116 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 116

  1. Kiss of the Prince

It’s the day after Saravia has apologized and Tiararose was troubled about what she should do.

Tiararose ended up saying that there might be a chance to return back to normal without needing the magical power, but unfortunately she does not have any idea how she could do so.


-But, speaking of breaking the curse… isn’t it conventional for the prince’s kiss to be effective?

Well, technically this isn’t a curse though.


That conventional method came into her mind.

Well, she might be ridiculed for proposing the idea that a kiss might break the spell, but this is a maiden-game world after all and it wouldn’t be that strange for such a romantic method to exist.


However, the problem is, she has to request for a kiss from Aquasteed.


“Thinking about it once again, the hurdle seems to be rather high.”




She muttered subconsciously and Aquasteed, who’s sitting next to her, tilted his head.

Both of them were relaxing while sitting on the sofa when Tiararose started thinking about the situation.


“Do you have any good ideas for acquiring magical power?”



She’s too embarrassed to ask for a kiss.

Or rather, the reason for that mostly lies with Aquasteed.


-It has been a long time since they met each other again but he still hasn’t kissed me yet.


Yes, Aquasteed arrived at Sandrose yesterday… but he hasn’t kissed Tiararose yet.

Right when she thought that the atmosphere was getting good, the talk about Saravia ruined it immediately.


So naturally, Tiararose’s uneasy about that.


-I mean, Sir Aqua would definitely kiss me in the past!


Could it be that, like what the Salamander has said, she has completely no charm after turning into a child and he lost the desire to kiss her?


If that’s really the case, it’s a big shock for her.

Or perhaps, Aquasteed’s simply sick of her selfish ways and started to hate her.

Either way, with such thoughts, Tiararose finds it terrifying to ask for a kiss. She might not be able to get on with life if he showed an unpleasant reaction.




Aquasteed peeked at her face with a worried look, asking her what’s wrong.


“No. Um, I was just thinking that something similar might have happened before in the long history. In that case, it might be written in the books or something…”

“Ah, that sounds possible.”

“However, they might be preciously stored away… thinking about it normally, it’d be difficult for the royal family members of other countries like us to read it.”


The precious documents pertaining to national matters normally cannot be carried out of the country, so such strict implementation probably exists; books relating to the Salamander will probably not be kept in the general libraries for the public.

Aquasteed thought about it deeply for a while before nodding.


“Let’s have King Saravia help us with that; this case’s an irregular one so there’s a high chance he will grant us the permission.”

“That’s right…”


-I couldn’t say ‘kiss me.’

Looking at the downhearted Tiararose, Aquasteed wondered if he said the wrong thing and tilted his head in confusion.


“No, it’s nothing! I was just worried if I could really return to normal.”

“I see… no matter what, I’d find a way to return you to normal.”

“Sir Aqua… thank you very much.”


Aquasteed gently stroked her head to calm her down.

It felt extremely comfortable and Tiararose thought that the atmosphere seemed to be getting quite good… At the rate things were going, she might be kissed without having to ask for one.


The sound of her heartbeat started getting louder and louder.


Tiararose closed her eyes and leaned her body towards Aquasteed. The dreamy atmosphere was as before.

Tiararose was sure that this will work.


However, Aquasteed just said something else without an expression and squashed her hopes.


“Well then, shall we get the permission from King Saravia and head to the library?”




Tiararose showed an honest look of dislike and it left Aquasteed’s mouth gaping.


“Ah, um, it’s not that I dislike the idea of going to the library.”

“Hm? What’s wrong, Tiara.”

“…it’s just that we’ve been separated for a while so I’d like us to spend some leisure time together more.”


Tiararose grabbed onto Aquasteed’s sleeves and asked with teary eyes “Can’t we?” It’s indeed important to visit the library since she’s not sure if a kiss could really break the spell.

However, more than that, she wants to spend more time together with Aquasteed.


Looking at how Tiararose was honest with her feelings, Aquasteed broke into a smile.


“My princess says such cute words.”



Tiararose’s body was carried up and placed on Aquasteed’s knees.

Since she has become small, his knees have become the standard seat for her. Of course she doesn’t dislike that, rather she’s happy about it.

Even so, it felt like he’s doing it without heart and she could feel the distance between their feelings.


-This uneasiness’s probably due to my wilfulness.


She’s causing him so much trouble already so she cannot say that she’s worried about their relationship. Or rather, doing that could break the last straw on the camel’s back and make him dislike her.

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