108 Part 2

“Of course I do not intend to leave you to King Saravia, I’ve made the preparations for your bodyguards.”

“Hm? Kitty’s bodyguard is knight Tarmo, right? …or are there other bodyguards?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


Saravia gave a sidelong glance, and Aquasteed just snapped his finger.

Right then, two kings appeared.


The long green hair of one and beautiful white silver hair of another danced in the wind.

They are the forest king Keith and sea king Pearl.


“Hey, Tiara. Pearl and I will be going to Sandrose together with you.”

“It’s going to be tough for a lady to go alone so we will be going with you.”

“Will the two of you be my bodyguards?”


Tiararose blinked her eyes in surprise and Pearl replied ‘That’s right.’


-To think that the fairy kings will be my bodyguard, that’s way too extravagant…!



The strong-willed sea fairy king Pearl.

With tied-up white-silver long hair that reaches beneath the shoulders with gold-colored irises of a king, the layered colorful kimono wrapped around the body and the mouth covered with a fan gives the fairy king a refined appearance.



Without realizing, Tiararose ended up looking at Aquasteed who’s beside her and he returned with a grin. It’s as though he’s saying of course he’s not going to let Tiararose go alone.

Tiararose ended up gulping her saliva and nodded.


“Thank you for your consideration.”

“The journey is going to be long so please take extra care. If anything happens, be sure to consult the help of those around you.”



Aquasteed gently rubbed Tiararose’s head and the tension in her shoulders was released.


“However… leaving aside Keith, I’m surprised that Pearl is going to join us.”

“Well, I do have a debt to repay as I’ve previously received some magical power to recover; I hope I can be of some use this time round.”

“Is that so…”


Tiararose always thought that there’s this distance between her and Pearl, and even if it’s to repay the debt, she’s extremely happy of that.

Also, Pearl hates men. Tiararose could use that as an excuse to drive Saravia away… and the thought of that made her smile.


After the interactions between Tiararose and the others have settled down, Saravia stood up from his seat and kneeled before Keith and Pearl.


“Please permit me to greet the two fairy kings.”


Without a trace of his frivolous self, Saravia’s low and collected voice echoed through the room. The person who replied him was Keith, whose narrowed eyes were fixated on him.


“Ah… I’ll permit your greeting.”

“I’m Saravia Sandrose, the king of the fire kingdom Sandrose. It’s an honor for me to meet the fairy king while I’m still alive.”

“I’m Keith, the forest fairy king.”

“I’m Pearl, the sea forest king.”


Tiararose thought that Saravia finally looked like a king, as he’s able to present himself in a refined manner like this despite his normal frivolous self.

She thought that it’d be good if he’s always like this… of course she could not say that out loud.


After the greetings, they all went to take a seat.

They were going to discuss about their schedule for the journey to Sandrose.

The six main members are Tiararose, Keith, Pearl, Philiane, Elliot and Tarmo. Also, adding on to that was Saravia and his close aide Izzet, making it a total of eight people.

In addition, there will be maids and bodyguard knights.


“Well then… the departure will take place three days later. I’ll start the journey ten days later. As I’ll hurry, I will probably reach Sandrose and join you guys five days after you guys have arrived there.”

“Yes, I got it. I will be waiting for your arrival, Sir Aquasteed.”


While Tiararose feels a little lonely as she could not see him for a while, she thinks that she has to strengthen her will as she’s the queen after all.

Aquasteed gave Saravia detailed instructions of the route and confirmed that there’s no problem. To ensure that they are taking the least dangerous route so that they can arrive safely, there’s a need to seek some advice.

Saravia looked at the map, which was opened up on the table, with a serious gaze and muttered ‘Hmm.’ Right then he pointed to a certain path.


“I’ll confirm again later but I think there’s a planned construction here, so it might be wise to detour around it. The path at night would be quite dangerous, so let’s try to think of some measure for that. Well, I think it’s not that dangerous if one doesn’t get off the horse wagon alone.”

“…Well, let’s just take a detour. It’s better to avoid that place if it’s possible.”

“I got it.”


Tiararose’s someone who would do rash things even if she’s being warned.

Therefore, Aquasteed decided that it’s best to select the safest route from the start and decided on the detour.

After confirming the detailed schedule, the discussion ended without issues.



Saravia, Keith and the others left the room. Aquasteed was totally exhausted and Tiararose leaned against him.


“Sir Aqua? …you’ve worked hard.”

“…Yes. Thankfully there were some progress; I guess I really cannot depart with you, Tiara.”

“You have work so there’s no helping it. We will not be able to see each other for a while so please allow me to spoil you before my departure.”



Tiararose hugged the exhausted Aquasteed’s head tightly and placed it on her knees. She then rubbed his head and smiled gently.

Aquasteed gave a wry smile as he’s going to end up sleeping like this.


“Tiara’s knees are so comfortable that it’s troubling.”

“What’s with that?”


Tiararose giggled at what Aquasteed has just said, and told him ‘you can just sleep.’


“Sleep’s important after all. Your work productivity’s going to fall if you lack sleep, you know?”

“Well, that’s true but… it’s a waste of time to sleep when I could finally spend some time with Tiara.”



Being told that, Tiararose’s face turned red unconsciously.


-Sir Aqua can sure say such embarrassing things without batting an eyelid.


This causes her heartbeat to quicken.


“Ah, but I might be able to fall asleep if Tiara gives me a kiss.”


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