114 Part 3

Saravia said something although he knew it was futile; Salamander must have liked Aquasteed a lot as she refused to face Saravia.

Tiararose’s expression started to darken as her Sir Aqua was being treated like this. It seemed like her emotions must have become more uncontrollable after she became a child.


“Please let go, Salamander!”

“No way!”


Unable to stand watching the feud being the two, Aquasteed coolly said “Please stop.”

Right then, the persistent Salamander immediately let go of Aquasteed.


“It cannot be helped it, I guess. I’ll continue later…”


Aquasteed continued talking as though he did not hear what the Salamander has said. He probably thought that it’s not a good time to deal with the Salamander’s nonsense now.


“I’d want you to return Tiararose’s magical power.”

“No way. If I do that, I might collapse from hunger. Are you saying that it’d be fine? What a cold-hearted person.”

“She said that she’ll give you only a bit of her magical power… no?”


Salamander placed her finger on Aquasteed’s lips and gave a slick smile as she said “you’re not treating a lady properly, you know?”

It seemed like they’re going off the track.

Looking at who they’re dealing with, Aquasteed judged that it’d be a better idea to discuss again another time.


“For now, I’d like you to return it during the festival. At that time, King Saravia will be able to pass some of his magical power to Salamander, right?”

“That’s true, but I already have enough magical power. I’d look over the festival, but I actually can just sleep like this, you know?”


“Hmm, what should I do?” The Salamander informed Aquasteed in a challenging manner.


“Or, if you’d become my partner… I’d agree to receive Saravia’s magical power, you know?”


With that, Tiararose’s magical power will be returned and Aquasteed wouldn’t need to provide his magical power so it’d be like killing two birds with one stone. The Salamander has calculated such a scheme.

Aquasteed thought about it deeply.

Since they’d have to get Tiararose’s magical power back, they might have to listen to the Salamander in case she refuses to negotiate anymore.


Looking at that, Tiararose started to worry if Aquasteed would choose to be violated for her sake…


“No way, Sir Aqua! I’ll definitely not allow you to sacrifice yourself for my sake!!”



Tiararose, who’s sitting on Aquasteed’s knees, turned to look at Aquasteed; she grabbed onto his jacket and shook her head in refusal.

Aquasteed did not expect her to dislike it that much and unconsciously smiled.


“It’s fine, Tiara.”


He gently rubbed her back and told her in a soothing voice.

After that, he looked at Salamander and Saravia as he proposed something.


“I’m going to think of a plan that both the Salamander and our side would agree to. I’ll inform you on the day of the festival, so would you allow us to have a discussion again?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Hmm.. Well, I don’t think that’s a plan that I’d agree to, but I’m fine with it.”

“Thank you very much.”


It seemed like Aquasteed has gotten things under control so Tiararose’s relieved but she doesn’t think that Salamander will be open to negotiation.


“In that case, we’ve concluded our talk for now… Can I have some wine with you?”


The persistent Salamander took Aquasteed’s arm and pressed her ample chest towards him.

Aquasteed’s facial expression did not change a bit but Tiararose was startled. She then immediately said “Stop it!” and pulled the Salamander away from Aquasteed/

After pulling her arm away with a grip, Tiararose gave a grin.


“Sir Aqua, I’m going to have a ladies talk with the Salamander so I’m going to leave my seat for a while.”

“Tiara, that is-”

“I’m leaving.”

“…I got it. However, if I cannot attend, then let Pearl be with you. I’m sure you’d allow that, won’t you?”


Of course, Tiararose’s aware that she’s being selfish right now so she agreed to Aquasteed’s proposal immediately.




Tiararose, Salamander and Pearl, the three of them headed to another room to have some ladies talk.

While sipping on the tapioca coconut milk prepared by the attendant, they glared at each other.


The first person to spoke was Tiararose.


“Salamander. Sir Aquasteed’s my husband so would you please stop flirting with him.”

“Oh? You’re a child now so wouldn’t an adult like me be better for him? With your body, you probably wouldn’t even receive a kiss.”

“That’s not true so please do not worry about that.”


Even though Tiararose shrunk in size, Aquasteed will continue to love her. Tiararose knows that well.

Since she knew that well, she said in quite a stern tone.

The fire spirit Salamander was trying to steal Aquasteed and there’s no way she’s going to forgive her for that.


“…Tsk. You are all kids. Well, you are really a kid now though. Salamander, you should stop trying to act like you’re persistent about Aquasteed and tell the reason now.”

“Pearl? Do you know something?”


It seemed like there’s a reason behind the persistent Salamander.

Tiararose stared at Salamander while the latter shifted her gaze to Pearl and started talking since there’s no choice left now that she’s exposed.


“Tsk, to think that you received blessings from two fairy kings… if I return you the magical power, Saravia will die, you know?”



The room was boisterous a while ago but it became dead quiet right now.

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