108 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 108

  1. Temporary farewell

“Philiane, are the preparations for the luggage ready?”

“Yes. We can depart anytime.”

“Thank you.”


After Tiararose heard from Aquasteed that they were going to attend the festival in Sandrose, she and Philiane carried out the preparations.

It’s a country that she wanted to visit at least once in her lifetime, so she’s actually quite excited about it, despite knowing that it’s going to be troublesome because of Saravia. However, she’s a little worried about the heat in the desert.


“We have to bring plenty of water, and take frequent breaks.”

“Of course, I hope the journey will be a pleasant one.”


As always, Philiane was more than prepared as she packed some sunscreen cream and hats to shield from sun.


“I think there shouldn’t be a problem, but please tell me immediately if anything crops up.”

“Yes, of course.”


Tiararose and Philiane looked at each other with smiles and right then the sound of a knock reverberated through the room.


“…I wonder who’s here. I don’t have a good premonition about it.”

“I’ll go take a look.”


The visitor was someone whom Tiararose has guessed to be.


“Hey, Rose. You’re even more beautiful than usual today too.”

“King Saravia… I didn’t give you permission to enter the room though?”

“Please don’t say something so formal like that, Rose. I’m a close friend of yours, no?”

“Also, I’m not Rose. I’m Tiararose. Please refrain from conjuring up affectionate nicknames for me.”


Tiararose said that in a blunt manner, but Saravia did not seem to be affected at all.

He laughed loudly and sat on the sofa opposite Tiararose.


Behind Saravia was Philiane who looked tired after dealing with him. It’s easy to imagine that she tried to stop Saravia but he insisted on entering the room.

Furthermore, behind her was the close aide of Saravia, Izzet.


“…So, what are you here for?”

“You are so cold, kitty. There’s no need for a reason to meet someone I love.”



She wanted to sigh deeply then and there, but she’s trying to refrain from doing so.

The frivolous guy is the king of the Sandrose so she doesn’t want to show some disrespect to him, even if the opposite party’s quite unrestrained.


Saravia might have sensed the force in Tiararose’s silence as he laughed loudly.


“And also… as you’ve already known, I’ll be causing you some trouble so I’m here to apologize too.”

“In that case, please do that to Sir Aquasteed and not me.”

“Of course, but I think I’ll also be causing trouble to you, kitty.”


The trouble that Saravia speaks of refers to the water crisis of Sandrose’s oasis.

He’s heard that the temperature will increase further when the spirit of fire, Salamander, wakes up. But… the water of the oasis has been decreasing far more than he had thought it would.

Tiararose and the others did also think that the amount of water will decrease with the increased temperature.


With that effect, the oasis will end up drying up at this rate… and sensing that danger, he has come to the flourishing Marineforest.

As Marineforest’s blessed with water and food, there shouldn’t be any issues if they accept the people who’re seeking help, but the number of people entering into the country has grown out of control and Aquasteed’s trying to deal with it.


“The citizens are probably restless right now, so are you sure it’s alright for you to talk to me here now?”


Tiararose told him with an implicit suggestion that he should return to his country soon.


“There’s no problem… the festival will be quite grand this time round because we are going to revive the oasis. The amount of water might be decreasing right now, but it wouldn’t disappear.”

“I see…”


Tiararose was a little convinced by what Saravia has said.


-That festival will probably be carried out by the royal family, as mentioned by Grail?


As the words of Grail are credible, what Saravia has said should be the truth.

In other words, they just happened to be able to join the festival, which is only held once in every few hundred of years. Tiararose’s a little worried about it but she thought that it’s quite an honor to be able to witness it.


“Will King Saravia be performing the Dance of Witches? …I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“If Kitty’s going to watch me, I’m going to do my best!”


Saravia winked at Tiararose and said ‘please look forward to it.’

After that he stretched out his body and his hand across the table, towards Tiararose. Tiararose frantically tried to escape to the side when a low voice ‘King Saravia’ reached her ears.


“I have already told you not to do anything to my wife, didn’t I?”

“Oh, it’s Aqua. The atmosphere with Kitty was about to get good and you just had to spoil it~”

“Sir Aqua!”


Aquasteed happened to have his break and came over to Tiararose’s room.

He then sat next to Tiararose and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.


”Sigh, I cannot let down my guard at all.”


“Sigh, you are just showing off right now…”


Saravia narrowed his shoulders and sunk into the sofa.

He then faced Aquasteed and lightly asked ‘Aren’t you busy?’


“I’m extremely busy thanks to a certain somebody. I planned to visit Sandrose together with Tiara but… it seems like I’ll be joining the journey later.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Well, yes.”


As mentioned in the conversation between Tiararose and Saravia, there were a large number of people coming in from Sandrose, and Aquasteed’s trying to deal with that.

Therefore, while they initially planned for Aquasteed and Tiararose to visit Sandrose together, he has no choice but to start the journey later.


Listening to that, Saravia’s facial expression brightened up as he exclaimed ‘That’s great!’


“I’ll escort Rose so you can just take your time, Aqua.”

“Like I said, please do not come up with affectionate nickname for my wife.”



Even though it’s Aquasteed who’s saying that now, Saravia was totally unaffected.


“Tsk. I really wanted to go along because you’re someone who pushes your luck like this…”

“Um, Sir Aqua… if it’s about me, I have Philiane accompanying me so it’d be ok.”


She said that she’s not going to be involved with Saravia, and would do the official duty by herself. However, Saravia’s the king after all and it’d be pretty difficult to reject him strongly.

Aquasteed gently told Tiararose, who seemed to be stressed about that, ‘No worries.’


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