The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 160

  1. Heroine with MAX Tension

Having retrieved Luciarose safely, Tiararose returned to her hometown in Lapis Lazuli Kingdom.

When they have just reached, Schnauss, her father was so excited that he got down personally and fetched Tiararose and Luciarose.


“Tiara, Lucia, you’ve come a long way! I was in a panic when I first received the letter, but I’m so glad everything’s fine now…”


Schnauss was relieved and repeatedly said that he’s glad.


“She’s with Sir Aqua after all, right, Lucia?”



When Tiararose asked Luciarose, she replied with a smile. Schnauss was head over heels when he saw that expression of his granddaughter.

Tiararose smiled wryly at that and called out to Elliot and Tarmo.


“Right now, I’ve come with the both of them and a couple of knights; please take care of them until Sir Aqua and Keith are back.”

“It has been a while. Please look over us.”

“Please look over us.”


Elliot and Tarmo did their greetings and Schnauss nodded.


“Yes, of course. We’ve prepared rooms for you guys, so take your time… though it might be difficult but please feel free.”

“Thank you very much.”


As everyone’s tired from the horse wagon journey, they rested in their rooms until dinner time.








When Tiararose and Luciarose returned to their room, Luciarose rubbed her eyes sleepily.


“Oh, it’s time for a nap, right?”


Tiararose carried Luciarose and headed to the bedroom for an afternoon nap; it’s then that she noticed that the baby bed has already been prepared.

It seems like Schnauss has prepared it for Luciarose.




For the sake of his cute granddaughter, he has prepared all the necessities.

From the baby bed to a variety of toys, clothes and even a swing has been installed in the garden, which surprised her.


-She’s definitely not at the age old enough to be on a swing though…


Tiararose thought of bringing Luciarose back to play after she has grown up a little older.


Also, the inside of the mansion has been reformed totally.

Sharp corners have been filed off and the step differences were reduced. Furthermore, there’s a fence in front of the stairs so that Luciarose would not accidentally fall down the stairs as she wanders around freely.

Indeed, he has done everything possible.


After laying Luciarose down on the bed, the sound of knock reverberated through the room.


“Lady Tiara~! It’s me, Akari~!! I received your letter and have come to visit!”

“Lady Akari! Welcome.”



The person with an energetic voice is Akari Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.

Akari has black shiny hair and fitting black eyes; she’s wearing a cute pink dress and is the heroine of this game.

Right now, she’s married to the main strategy character of the game, Hartnight, and they live in Lapis Lazuli.



Akari entered the room and looked around asking for Luciarose.


“Lucia’s taking an afternoon nap now; would you play with her after she wakes up?”

“Ah, what a pity! I’m going to play with her a lot once she wakes up!!”


Akari took out the colorful wooden blocks which she has brought as a gift.


“Wow, how cute.”


There are various shapes – circles, squares, triangles, moons, stars, flowers and it is fun just by looking at them; Luciarose would definitely be happy.


“Right~! I can’t wait to play with her soon.”



After placing the wooden block aside, Tiararose prepared black tea and cake.

After that, while having tea, Tiararose talked about the matters of Phylargia kingdom to Akari.


“Eeeh, there are dwarfs underground!? Wow, I want to meet them!”


After Tiararose has finished talking, Akari’s eyes were shining. It seems that the fantasy element of it has gotten her tension up.


“Furthermore, you’ve even met the spirits Slyph and Gnome!!”

“I have only met Slyph.”

“Oh, that’s right. However, it’s amazing to be able to meet Slyph. How nice, I want to meet her too.”


Akari commented something outrageous claiming that they might be able to visit the Eluty kingdom if they were to dig a hole into the ground.



“It’s a joke.”


Tiararose smiled wryly and Akari puffed her cheeks up; of course she’s not going to do something that stupid!


-Lady Akari might really do it after all…


She put her thoughts into action immediately after all so it seems like she’d do reckless things if she thought about it.

Therefore, there were many situations where she really did something that Tiararose thought were jokes.


“But, that’s such a waste, right?”



Tiararose tilted her head at Akari’s words.


“I’m referring to the skills of Gnome and dwarfs; it’s been said that the dwarfs make the best weapons since the past, right?”


Furthermore, there’s Gnome who reigns over them all.


“If they were to make weapons seriously, I wonder what they would come up with. Aren’t you interested in that, Lady Tiara?”

“I’m not really interested in conflicts and stuff…”



Akari showed displeasure at Tiararose’s response.


“Weapons are the romance of guys.”

“Well, we are females, Lady Akari…”

“I guess you can say so.”


Puffing and swinging an imaginary sword around, Akari shouted “The legendary sword-!”


“However, I’ve never seen Lady Akari used a sword before.”


Akari battles with magic, so she doesn’t have a weapon. In the first place, rather than a sword, a wand would be more appropriate if she’s going to fight with magic… or so Tiararose thought.


“Well, that’s true… but I can take this as an opportunity and change my job to magic swordsman.”

“There’s no such job setting in this game.”

“Is that so-!”


Akari received a shock.


“Tsk, I thought it was cool though; one has the potential to become a hero with the Gnome’s sword after all.”

“Don’t go too overboard, you’d make Sir Hartnight worry.”


After Hartnight’s marriage with Akari, he has been through a lot. If this continues, he might be so stressed that it might cause a hole in his stomach.


“I got it~ for now, I’m glad Little Lucia is fine. If anything happened to her, I would have gone to destroy that country~”

“Don’t say such scary things so easily like that.”


She doesn’t know if she’s serious or joking.

Akari laughed and chewed on the cake.


“…But, it’s not a lie. I’m not someone who’d stay still when the child of my close friend gets hurt.”

“Lady Akari… thank you very much. I think I’m very blessed to have so many reliable people around me.”


Tiararose’s eyes started welling up.


“Sir Aqua and I will be around, so everything will definitely be fine! I’m going to deal with all the problems if someone were to pick a fight with us!”


Akari puffed her chest up saying that’s why her worries were needless.

Right then, a wailing sound of Luciarose could be heard coming from the sleeping room. It seems like she has awakened from her afternoon nap.


“Little Lucia!”


Akari’s face brightened up and she grinned saying that she wants to see her.



Tiararose brought Luciarose along and they headed to the rug where Luciarose could play with the wooden blocks.


“Big Sis Akari brought a present for Lucia.”



The colorful wooden blocks were placed in front of Luciarose and she stared at them with curiosity; it seems like she’s thinking about what she should do with them.

After observing them for a while, she slowly stretched her hands out and took the star wooden block.




It seems like Luciarose understood that they were toys and she happily grabbed the wooden blocks and swung her arm around; she’s having a lot of fun.


“Wow, Little Lucia is very good at this! Play with Big Sis Akari, alright?”



Akari handed to Luciarose the flower wooden block and she took it happily. She then hit it with the star one in her other hand which made a clashing sound.


“Hmm~ it seems like it’s still difficult for her to make something out of the wooden blocks.”

“That seems to be the case. For now, she’d hold and play around with them like this.”

“I can’t wait for her growth.”



For a while, they played with the wooden block.






Night has fallen; Tiararose and Luciarose snuggled up in bed.

Akari’s staying in the guest room, Tarmo is on his bodyguard duties and Elliot’s resting. Other than that, there were a few knights surrounding the mansion and looking over them.


Right when Tiararose thought that she could spend the time with Luciarose together, this time round Aquasteed’s not around.


“I’m not used to the nights where Aqua’s not around.”


She wondered what he’s up to now.

Has he been eating properly? Is he injured? Hopefully he’s not rushing things too much… she’s worried about him.


She wants him to come back, hug and kiss her soon.

It’s probably loneliness that drives those thoughts…


“…no I can’t. Aqua is doing his best for Lucia’s sake now. I can’t be selfish like this…”


Tiararose mumbled to herself that she has to be strong when Luciarose, who was sleeping beside her, woke up.



“Sorry, Lucia. I woke you up, right?”



Luciarose showed a smile as though to reassure her that it’s fine.

She then went back to bed with her belly down; she crawled towards Tiararose and placed her small hand on her.




Luciarose’s touch on Tiararose’s cheeks made her smile.


“Thank you, I’ve gained strength because of you.”



Tiararose hugged the grinning Luciarose and smiled saying that she’s fine already.


“We just have to trust papa and wait for him, right? Keith’s with him and they are the two most powerful person in Marineforest after all.”


She’s worried but to be honest she don’t think there’s anyone who can beat the two of them.

Or rather, she’s worried about Keith who’s burning with anger now; Keith dotes on Luciarose a lot after all.


“Well then shall we go to sleep, Lucia?”



Tiararose rubbed Lucia’s hair and sang a lullaby with a soothing voice so that they can go to sleep.


“Rocking the flower basket, sweet child, sweet child, go to sleep♪”



Luciarose immediately fell into sleep after listening to the lullaby.

Tiararose looked at that cute sleeping face and prayed for the safety of Aquasteed and the others.

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