116 Part 2

Tiararose tried to become a good kid as much as possible and bite onto her lips.


“Sorry, I’ve made you worry.”

“Sir Aqua… no. Me too, I’ve been relying too much on Sir Aqua every time.”


Aquasteed hugged her even deeper and his scent covered her. It felt extremely comfortable and her worries were blown away at once.

She rubbed her cheeks against his and enjoyed her time with Aquasteed.


-With how things are going, it’s going to happen this time for sure!


If Aquasteed’s not going to make the first move, she’s going to assert herself a little more.


“Sir Aqua, Sir Aqua!”



When Tiararose called his name, he returned with a happy smile.

This made her heart skipped a beat and she felt sorry for ever doubting his feelings towards her; Aquasteed has always been looking at her like that after all.


Tiararose thought that she’d first build up on the tension and grabbed Aquasteed’s hand tightly; she then kneaded and enjoyed his large hand.


“My hand has become small so Sir Aqua’s hand looks even bigger now.”

“Yes. Tiara has become even cuter than usual.”


Tiararose’s hand was too small and her fingers were too short for them to interlock their fingers like lovers. Even so, she tried her best to stretch her fingers and link them.

Looking at Tiararose behaving like this, Aquasteed smirked.


“I’m usually the one who touches Tiara but this is quite good too. I feel like I’d become addicted to being wanted by Tiara.”

“I-I’ve always wanted Sir Aqua!”


She wanted him to stop talking like that wasn’t usually the case.

Tiararose said that with a pout and Aquasteed apologized.


“Of course, I know that I’m loved by you usually but most of the time I’d be the one initiating.”

“I ended up being satisfied with that… but that’s because Sir Aqua gives me lots of love.”


Although Aquasteed’s the one who showed more of the attention first, she wanted to say that she reciprocates his feelings.

In the first place, before Tiararose could treat Aquasteed sweetly, he would do it first so it cannot be helped it.


“But, it cannot be helped it since I want to love Tiara- that’ll not change in the future too so be prepared for it.”

“! …I’m already prepared for it. Or rather, come on!”


Tiararose laughed shyly as she also showed an aggressive side of hers.

With that, the atmosphere became rather warm and comfortable- but as expected Aquasteed does not seem to have any intention to kiss her.


She just confirmed his love for her, so why?!

Her body shook as she peeked at Aquasteed’s face.


“Your nose’s small and cute too, Tiara.”



Aquasteed stretched his finger out and rubbed the tip of her nose. He seemed to be having so much fun and she’s able to reconfirm his love for her.

-Could it be that I lack the charm?


Aquasteed probably would not go for a child and it has to be an adult female for him.

However, Tiararose has to try all possible ways to break the spell so she couldn’t possibly be worrying about that forever; she became determined and turned Aquasteed’s neck with her arms.





She stretched her body out and kissed him.

With just that, her heart started beating hard and her body became hot.


She finally kissed him.

After doing that herself, she looked at Aquasteed’s face… he’s blinking his eyes in surprise and his mouth were gaping open. Aquasteed probably never thought that he’d be kissed.

Aquasteed covered his mouth with his hand and turned his face away.


“S-Sir Aqua…?”


Could it be that he really disliked that? He disliked kissing her so much that he ended up turning his face away? Thinking about that, she wanted to cry.


Tears were starting to build up in her eyes when she noticed it.


-Sir Aqua’s ears were red.

Could it be, he’s just shy?


Her tears went right back in.


-Ah, speaking of which I’ve not returned to normal.

Well, this isn’t a spell so it cannot be helped it.


“…Sigh, I’ve been refraining myself all along so why did it end up with Tiara doing it.”

“Eh? Refraining?”

“Tiara’s a child right now so it’s okay to pamper you… but I thought it’d be better not to kiss you.”


It seemed like Aquasteed has been restraining himself all along.


“I-In that case, please tell me that! I thought that you might have ended up hating me or that I’ve no charms; I was extremely worried!!”

“Tiara… I see, sorry. It’s not good to think about it and come up with a conclusion alone, huh. Since we’re a couple, we ought to talk it out together.”


Aquasteed definitely does not hate Tiararose- he gently wrapped Tiararose’s cheeks with both hands and pecked her forehead.


“…Yes. I’m relieved. Salamander flirted with Sir Aqua so I thought that you might have preferred an adult female over a child…”

“Of course that’s not the case; I’ll not make Tiara sad.”

“I know, I was just wondering about it; I’ve been doing my best to seduce Sir Aqua now too but you wouldn’t yield to me at all.”


Tiararose ended up talking about all her inner conflicts.

Aquasteed thought that she’s cute for having such thoughts… and was enjoying it.


“Ah, Tiara’s so cute it’s troubling me. I’m sorry for making you worry…”

“That’s not that! It’s me who did something reckless without waiting for Sir Aqua to arrive. In that sense, I really reaped what I sowed.”

“…Indeed, I’d like you to prioritize yourself more; my heart wouldn’t be able to stand surprises like this anymore.”


After all, what’s going to happen if Keith’s not around this time?

If bodyguard Tarmo’s the only one accompanying her, which was most likely the case, Tiararose might no longer exist in this world now.


“I like you. I love you more than anyone else… Tiara.”

“Me too. I love you a lot, Sir Aqua.”


They looked at each other and spoke of their love towards each other- he kissed her cheeks instead of her lips…


“Sir Aqua, that isn’t my lip?”

“…I’ve to stop myself before I get too far, so I’ll leave that for after you’ve become an adult.”


After saying that, Aquasteed rubbed the sulky Tiararose’s lips with his finger.

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