114 Part 2

Aquasteed grinned as he said that and Tiararose immediately nodded. She cannot possible throw a tantrum saying that she’s still a child to be called a lady.

Keith saw her reaction and snickered. Tiararose might have noticed that he’s laughing at her as she placed a finger on her lips and told him to shush.


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Tiara.”

“No, it’s nothing- eh!? You noticed that it’s me?”


Aquasteed nonchalantly called her name and her face turned pale at the thought that she’s already exposed. Just a moment earlier, Tiararose was enjoying being hugged but now it felt like her world has collapsed.


“S-Since when…”


Tiararose asked Aquasteed with a quivering voice and he immediately answered her.


“From the start”

“From the start!?”

“I told you before that I know everything about you, Tiara, didn’t I.”



Indeed, he once said during their morning walk in the garden that “he knows mostly everything about Tiara.” Tiararose did not expect him to know not only what she’s thinking about, but even her changed appearance…!

But now that he knew, Tiararose only has one thing to do.


“Ah… this is embarrassing… I’m getting down, please let me down.”

“Eh? You were being spoiled so much though.”

“I thought that Sir Aqua viewed me as a kid… but I’m extremely embarrassed now; everyone’s looking at us!”


Tiararose made a fuss in Aquasteed’s arms and managed to slip through and reached the floor.


“If Sir Aqua has already noticed, please do not do such confusing stuff…”

“Sorry, sorry, I just thought that Tiara’s cute.”


After saying that, Aquasteed sat beside Tiararose on the sofa.


“So? Why did you end up being like this… of course, there must be a reason behind it, no? Keith, King Saravia.”


It was as though that’s a blizzard blowing behind the smiling Aquasteed.



With a sigh, his voice “I see” reverberated through the room with a tinge of tiredness.


Aquasteed was hoping that it’s just a result of Tiararose receiving some damage due to certain unfortunate circumstance and shrunk… but from what he heard, it seemed like it’s a result of Tiararose’s reckless act.

Aquasteed thought that she’d do something, and of course it did happen so he could only smile wryly.


“Keith too, please reprimand Tiara for her actions more… it’d be good if you stopped her forcibly.”

“Even if you say that, Tiara’s not a lady who’d listen you know? She looks gentle but is in fact stubborn. If I stopped her, she would act without my permission and might end up dying from losing all her magical power, you know?”

“That’s true…”


Secretly doing things in the middle of the night does seem like something that Tiararose would do. Or rather, there’s already such an incident before.

Indeed, if Keith did not managed to save Tiararose from the Salamander at the nick of time, it might end up being a tragedy that’s worst than the current situation.


He then shifted his gaze towards Tiararose who’s sitting next to him and placed his hand on her head.


“Why didn’t Tiara wait for my arrival?”

“I-I’m sorry… King Saravia collapsed and the Salamander was in a bad state because of hunger so… I told her it’d be fine if it’s just a little.”

“Tsk, my heart wouldn’t be able to last long like this.”


After saying that, Aquasteed hugged Tiararose up and placed her on his knees.


“Eh!? Sir Aqua!?”

“Since you were making all the selfish decision, just be obedient for now.”



Aquasteed had an intimidating smile that gave Tiararose no choice and she nodded while her cheeks were being pulled.



The topic then shifted to coming up with ideas to return Tiararose’s body back to normal…


“So you need the Salamander to return the magical power, huh. However, King Saravia did not receive a pleasant response to that, right?”


“Do you have any idea for the reason behind that?”

“…it’s a difficult problem.”



After hearing what Aquasteed has just said, Saravia thought deeply with a troubled look.

With such a stern expression- suddenly a tanned finger touched Aquasteed’s shoulder.


“Wow, how manly. If you give me your magical power, I don’t mind returning this kid’s magical power.”




Without any presence, the Salamander suddenly appeared and her body was floating in the air as she placed both her arms around Aquasteed’s arm.

Of course, this shocked Aquasteed too and he gulped.

Tiararose immediately responded to her. She wanted to ask her to return her magical power- but before that, there’s something more important that she has to say.


“Hey, stay away from Sir Aqua!!”


Even though it’s the fire spirit Salamander, she’ll not forgive that fact that she’s trying to steal Aquasteed away from her. With such intense feelings, she tried to get rid of the hands that were wrapped around Aquasteed.


“What, I’m not going to give up when it comes to someone I take interest in.”

“No way. Sir Aqua’s my husband!”


Looking at the two who’re glaring at each other, Saravia burst out laughing.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a possessive kitty.”

“It’s not the time to laugh now, King Saravia! Please stop the Salamander too!”

“Even if you say that, Salamander’s not going to listen to what I’ve to say… Salamander, for now, we’d like to talk to you so please calm down.”


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