115 Part 2

“I just thought that I’m really sorry towards Tiararose. I’ll definitely convince the Salamander to return your magical power. So please do not be troubled about it.”

“King Saravia… that’s too sudden…”


Just earlier, Aquasteed was proposing of a negotiation plan. Tiararose looked at Saravia worriedly and was only returned with a smile.


-However, if that happens, King Saravia would end up dying, no?

This man’s preparing saying that while fully aware of its consequences.




Tiararose stared at Saravia’s red eyes and could not read his emotions from those eyes. No, he probably tried to make it such that they don’t reveal them.

It’s probably the eyes of a man who has made his conviction.


“I saw how kitty picked a fight with the Salamander in order to protect Aqua… and it made me reflect on myself. I should be the one who should put in much more effort so I probably look lame, right?”


Saravia then said that he’ll settle everything on his own.


“Well, in the first place, it’s Sandrose’s problem so I don’t mind… but if you need cooperation, I’ll lend a help.”

“That’s enough. I’m grateful, Aqua.”


Aquasteed did not know about the magical power matter so he readily agreed to Saravia.

However, Tiararose knows the reason.

As Saravia was born without much magical power, if he tried to give his magical power to make the Salamander sleep again… his entire magical power would be gone and he’d end up dying.

No, to be more accurate, that possibility was high… or so Tiararose was told, but to her, both are the same. The fact that it’s dangerous does not change.


If Tiararose nods here, Saravia would probably be prepared to die and give all his power to the Salamander.


-Knowing that, that’s no way I’m going to agree.

Tiararose tried to think of a way that would save everyone. However, there’s not much time for them. Four days later, the festival of flames and water will take place.

After the end of the festival, the Salamander would go back to sleep… or so she was told from the earlier talk.


Therefore, Tiararose declared with a shaking voice.


“I’m against it! Let’s try to find a way for myself to return to normal without having the magical power from Salamander.”



Saravia probably did not expect such a response; he widened his eyes and wondered what on earth was she talking about.

Aquasteed just did a face palm and sighed.






The goddess statue in the castle was constructed previously based on Salamander.

It has been told through the Sandrose royal family members through generations that it’s possible to pass the magical power with it. There were a few royal family members back then but there’s only Saravia now.


Some time has passed since the ladies talk between Salamander and Tiararose, and she decided to stay up all night today too.


“Receive my magical power… huh?”



Salamander sat on top of the goddess statue and muttered what Saravia has told her earlier.


“What, are you that displeased with my magical power? Salamander.”


”Hey, were you looking at the stars? …Indeed the weather’s good today.”


Saravia laughed saying that it must have been the Salamander’s divine protection that the weather has been good recently.

Water splashed as Saravia entered and walked towards the goddess statue where the Salamander was at. Saravia lightly walked towards the statue and there was silence.


Both of them looked at the night sky without saying anything and after that Saravia began to talk.


“I was rejected by Tiararose.”

“About giving me your magical power, right? Well, you’d end up dying so shouldn’t you be grateful to her for that?”

“However, before that, I’m the King of Sandrose. Isn’t it unsightly of me, if I could not fulfil my duties?”


While being reprimanded by Tiararose, he felt like he saw a glimpse of how cool she was.

It’s somehow embarrassing for him to use Tiararose to provide the Salamander magical power. In that case, it might be more fitting for a king to die.

However, that does not make sense to the Salamander.


“Please do not say something foolish. I think that’d be good. You’re indeed the king but you should try to not die first!”


“I definitely will not allow you to die! It’s alright to use something that could be used even if it’s from other country! There’s no one other than that lady whose magical power frequency matches that of mine! That fact alone was a miracle.”


It’s only the royal family members of Sandrose that possesses magical power with matching frequency to that of the fire spirit Salamander. The possibility for someone else to possess that was extremely slim.


“Please do not die. I hope you won’t die, Saravia… I want you to live.”


Salamander was shouting as she held back her tears, hoping he’d understand her feelings.

Salamander became emotional and got down the goddess statue; she then pushed Saravia down into the pond. The glistening water splashed around but she did not care about that.


Saravia was shocked by the Salamander’s actions but he did not plan to change his mind. He shook his head and expressed his desire to refuse but right then small beads fell onto his cheeks.


“Salamander, you…”

“Please. Even if you have to sacrifice Tiararose, live on. Please do not sacrifice yourself for my sake.”


What fell from the Salamander’s eyes were her tears. It’s a rare jewel that could hardly be seen.

Even in the Sandrose’s castle, there’s only one that was sent to Tiararose as a present.


“…It’s the second time I’ve cried. I guess you know what I mean but this… Saravia.”

“Yes… I know it too painfully well. Salamander, you liked me that much, don’t you.”


I’m happy- Saravia said that and stretched both his hands out to the Salamander who’s pressing down onto him. He touched her crying eyes and narrowed his eyes.


“Salamander’s tears are so beautiful.”


It was several times, no several hundred times, more mysterious than the one he had since birth. It’s impossible to look away from it.

Saravia thought that he wanted to look at them forever.


However, the Salamander’s response was way beyond what Saravia has had imagined.


“Please do not get too full of yourself. Saravia’s indeed beautiful, but in my eyes, you’re just a kid.”

“What… You said that Aqua was fine, but I’m not huh?”

“Of course. That man’s totally different from you, Saravia.”

“I see…”


Saravia thought that it was a confession of love earlier, but he’s apparently wrong. He scratched his head and got up together with the Salamander.


“For now, I have been rejected by Kitty. I’ll also try to think of a way such that I won’t die… If not, I’ll be reprimanded by Izzet too.”

“You have a good aide, don’t you?”

“That’s right. I might not be blessed with family members but I think I have good fate with the people around me.”


Saravia gently smiled, saying that he’s very grateful for that.

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