111 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 111

  1. Only one person with direct lineage

“Ah~ I want to meet Sir Aqua!”

“Lady Tiararose, please do not roll into bed in that outfit.”

“Ah… That’s right. Sorry, Philiane.”


After the banquet, Tiararose returned to the room and was about to dive into the bed when Philiane warned her. The desert dress will end up being wrinkly even after washing it.

Tiararose sat on the bed and sighed.


“I understand that you miss Sir Aquasteed but I’m sure he’s heading over here right now.”

“That’s right… I was surprised that Sir Aqua will be coming over by horse rather than a horse wagon so that he can shorten the journey time.”


Of course, she hoped that he would not be reckless and desperately tried to stop him from doing so.


“It’s a proof that you’re being loved, Lady Tiararose. Will you be changing your clothes?”

“…Since it’s a rare chance, I guess I want to be in this outfit for a while longer. It is quite revealing but it’s my first time putting on a desert dress so it was quite novel.”

“You’d want to show it to Sir Aquasteed, right?”

“…That might be a little embarrassing.”


Tiararose smiled shyly when Philiane said that.

What’s she going to do if she’s going to be stared at by his golden eyes; Tiararose will definitely turn red from embarrassment and she puffed up her cheeks at that thought.

It’s not a problem wearing it in a public setting like the banquet, but it’s a different matter in front of someone she likes.


Philiane looked at the way Tiararose was behaving and thought that she has to create a chance such that Aquasteed will see it. Of course, that was kept a secret from Tiararose.


“I’ll be checking the bathtub now.”

“Yes, please.”


After seeing Philiane off, Tiararose headed to the balcony.

The room prepared for her was on the third floor and the sky was full of skies so the view was spectacular. The garden of the Sandrose royal castle and streets could be observed together.

The night air was a little cold but it’s still tolerable with an outerwear.


Right then, she recalled what Saravia has said earlier.


-So the Salamander exists, huh.


Tiararose did not expect him to tell her so easily like that and she ended up smiling.


“I want to see it but I probably shouldn’t get involved with it. I’ll have to bear with it.”


She said that and enjoyed the night view leisurely when golden hair entered into her vision. It seems like Saravia’s in the garden.

What’s he doing there at this time? Tiararose wondered with her head tilted.


She looked at Saravia as he’s entered the pond. He continued on and walked towards the goddess stature that’s placed in the centre.


The goddess stature was a little tanned so it was probably made with the minerals of the desert. Cloth was placed on her beautiful body and she’s facing the great land and blessing it.


“…What’s he doing?”


Could he be drunk? It cannot be helped that Tiararose thought of that. He has indeed drunk quite a lot of wine earlier.


“I guess I should tell someone about it… However Philiane’s away”


She’s thinking about it when Saravia placed his hand on the goddess statue.

Right then, goddess stature shined with a dim red light. It’s a very mysterious light in the dark as though it’s a miracle brought by the goddess.




Tiararose blinked her eyes and stared intently at Saravia and the female goddess. She thought he’s drunk but she’s probably wrong.

That’s like a kind of ritual.


“To wake up the Salamander… no, to make it sleep once again perhaps”


There’s no need to wake it up on purpose so Tiararose shook her head and rejected that theory. Thinking about the purpose of the festival, it’s probably related to the Salamander.


-However, there’s still a few more days before the festival.




Tiararose was staring at Saravia when his body started shaking.


“King Saravia…!?”


Right then, Saravia collapsed with a splash.

It seemed like he’s barely conscious and was trying to stand up again but… he ended up sitting down in the water without strength. It wouldn’t be strange if he lose his conscious anytime with the way he’s right now.


“…! Oh no, I have to head over immediately.”


Tiararose hurried out of the room, and Tarmo who was guarding in front of the door was shocked.

She was reckless sometimes but she’s normally graceful so it’s rare to see her being frantic like that. Tarmo tried to asked about the situation and was surprised when Tiararose immediately said ‘it’s urgent!’


However, even so he’s not going to let her make moves without telling her about the reason. It’s okay if they’re in Marineforest but they’re in another country right now.


“However, Lady Tiararose-”

“It’ll be fine; I’ll follow her so you’ll just have to wait here.”



Tarmo was trying to suggest something when he’s approached from behind.


“Eh, Keith!?”

“Tsk. Our princess does not know how to stay still.”


Keith laughed as he saw how Tiararose was running down the passage frantically. After which, he leisurely followed after her.






The light emanating from the royal castle and moonlight

There were only these two sources of light but it seemed a little bright. It could be due to the soaked clothes that his skin felt cold like ice.


Saravia did not have strength to even sit down and just lied down in the pond. Fortunately the water was shallow so he did not drown.


“…King, King Saravia!”

“Ah… it’s Rose.”


He noticed the voice from afar and though that’s why it felt bright. Wherever she’s in, the place would be warm and overflowing with light.


“King Saravia, are you alright?”

“I’ve shown you my unsightly side.”

“What are you talking about?! Let’s head to the room immediately!”


Tiararose rebuked at Saravia, saying that it’s not the time to be joking around.

Touching the cold skin, she thought that he might end up having frostbite like this. There’s probably a need to prepare hot water immediately and she tried to call out to close aides or attendants nearby-


“…Hey, why’s there no one around even though it’s a royal castle?”

“I told them to leave. Also, I wouldn’t allow myself to be seen like this, so please do not call people over.”

“Eh? But in such a situation…”


Saravia doesn’t look like he can walk and there’s a need to ask someone to carry him. However, it’d be hard to shift him if she’s not allowed to call someone.


-What should I do?

Saravia has told the people to leave so it must have been quite important. Tiararose cannot make the decision to call someone just because he collapsed and looked unwell.

It might make all his efforts go to waste.


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