114 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 114

  1. Fight between the ladies

The following day, Tiararose finally had the chance to speak to Saravia when it’s close to noon.

Their talk took place in the guestroom for visitors and they sat opposite each other on the sofa. Keith and Pearl were behind Tiararose while Izzet was standing behind Saravia.


“But hmm you are really cute. The adult kitty’s a beauty but your child-form is lovable too.”

“…just leave my matter aside and tell me more about the Salamander. I cannot possibly remain in this form forever and I want to return to normal.”


Tiararose said that and Saravia gave a wry smile.


“Hmm… Indeed, it’s better for you to be in an adult-form if you’re going to become my wife.”

“King Saravia, I’m serious about this!”


Tiararose glared at him as though she’s not going to forgive him if he’s going to continue fooling around.


“I’m sorry. I can arrange for you to meet the Salamander but it’d be fairly difficult to negotiate for her to return the magical power.”

“Oh no…”

“I’ll try to do my best so that she’ll return kitty’s magical power… but she doesn’t seem like she’d change her mind.”


They could still negotiate but it’d be quite difficult.

Tiararose started thinking of other ideas but she couldn’t think of a good one… She wondered if it’d be okay to pass the lacking magical power bit by bit and not all at once.

In that case, Saravia could help out with it and Tiararose wouldn’t have to remain in this child-form.


“For the meanwhile, shall I call the Salamander?”

“Yes… would that be okay?”



Tiararose nodded at Saravia’s proposal and as though the timing was calculated beforehand, a sound of knock reverberated through the room.


“Hmm? I ordered the others not to disturb us though…”

“It might be an emergency.”


Saravia fixed his gaze on the door and Izzet went to open it… Aquasteed, who’s supposed to arrive two days later, showed up.




Of course, the one who’s shocked the most was Tiararose.

Keith and Pearl seemed to have already sensed Aquasteed’s presence and was unaffected by his appearance.


“You’re quite fast, aren’t you?”

“I somehow managed too. Eh, where’s Tiara?”


Before Aquasteed did his greetings, he realized that the person he’s looking for was not in the room. He thought that it was strange for Keith, Pearl and even Saravia to be around without Tiararose.。

Saravia laughed when he witnessed that.


“Aqua really likes Kitty huh.”

“She’s my wife after all. King Saravia, you’re in an extremely good mood as usual… huh?”


The stiff and awkward Tiararose, who’s sitting on the sofa, caught the eyes of Aquasteed.




Aquasteed was about to face-palm himself while going “Oh…” but he managed to refrain himself.


“That’s a cute young lady there huh.”



-Oh no, Sir Aqua started to talk to her!!

Tiararose’s head was spinning as she wondered what she should do. She has never talked to Aquasteed about it but does he like kids?

Or will she be hated for making selfish decision?

Worries started to overwhelm her.


Tiararose could not reply him and Saravia looked at Aquasteed as though teasing him.


“It’s Kitty and my daughter.”

“Please stop saying foolish nonsense.”

“You’re such a spoilsport.”


Aquasteed walked towards the small Tiararose and gently carried up her body.


“That person only says nonsense so it’s better not to deal with him.”


“Hm? You don’t like being carried?”

“N-No! I like it…!”


Tiararose could feel how close Aquasteed was when he carried her; the nice smell makes her secure. She shook her head and hugged his neck tightly.

Just a while earlier, Tiararose was having trouble figuring out how to go through this situation but she lost control after being touched like this. Well, it cannot be helped it since she really wanted to meet Aquasteed.


“That’s good.”


Aquasteed smiled and gently stroked Tiararose’s head.


“The twin tails are cute; your hair’s beautiful too.”

“Eh? …T-Thank you.”



Being complimented nonchalantly like this made Tiararose’s face flush hot.

Right then, at the back of her mind, she began to think of a possibility…


-Sir Aqua did not notice that it’s me?


Perhaps, he might think that she’s a random kid.


-That’s right, it’s not normal for humans to shrink.


Tiararose reached the conclusion that he might have thought she’s in some other places; she’s relieved that she’s not exposed and reprimanded. She’s also enjoying being hugged by him.


-Since I’m in a child-form, this should be fine, right?


Tiararose would not be able to do this as an adult since she’ll be embarrassed, but it should be alright if she’s a child now… Although it’s known to everyone else except Aquasteed that it’s her.


“You like to be spoiled? How old are you?”

“Um… I’m six.”

“I see. In that case, you’re already a wonderful lady, right?”

“Y-Yes! Of course.”


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