117 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 117

  1. Face of the King

Saravia’s father did not have multiple wives and loved only one person throughout his lifetime.

That lady was from a lower-caste noble family and they led a happy marriage life- but her body was weak and she passed away when Saravia’s ten-year-old.

After a while, his father followed after her and passed away.


For that reason, Saravia does not have any siblings.



Whenever the season transited from winter to spring, Saravia would always be worried about his mother’s worsening health condition.

Since Sandrose’s a desert country, it’s not that cold when it comes to the cold season. However, it’s definitely not a comfortable environment for the sick.


Saravia headed to the garden and saw his mother sitting by the pond.


“Mother, what’re you doing here?”

“Oh, it’s Sara. Are you already done with your morning studies?”

“…Yes I finished it. Or rather, mother’s health condition has been bad since this morning right? You should be lying down now…”


Saravia told his mother what she’s going to do if her health condition worsens.

Smiling wryly at her son who’s worried about her, she rubbed his head and apologized.


“I thought it’d be fine since I got slightly better.”

“Tsk… your hand’s extremely cold.”

“I guess it became kind of cold.”


Saravia sighed at his carefree mother.


“Return to your room quickly. I can see the rainclouds from far so it’ll be colder in the afternoon.”

“Oh no that’s bad; Sara has dance practices in the afternoon too…”

“Please do not worry about me and take care of yourself.”

“Yes, yes. Sara’s worried after all.”


Saravia took his mother’s hand and returned to the inside of the royal castle.

However, in the middle, his mother started coughing and stopped walking. He immediately rubbed the back of his mother, who seemed to be in pain, and asked if she’s okay.


“Mother looks like she’s in pain, someone please get some help!”

“I got it, I’ll go immediately!”


The attendant nearly noticed the panicking voice of Saravia and immediately came over; he carried his mother to the room and the doctor attended to her.

She’s lying on the bed but her breathing was erratic and she seemed to be in great pain.


“…that’s why, I wanted you to lie down and relax in your room…”


Saravia frowned asking her why she’s out in the garden.

His mother continued coughing for a while and when her breathing stabilized, she opened her eyes and looked in the direction of Saravia. She gave a smile that made the suffering earlier seemed like it was all a lie.


“I’m sorry, Sara. I’ve scared you.”

“…It’s fine. However, you have to lie down today!”

“Yes, that’s right. I thought it’d be fine if it’s just for a while… but I guess my body just wouldn’t listen to me.”


Saravia wondered if that should be something a person who almost collapsed just earlier should say, and he sighed. He wanted her to have a sense of urgency.

Saravia sat down on the chair that’s placed next to the bed and stared at his mother who’s lying down on her side.


Her transparent-like golden hair was silky straight and reached her waist. She has red eyes with tanned skin; Saravia has inherited her traits.

Saravia’s probably similar to his father, the king, in terms of his wilfulness and competitive spirit.


Saravia’s mother giggled when she looked at Saravia as he’s sitting down.


“…what is it?”

“No. You were totally like me when you were young, but you have grown up and become manlier so you resemble that person, Sara.”


Saravia’s mother muttered that she wanted to witness the time when he’d inherit the throne as the king.


“I don’t know when father would relinquish the throne, but mother’s the queen so you’d obviously get to see it.”

“Hehe, I hope that’s the case.”


His mother did not say with conviction that she’d definitely get to see it… probably because she’s vaguely aware that her death’s pending soon.

Saravia was still young back then and he only realized about that after he became the king.


“…I wish Sara will live for a long time and look over this country properly.”

“You’re saying random things suddenly again…”

“That’s right. I guess it’s because I could not provide you siblings.”


The royal family of Sandrose often have multiple consorts and many children for generations. However, her body was weak so she could not give birth any more, and his father did not have any intention of getting consorts.

However, Saravia thought that was an honour.


The fact that his parents only loved a single person throughout their lifetimes-

The past kings have so many consorts that it’s almost like they were insincere. He thought that he wanted to be like his parents in the future… even back when he was still young.


“That person and I will leave this world before Sara does. That’s why, Sara, please look after this country for my sake too.”

“Please do not say things as though you’re going to die.”

“Well, life’s unpredictable for humans after all… or rather am I getting a little too sentimental?”


Saravia’s mother giggled and held his hand.


“I just ended up thinking about what’s going to happen next. Sara… I think the only thing I’m able to do for you is to give birth to you and bring you into this world.”

“Please do not say nonsense. I’ve received so much more from you, mother.”


Happy things, angry things, sad things, happy things… and also the ability to love someone; Saravia’s love for his parents and the people of this country probably came from his mother’s love.


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