111 Part 2

“I’ll carry you so let’s get going.”



Keith carried up Saravia while sighing.


”You told us that you’re not going to be reckless. Have you forgotten about it already?”

“Isn’t this obviously not reckless!? I mean, I have to help someone who collapsed in front of me.”

“Yes yes.”


Tiararose said that that’s the natural way to act and Keith started walking. Saravia was groaning in pain but it didn’t matter.


“Hey Keith… Thank you.”


Keith said that she shouldn’t have acted on it but he followed after her and helped Saravia.

After hearing his thanks, Keith replied with a word ‘ok’ and raised his hand.


“Let’s get going. If I’m not wrong the bathtub’s being prepared so I’ll bring you there.”

“Eh!? It’s rash to do that to the king…”

“I’m the fairy king, you know?”

“Ah, yes…”


Tiararose hurriedly tried to stop Keith but she could not refute when he said he’s the king. The fairy king is placed one rank above the normal king after all.



Entering the royal castle from the garden, they entered the bathroom which Philiane had prepared for Tiararose.

The hot water was being drawn and the room itself was warm enough. Saravia too took a sigh of relief.


However, more importantly, Philiane raised a voice of shock that’s close to a shriek.


“-!? What is…! King Saravia!? D-Doctor immediately…!!”

“Wait, Philiane. Let’s keep this a secret for now.”



Philiane headed towards Tiararose frantically and proposed that when a large splash sound was heard. Keith has really thrown Saravia into the bathtub.


“Gulp… Hah”

“Sigh, you’re weak. You have little magical power and yet you did such at thing.”

“Hah… You have seen through me, didn’t you?”


Sitting in the bathtub, Saravia replied Keith with a self-mockery smile.

It seemed that Keith understood what Saravia was going to do. Tiararose does not know about it but she first told Philiane leave the room.

Saravia did not say a thing about this to the people of Sandrose so of course she cannot let the people of Marineforest know about it unintentionally.


-Or rather, should I be leaving the room myself?


Tiararose thought that it should be fine now that the cold Saravia’s in the bathtub.

Therefore she thought that she should leave the room and right then Saravia told her to wait.


“Wait a minute, kitty. Isn’t it cruel of you to leave me alone?”

“…I mean, King Saravia’s totally soaked. I thought you should take a rest first.”

“Still, will you let me say thanks first?”


Saravia still seemed a little tired but he looked a little better compared to before.

Indeed, it’d be rude to leave the room without saying anything and Tiararose nodded with a wry smile.


“First of all, thank you. You’ve saved me. I might freeze to death if I was left like that. Thank you for rushing over too, Keith.”

“I’m really glad you’re fine.”

“I’m just following Tiara in place of her bodyguard.”


Relieved at how things have settled down, Tiararose thought if she could ask Saravia about it and decided to act upon it.


“So what happened just now?”



However, Saravia just smiled and didn’t give a reply.


-It’s something he doesn’t want me to know?

She tilted her head and tried peeking at Keith who seemed to know the reason… however he was yawning quite nonchalantly.


Sigh Keith… while thinking of that, she was concerned about how he said he has overused his magical power earlier.


-Could it be that he tried to give his magical power to Salamander?

It’s a simple guess by Tiararose. In the game, the act of passing magical power to another person would lead to certain victory.

Also, the timing’s perfect right now.


Keith said to Saravia that he has “little magical power.”


“Could it be that… you lack the magical power that the Salamander needs?”

“-! Why does Kitty know that?”

“Eh, it was just a guess… it was correct!?”

“Eh it was a guess? Well I guess I dug my grave.”


Even though he’s the king of Sandrose, he ended up replying honestly to Tiararose’s mutterings. Saravia hung his head and said that he has used up too much of magical power that it made him weak.


However, rather than Saravia, Tiararose was the one being troubled now.


-Eh, will it be okay if he lacks the magical power?

It’s quite a big issue and the worries in Tiararose grew bigger. From the words of Grail and the others, the royal family members of Sandrose resolved the problem without issues in the past.


-Ah, that’s right.


As Saravia’s magical power was lacking, he could not meet the needs of the Salamander. In that case it explains why Saravia collapsed earlier… it’s probably because he used too much of his magical power, like what Keith has just said.


“Um, it might be an unnecessary remark but… other than King Saravia, is there anyone else who can provide the Salamander magical power?”

“…Unfortunately, there isn’t any; only people whose frequency matches with that of the Salamander can provide magical power. In Sandrose, it’s only the direct descendent of the royal family members who can do it.”

“Oh no…”


Tiararose furrowed her eyebrows at the helpless situation.

Right then, she recalled about the history of Sandrose.

Since the establishment of this country, there’s a single husband-multiple wives system and it’s called the country of love. Tiararose thought that she’d like to have her loved one for herself and disliked the thoughts of men having multiple wives…


-However, looking at King Saravia now, she understood the reason for that.


The single husband-multiple waves system was set up probably to ensure the continuity of the royal family line.

There’s because there’s a need to have someone who can provide magical power to the Salamander when it wakes up. In the past, the awoken Salamander was probably provided the magical power by multiple royal family members before it goes back to sleep again.


However, right now-

Saravia’s the only royal family member who can provide the magical power.

His parents have left the world and he doesn’t have siblings. The only direct descendent of the royal family line was Saravia himself.

Even though she called him frivolous… could this be the actual reason for that? She had denied the duty of the Saravia as the royal family.

Tiararose made a fist and felt embarrassed for taking things lightly.


Can she be of some help?

Right when she thought about that, she recalled what Saravia has told her before.



“I guess the princess who’s loved by the fairies is also liked by the spirits.”



Right then she felt like she has understood everything.

Tiararose took a small deep breath before looking at Saravia.


“In that case, please allow me to give my magical power to Salamander. I’m sure my magical power’s frequency matches that of the Salamander… or am I wrong?”

“…No, you are not wrong. I really put my hat off you, kitty. You’ve seen through everything, that’s unfair.”


Saravia said that and laughed.


“I’m grateful, kitty… no, Tiararose.”



It probably would not be enough with Saravia’s power alone. He bowed and thanked Tiararose for her help.


“That jewel that I sent you, it was said to be made from the tear of the Salamander.”

“Is it this?”



Tiararose looked at the shining jewel at the chest and never expected it to be this valuable… she became pale at the thought that she owns it.


“Hasn’t the color become more vivid and beautiful as compared to before? That’s because the frequency of kitty’s magical power matches that of the Salamander and magical power’s being absorbed little by little within this jewel.”

“So this jewel has such a function…”




In other words, from the beginning, he has tested if the frequency of Tiararose’s magical power matches that of the Salamander.


-Could that be the reason why he came to Marineforest?


Tiararose once again thought that the real side of the usually frivolous Saravia’s extremely difficult to comprehend.

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