The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 161

  1. An Important Person

Gnome brought Princess Emerald to the mineral ore castle and the maids turned pale; thinking that he has kidnapped another person-


“S-S-Sir Gnome! What are you doing?!”

“Which country’s princess is it this time round?!!”


Furthermore, unlike Luciarose, this time round the hostage’s in a mineral ore prison. Adding fuel to the fire, she seems to be unconscious too.

Even though this spell is called “prison”, it’s quite a safe space as it’d prevent the person inside from attacks.

However, one cannot just enter and leave the space freely.


Gnome kept silence when prompted by the maids.

Of course, there’s no way he could say that he has kidnapped the princess of the Phylargia kingdom. To the dwarfs, Phylargia kingdom is an important country that provides their food supplies.




The maids grabbed their own heads when looking at the silent Gnome.


“For now, what about letting her out?”

“It might be safe inside, but it’s stifling.”


The maids said that since there’s no danger in the mineral ore castle, it should be fine to let her out but Gnome shook his head and refused.


“I’ll only let go of this kid after Slyph has answered to my demand.”

“Demand for Slyph…?”

“…Yes. I’ll rest in the room for a while so please don’t let anyone come in.”


Gnome said that and left; the maids looked at each other.


“It seems like Gnome is all drained out.”

“He’s probably concerned about the flames of the fire spirit; it’s important to Gnome and us dwarfs after all.”


The maids kept quiet and immediately shook their heads.


“Let’s prepare a room so that the princess can rest in there once she’s out.”

“Yes. That’s—hm?”


They thought of making the room preparations immediately, but Emerald, who was in the mineral ore prison, woke up.

She blinked several times and looked around. However, there’s no one in this room that Emerald recognizes and she understood that no one would come to rescue her if she screams.




Emerald called out to them and the maids jumped; they probably did not expect her to be awakened this soon.


“What should we do? The princess is awake.”

“Gnome is gone and we can’t let her out either.”


The only thing they could do is to talk to her.

Looking at the troubled maids, Emerald decided to make some small talks.


“U-Um… I’m Emerald. Are you dwarfs maids…?”

“Yes, we are maids…”

“Are you not frightened seeing us dwarfs?”


Normal human beings would definitely think of dwarfs as strange creatures; they have different body builds and pointy ears. There are many humans who would automatically reject them upon seeing them.


Emerald said that she’s fine and smiled.


“I have met the dwarfs several times before; like during the contract signing before the transactions etc… I have also walked in the streets with Slyph before.”



The maids let out a weird sound when Emerald said that; only a few people from the Phylargia kingdom were allowed in Eluty kingdom after all.


“Are you the princess of Phylargia kingdom?”



Emerald did not intend to reveal her own status, but it was exposed quickly.

Since it’s already come to this state, she has decided to be frank.


“Why was I brought here? I’m just a weak powerless human being.”






The flame of the fire spirit is originally a huge raging one that could be seen from all corners of the Eluty kingdom. However, it has shrunk by a couple of meters in size.


Gnome sat down in front of the fire spirit and stared at it.


“If I don’t hurry, it’s going to disappear…”


It took efforts to find that fire power, but it’s diminishing now.


“If only Slyph would do as requested…”


If Luciarose and Slyph were to share magic power, that small body might not be able to control all of it.

He decided to make use of the overflowing magic power and pour it into the fire spirit, reviving the flames as a strategy. It’s a strategy, but it’s not going well at all.


“I’ve to do something before it disappears otherwise our country would go into ruins…”

“Hey, what do you mean by that?!”



Surprised by the response to his mumbling, Gnome opened his eyes widely. Right then he averted his eyes away from that of Slyph… However, Slyph would not allow him to do that.


“Gnome, please explain! If you don’t tell me, I won’t understand!!”

“~~! Or rather, why’s Slyph here…! Luciarose’s magic power…”

“I came over to talk to you!”



Gnome blinked when Slyph said that.


“Hey, how long do you think we’ve been acquainted for? Of course, Emerald is an important friend of mine so of course I’d have you return her to me, but you are just someone who’s interested in blacksmithing and is not one who’d kidnap humans. If there’s a reason for it, please discuss with me before even putting the plans to action…!!”



Tears started swelling up in his eyes.

Gnome rubbed his eyes with his sleeves and talked about the fire spirit flames.






The soil spirit Gnome was made from the mineral ore mountain.

He had a sturdy body that defended him from outer enemies and mineral ore—the fire spirit. Gnome immediately understood the nature of the fire spirit.


“…This is the power of Gnome.”


Even though they were of the same spirit type, there’s only one of each in this world.

Among them, there are cases of replacement. When that happens, the next generation of spirit would receive the power; in the case of Gnome, it was in the form of the mineral ore.

Gnome regards blacksmithing with great importance.


“By using the fire spirit and keeping the flames alive, we can make wonderful weapons…”


He knew that instinctively.

For them to keep the fire of blacksmithing alive, generations of Gnome has put their power into this mineral ore. However, due to this fact, Gnomes generally have lesser power compared to other spirits.


“Even so, that’s fine.”


They’re only interested in making their blacksmith place.

Gnome thought of that and lit up the fire spirit flames near the mineral ore mountain where he was born out of.



Materials would be gathered from the mineral ore mountain and weapons would be made… this lifestyle has kept on going for several years and one day he encountered a person who was attacked by burglars during a journey.

Gnome immediately helped that person out and this established their friendship. The sword owned by that person was of extremely good quality that it grabbed his attention.


“Who made this sword!?”

“Eh, this? …um…”


That human seemed troubled and was troubled over what he should reply; after all, this sword was made by the dwarfs.

They don’t really like appearing in front of humans and dislike receiving orders from people who do not know how to distinguish a good weapon from a bad one.


“However, you are my savior. If you promise me not to tell it to others, I’d tell you.”

“Of course.”


Gnome nodded and was told of the existence of the dwarfs who love blacksmithing.

There are many swordsmen who would go on a journey with the goal of having a sword made for them.


“Dwarfs… I’d like to meet them.”

“They are rather difficult to get along with, but I’m sure you’d get along well with them since you are kind.”




After hearing the story, Gnome took his fire spirit mineral ore and headed to the residence of dwarfs. Right there, the sounds of hammering could be heard day and night and it excites the Gnome.


They immediately accepted Gnome, who loves blacksmithing, and they spend their lives blacksmithing together.

With the flames of fire spirit that’s owned by Gnome, they forged the best weapon in the country and the dwarfs hold pride to that.


It goes on for a few years, tens of years, hundreds of years…

Even though the dwarfs passed away one by one, the Gnome appeared to have defied ageing.

Of course, with this fact, even the dwarfs have come to realize that Gnome’s not an ordinary person; that’s when they realized he’s the soil spirit Gnome.


For hundreds of years, Gnome did blacksmithing alongside with the dwarfs. Although he’s not used to seeing his friends pass away one by one, every single one of them would smile and appreciate the fact of meeting the Gnome in their lifetime before departing the world.


A few hundreds of years must have passed since then.

The number of humans has increased and the existence of the dwarfs has been perceived as a strange one; however since they’re only concerned about blacksmithing, they’re not bothered about it.

Even though they claimed that, the prejudice against the dwarfs by the humans has only grown even deeper. Cases of attacks by the humans have also increased.


“Damn it, what did we do to deserve this…?!!”

“That’s right. Those guys used the weapons we made too.“

“The sword that’s placed in their castle is made by my grandfather!”


The dwarfs were saddened by the cruelty.

The smiles on their faces have gradually disappeared day after day and the sounds of iron being struck have also gradually disappeared.


“This won’t do… let’s go to a place where the humans are not around.”


Right then, the person who helped them out was the wind spirit Slyph.

They met her by accident when they were out in the forest foraging for food. Since then, they’d occasionally meet, chat and became friends.



In order to make a new country, Gnome used the power of the fire spirit mineral ore.

Normally, the Gnome would be able to enter it, but since he wanted to make a country where the dwarfs could live in, there’s no other choice.


Gnome placed the fire spirit flame on the ground and released its power.

Right then, he was overcome with a sensation of magic power being released from his own body. He’s afraid, but it’s better than being persecuted by human beings and having no place to live in.


“I’ll control the fire spirit flame and create a kingdom.”


Right then, the ground where the fire spirit flame lies on collapsed.

The dwarfs were panicking and Gnome calmed them down, saying that it’s fine.


“Since places above ground would be easily found by human beings, I decided to make it underground. The name of which would be… Eluty kingdom. It’s a new kingdom, our kingdom.”






“…At that time, we received a lot of help from Slyph. The people of Phylargia kingdom are kind and thanks to that the dwarfs have gradually started to accept human beings.”

“That’s right, it was smooth-sailing, wasn’t it?”



It was smooth-sailing.


“However, the fire spirit which I’ve let go of has been burning on with that power. Before I realized it, it has depleted to a low level that’s beyond my control.”


He don’t mind losing a part of his power- but if this continues on, the kingdom made of the fire spirit mineral ore would be buried.


“I want to protect the dwarfs.”


Gnome said that and looked at Slyph earnestly.

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