115 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 115

  1. Saravia’s apology and proposal

After the talk with Salamander, Tiararose bade farewell to Pearl and returned to her room.

Aquasteed was there, waiting for Tiararose’s return. Since they’re husband and wife, they’re using the same room.


“Welcome back, Tiara. You don’t look quite well though…”

“Sir Aqua…”


Tiararose thought about what she heard from Salamander earlier and held her tongue; it’s not something that can be easily said.


-To think that King Saravia’s life would be taken away if my magical power’s returned.

That’s something she would never accept and she’s so scared that she could not talk about it. Looking at Tiararose’s behaviour, Aquasteed sensed that something must have happened.

He did not try to pursue too much about it and instead carried up Tiararose.


“Shall I have Philiane prepare us some drinks and snacks? You must be tired from the ladies talk, no?”

“…Yes. That’s right, sweets are the best when one’s tired!”


Aquasteed rang the bell and requested for drinks and light snacks from Philiane.




After settling down a bit, Philiane prepared some warm black tea.

In addition to that was a sandwich with vegetables and fruits. Jellies were prepared for dessert. Other than that, Madeleine and cookies were also prepared specially for Tiararose.


The first thing she ate, was not the sandwich, but the Madeleine.

She’s tired so she decided to go for the sweets, light snack, sweets sandwich strategy.


“Since you’ve become a kid, your love for sweets have amplified even further, hasn’t it?”

“Ugh… that might indeed be the case. Compared to usual, I somehow find it difficult to control my emotions.”

“Well, that cannot be helped it; it’s important for kids to reveal their emotions through facial expression after all.”


Although Tiararose nodded at Aquasteed’s words, she smiled wryly as she’s an adult inside after all…


Tiararose cut the Madeleine and stretched her hand out for the whipped cream and fruit sandwich. The combination of mellow sweetness and tartness of fruit made her enjoy it very much.

She ate it so happily and Aquasteed place his finger on her cheek saying that “it’s on your face.” It seems like there were some whipped cream around her mouth.


“Ah! Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.”


Aquasteed grinned and stared at Tiararose.


-It’s a little difficult to eat like this…


“Sir Aqua, aren’t you staring too much at me?”

“Is that so? I’ve always been away from Tiara all these while so I can’t help myself.”



After being told that, Tiararose could not refute. Tiararose herself has always wanted to look at Aquasteed as long as she could.

However, she thought that it was sly and slick of him to say that so nonchalantly.


“Me too, I have been lonely, being away from Sir Aqua.”



Tiararose placed the sandwich on the plate and looked up to Aquasteed with a red face. She has become a child now so their eyes levels were different and it felt a little new.


-Even from below, Sir Aqua looks cool…

Without realizing, she has become captivated by him and she tried to keep that as a secret.


She then hugged Aquasteed’s waist tightly and he returned the hug gently back. Tiararose was so happy about it that she’s smiling.


“Even though Tiara has shrunk, you’re cute. There’s a saying that it’s not painful to have shards of loved ones in one’s eyes, and I think that’s true.”

“It makes me embarrassed to be told something like that.”


Aquasteed playfully touched her honey-pink twin tails and spun it with his fingers saying that “it’s novel.”


“This is done by Philiane! I thought that it was a little childish though…”

“Philiane’s skilful. You’re a kid now so it fits you very well.”

“I-Is that so?”


Tiararose was a little embarrassed but thought that it’s alright since she’s being complimented for it and became shy. Right then, she stood up from the sofa and grabbed the edges of her dress as she spun around..

Of course, Aquasteed smiled at the lovable sight of hers.


“This sea dress was prepared by Pearl.”

“By Pearl? Indeed, it’s not the type of dress found in Sandrose.”


Tiararose sat down again beside Aquasteed and felt a little shy from her own behaviour.

Her gesture might have appealed to Aquasteed as he rubbed her head a lot saying that she’s a good kid. It felt extremely comfortable and Tiararose closed her eyes in bliss.


-I want to be kissed.

Of course it cannot be helped it that she ended up thinking that way. Furthermore, Aquasteed would always kiss her during this kind of moment.

It’s weirder to not expect it.


That’s what she thought but…


“Speaking of which, King Saravia said that he’ll be coming later.”



The abrupt change in the topic shocked her. Is he not going to kiss her? Of course she’s not going to ask him directly… Tiararose just ended up nodding with flustered feelings.


“But, what’s it about? What did you talk with King Saravia about after I left the room with Salamander?”

“We exchanged simple greetings and talked about the plans while we’re here; I’ve already heard about the matter from Keith so we didn’t really talk much about it.”

“Is that so…?”


She became even more confused and right then a knock reverberated through the door with a good timing.


“It seems like he’s here. I’ll fetch him so Tiara should just sit here.”



Tiararose drank the black tea as she looked at Aquasteed standing up. The atmosphere was finally good with Aquasteed… so she felt a little disappointed.

Of course, if Saravia has something to say, it’s probably related to this incident and they could not possibly refuse him.



Aquasteed fetched him and came back together with Saravia.


“Hey, Kitty. You had a ladies fight with Salamander, didn’t you? How was it?”

“That didn’t happen… rather, is there anything from you?”



Saravia stared at Tiararose and bowed his head down at an angle of 90 degrees.


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