiara as her bodyguard as usual, Elliot would stay here to help me out-”


However, right then Aquasteed stopped talking.

He was going to have Elliot stay to help him, and Keith to go with Tiararose… but Keith looked like he’s definitely not going to forgive Gnome.

With this, he’d probably not agree if he’s told to return first with Tiararose.


Aquasteed thought that it cannot be helped it and changed his plans.


“Tarmo and Elliot, please accompany with Tiara to Lapis Lazuli and wait there. However, the power of Gnome is unknown. Would you contact Princess Akari and be with her until I’m back?”

“Indeed, it’d be reassuring if Princess Akari’s here with us. I’ll contact my father and wait at home for Aqua’s return.”

“Yes. I’ll immediately catch up to you so please do not worry and just wait for me.”



It’s a good timing since they’d probably arrive at Tiararose’s hometown in Lapis Lazuli at the same time with Philiane.


“…I’ll definitely protect Lady Tiararose in place of Sir Aquasteed.”

“As her bodyguard, I’ll never let anyone touch her.”


Elliot and Tarmo immediately agreed with Aquasteed’s plans.

It seems like there’s no problem on Tiararose’s side with this.


“Well then, as for the Gnome… Keith and I will deal with him. There’s no problem right?”

“Yes, of course.  I’m going to make sure he faces the punishment for kidnapping our princess.”


Keith smirked and Tiararose gulped.

Tiararose does not forgive Gnome for kidnapping Luciarose, but she kinds of feel sorry for him as he’s going to face these two people…

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