110 Part 2

Welcome dishes and high-quality wines were lined up on top of the carpet. Tiararose was looking at the witches directly in front of her, thinking that it’s very extravagant



The ringing bells and string instrument, together with the love song, made her feel lonely being away from Aquasteed.

As the trip was planned with leisure time, it took eighteen days to reach the royal castle from Marineforest. Yes, it has been eighteen days since she has last touched Aquasteed or called his name.


-I want to see Sir Aqua.


As she looked at the dance with a sad look in her eyes, Saravia who was sitting beside her talked to her.


“This is the ritual dance for the Salamander. It’s sacred and many ladies dream of being in this position.”

“Well that’s because it’s a beautiful dance. I’m sure it will satisfy the Salamander.”


Tiararose has wanted to watch it again since the last time she saw it so she revealed her honest thoughts. It’s probably difficult to dance like that.


-Speaking of which, Salamander really exists, right?


There’s no doubt, Saravia should know of its existence as the king.

Tiararose knew about it from Grail, but Saravia doesn’t know that she knows about it.

She wanted to ask about it as she’s curious but she couldn’t do that.


What if she ends up meeting it… well it’s a habit of hers to think like that because she loves playing maiden games. She wants to know everything about this world.

After the end of the festival which will take place a few days later, the Salamander will go back to sleep once again. In that case, it will take a few hundred years or even thousands of years before it will wake up again.


-Oh no, I can’t! I promised Sir Aqua not to act on my own!!


If she says she wanted to meet Salamander here, she will definitely be scolded by Aquasteed later.

Looking at Tiararose’s expressions as she tries hard to contain herself, Saravia smiled and asked her what’s wrong. She was looking at the dance with an enchanted look just earlier, what made her change her expressions that much.


“…No. There are fairy kings in my country so I thought that it wouldn’t be strange for the fire spirit Salamander to exist.”

“It exists.”

“It doesn’t, right… Eh?”


Tiararose asked Saravia if the Salamander existed with a nonchalant chat. Right then, he simply replied with his joking tone.

Tiaraose probably looked extremely shocked right now. Her mouth was gaping open and Saravia guffawed.


“Fairies exist so it shouldn’t be strange for the fire spirit to exist, no?”

“Well, that’s true… It’s just that I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Ah, that’s right. It’s a national secret.”



How can this guy reveal it so easily?!

Tiararose was flustered but Saravia did not look frantic at all. He probably did not have any realization that he just revealed the important secret of the country.


“It’s fine. Putting aside Rose, the fairies probably noticed the existence of the Salamander, no? No, they probably knew of it since they have longer lives compared to us humans.”


Saravia said that’s why it’s fine and there’s no need to hide about it from Marineforest.


“I see… Well then is this festival for the sake of the Salamander?”

“Yes. I’ll also be dancing so be sure to look at me. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me again.”

“I have not fallen in love with you in the first place. Please stop with the teasing, King Saravia.”


Tiararose was angry as he just would not give up. However Saravia was fine with it and his gaze shifted to the chest area of Tiararose. To be more precise, he’s looking at the shining red jewel near her chest – the Salamander’s Tear.


“…W-What is it?”

“What? You’re wearing the jewel I gave to you so I thought there’s a possibility.”

“I did not put it on for that purpose!”


She’s just putting it on because it’s a public scene and she hoped he wouldn’t have some weird misunderstanding.


“…It’s beautiful.”



Saravia stretched his hand out and touched Tiararose’s necklace.

He immediately noticed that compared to the time when he presented the magical jewel to her, it has become more powerful with Tiararose’s magic mixed in. It emanated a gentle and warm light.


Saravia started inspecting at the jewel and Tiararose hoped he wouldn’t be staring so much as it’s embarrassing.


“As expected of a magical jewel. The red colour seems to be getting more vivid day after day… it’s very beautiful.”

“Indeed. It’s shining even more brilliantly after mixing with Rose’s magical power. It surpasses what it was when I had it.”



Saravia narrowed his eyes and looked at the jewel sadly and Tiararose noticed that.


-Could it be that this is a valued possession…?


Saravia was usually frivolous so why was he looking the jewel with such a sad gaze. Saravia’s real feelings were hard to grasp.

Tiararose carefully chose her words so that she wouldn’t show her confusion.


“Was this jewel owned by King Saravia before?”

“Hm? Yes, I guess I’ve just muttered about it unconsciously. It’s a jewel that’s with me since I was born. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s not compatible with me.”



Tiararose thought that if the concept of compatibility with a jewel even exists.

Or rather, as an accessory, it matches Saravia more than herself, as it has the same colour as his irises. She thought it was weird and decided to ask why.


“I think it matches King Saravia too…”

“No, it fits Rose more than me. I guess the princess who’s loved by the fairies is also liked by the spirits.”



Tiararose did not know what to reply and gave a vague smile.

Although she did think that Saravia’s behaving weirdly, she decided not to delve too deep into it as Aquasteed’s not there too.

…She’s a little worried though.


Saravia took the wine, and shifted his gaze from the jewel to the dancing witches.


“Seven days till the festival huh…”


Saravia muttered and Tiararose thought that it might the reason for his sad expression earlier. However, she could not do anything about it.


Even though she’s concerned about it, she decided not to ask about it and the banquet ended just like that.

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