110 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 110

  1. Welcome banquet

After passing through several streets and villages with oasis, Tiararose and the others finally reached the royal castle of Sandrose.

The rounded gold rooftop shines brilliantly and there were paintings on the wall that surrounds it. There’s a wide pond in front of the staircase after passing through the entrance and it looks very refreshing.


Tiararose’s eyes were shining as she’s captivated by the amazing sight.


“I never thought I’d get to see the royal castle of Sandrose. It’s wonderful.”

“I’ll welcome you anytime, kitty.”


Saravia immediately came over to her and smiled. Those words sounded too real to be a joke and Tiararose replied with a wry smile ‘No that’s not right.’


“Sir Aquasteed will be here five days later, so King Saravia, please do your own work or something during that span of time. You have to prepare for the festival, no?”

“You’re so cold as usual… Well, anyway, welcome to my Sandrose kingdom, Tiararose. I welcome you and the two fairy kings.”


Saravia staggered one step ahead of everyone and he verbally welcomed Tiararose and the others, with the royal castle visible behind him. The sun was shining so brightly behind him which really made him look like a king.

Tiararose also gracefully thanked him and sent her greetings once again.


“I’m extremely honoured to be invited to the traditional festival. I’ll not be here for a long time, but please take care of me while I’m still here.”

“Yes. Tell me if there’s anything that’s inconveniencing you.”

“Thank you very much for your consideration.”


‘Well then’ Saravia invited Tiararose and the others into the royal castle.


“Wasn’t the route here hot and tough? Please take a rest for now.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”


Water was flowing through the sides of the passageway and there were flowers blooming in them, making it extremely beautiful. The comfortable breeze tickled Tiararose’s cheeks and it felt extremely cool in the shade.


Pearl was extremely impressed and muttered ‘How nice.’


“It seems like the water’s managed well here, as expected of the royal castle.”

“It’s an honour to receive such compliments from Pearl.”


Saravia smiled and said ‘Isn’t it beautiful?’


“As you’ve seen, most of my country’s covered with deserts but thanks to that, the resilience of life in nature is more evident. I’m sure the two fairy kings will take a liking to it.”

“That’s right. We like nature untouched as it is.”


While they might sometimes provide assistance, it’s the job of Pearl and the other kings to carefully nurture the vitality of lives. They guide the fairies and look over the humans.

The current Marineforest’s probably the most ideal state.


They were guided through the royal castle by foot and soon arrived in front of the rooms prepared for them.


“This is kitty’s room and next to it is Pearl and Keith’s. Right at the back of it is a room that’ll be used by close aides and knights. Sandrose outfits were also prepared within the room so please feel free to put it on.”


Even though it’s for summer-use, the dresses of Marineforest were probably a little too hot to be in… Saravia explained and winked.


“Thank you for the consideration. I never thought that King Saravia will guide us personally…”

“Well, this might end up as kitty’s house, you know?”

“It won’t! …Tsk.”


Tiararose immediately refused at the frivolous invitation. There’s no way she’s going to stay in this royal castle forever.

When will he give up on her…?


“I’ll rest for a while.”

“Yes. I’ll see you again later.”



Today, they will be holding a welcome banquet at night.

While Tiararose’s looking forward to it, she felt kind of nervous as it’s the first time she visited another country alone. After being told to rest for a while, Tiararose entered into her room.






The sun has set, and Keith entered into Pearl’s room.

A large number of attendants were flapping a large fan towards Pearl and she’s lying on a low couch while leisurely drinking a cold drink and eating some snacks.


“Well well, you’re sure leading an extravagant life.”

”What is it, Keith? I’m tired from the trip so I’m just taking a rest.”

“You’re probably not that tired, tsk. I have something to talk to Pearl about, so please leave the room for now.”


Keith told the attendants to leave, and Pearl adjusted her posture and sighed.


“Could it be about the Salamander?”

“Yes, that’s right.”



Pearl was contemplating about what to do. Looking at how silent she was, Keith muttered ‘I was right after all.’

It seemed like both of them are thinking of the same thing.


“…Should we tell Tiara?”

“Well… if we tell her unnecessary stuff, she’d probably do something rash.”

“In that case, let’s stay quiet.”



After coming to a decision, a knock reverberated through the room.


“Pearl, it’s soon the time for banquet.”

“Oh it’s Philiane. …You can come in.”

“Excuse me. So you were with Keith. Should I help out with the preparation?”


Philiane has come over to help out with the preparation as the banquet’s starting soon.

Pearl thought about it for a while before saying ‘there’s no need to.’ The outfits were prepared so she thought there shouldn’t be a problem.


“Same here.”

“I got it. Well then, the guide attendant has arrived so let’s go.”








Tiararose’s honey pink hair was tied up in a low position to the side, and there’s a lace veil on her head. The desert dress was bold with revealing sheer fabric and the belly button area was exposed.

A pendant was draped near her chest and it contains the red jewel given by Saravia. Tiararose’s wearing more accessories than usual and ringing sounds could be heard as she walks.


The welcome banquet has started with the dance of the Sandrose witches.

The ladies, who were dancing quietly and forcefully, were the witches of this country. The ritual dance was dreamy and looked extremely mysterious under the moonlight.

The huge area they were led to have no roof in the centre and allowed them to see the full moon and stars.

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