The Encounter With the Fairy King

One day, during the afternoon, Tiararose was spending her time lying in her room, looking worn out.

If she were to be asked if she was not feeling okay, she would probably answer ”no” in an unconvincing manner and if she were to describe her current state, it would be that she is having a slight fever due to overthinking.

Thinking about how pathetic she was, Tiararose nestled herself on the sofa.

What came into her mind was the deep, soothing voice of her beloved person. It makes her body shiver just thinking of how Aquasteed calls her name.

Her fiancé always dotes on her, not only when they’re alone but every time they’re together. However, he is often involved with Aishira so Tiararose cannot fully eliminate her anxieties.

Of course, she is well aware that they are meeting because of work since Aishira also sells her own raised fish, corals, etc., in the castle.

“……I wonder if I can take all of this.”

She might eventually melt one day due to her jealousy and also her embarrassment whenever Aquasteed dotes on her. Tiararose closes her eyes with those thoughts in mind.

The cozy sofa gently embraces her frame. It seems that she would fall asleep if she stays like this but that might also be a good thing to do. She let the drowsiness engulf her and decided to fall into slumber.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Sorry for calling you out in your spare time.”

“No, I do not mind…… What do you think about this design?”

“Yes, that one is nice. It’ll definitely look good on Tiara.”

On a sunny afternoon, Aquasteed was having a meeting with Aishira on the garden’s terrace.

It might be questionable why they are on the terrace but the main reason for that is simply because their meeting was not work-related. Right now, Aquasteed is choosing a design for the hair ornament that he is planning to give Tiararose.

“It seems like the hair ornament that I was wearing the other day suits your taste so…… How about we add some arrangements to it?”

“Sounds good.”

It was during Tiararose’s visit to Aishira’s estate――

Aquasteed went to pick her up but, since she was in the ocean at that time, he just waited for her by the shore.

Meanwhile, he consulted Aishira about the ornament that he was planning to give to Tiararose.

When Tiararose saw him touching Aishira’s hair, he was just pointing out to Aishira that he likes the design of her hair ornament and that this design must also be a good one for the gift.

Although things ended up with Tiararose linking her arms with his, causing him to pull her into a hug……


“! Y-your highness?”

“――No, it’s nothing.”

Upon remembering the happenings on that day, Aquasteed unconsciously breaks into a smile. And that unconscious smile of his made Aishira’s heart skip a bit.

But she quickly concluded that he must be thinking of his fiancée, Tiararose. Why she thought so was because the reason for their meeting right now is for his gift for Tiararose, after all.

“In regards to the colour, put a single dark blue in it.”

“A blue? I understand. I will prepare a beautiful shade of it.”

Aishira was able to tell that the blue stands for Aquasteed’s hair colour.

Even during the welcoming party, Tiararose had a dark blue rose on her hair so it was easy for Aishira to guess.

―― He is really in love with Miss Tiararose, huh.

If that is the case, I’m sure the future of this kingdom is in good hands. Thinking that way made Aishira a little happy. And at the same time…… She also felt a little bit of jealousy boiling deep inside her.


As the two were interacting, Tiararose was able to witness the scene.

Along with Tarmo, she was walking around the castle in order to keep track of the places inside.

But, as soon as she saw the two, she quickly turned the opposite way just to hide behind one of the pillars to be able to watch what they were doing. But since there was quite a distance, she couldn’t hear their conversation.

“They are probably just talking about work, like always.”

“…… You’re right.”

The concerned voice of Tarmo entered her ears. Of course, she herself thinks of the same thing but, she just can’t help but feel jealous.

―― But he told me that he has official duties for the rest of the day. Plus, he was supposed to be at his office like usual.

He is definitely not a person who will do his work outside his office, Tiararose thought as she watched Aquasteed smile happily while looking at some papers.

Certainly, in the table, therewere a lot of papers―― which were all design plans but unfortunately, that couldn’t be seen in Tiararose’s view.

――Did he lie to me about his official duties? Was it because I told him some selfish things?

The reason why Aquasteed told her that he had work for the whole day was that he wanted to surprise her, but Tiararose never thought of such a possibility.

“I am sure there is nothing to worry about, Miss Tiararose. Look, it seems like they are about to go back to his office.”

“……You are right. Please excuse me, it seems like I was overthinking.”

“No, not at all. If there are things that are bothering you, please do not hesitate to consult me.”

“Thank you.”

Tiararose sent a final glance to the retreating figure of Aquasteed before she started walking once again.

Since she was able to memorize most of the places in the castle, she made her way to the forest back of the castle where it is said to have very beautiful flowers. A flower that she had never seen before might be blooming in there.

After walking at her own pace for about 15 minutes, she reached the entrance of the forest. The waist-length garden plants were all well-taken care off and many beautiful flowers were blooming from it.

The moment Tiararose sat down on the nearby bench, the forest fairies appeared and greeted her.

『“Ah〜! It’s Tiararose!!”』

『“Good afternoon, Tiara!”』

“My, good afternoon to you too. You guys are very lively today as well.”

Giggling sounds were heard from the place as the fairies were pleased to see Tiararose.

Tiararose’s escort, Tarmo, was watching the scene with an evident smile. He decided to stand at a distance in order not to disturb them.

Fortunately, Tiararose is together with a lot of forest fairies so he assumed that she wouldn’t get bored. …… Plus, if he stands too close to her, he would earn a glare from Aquasteed.

“Oh, that’s right. I have brought some cookies with me. Do you guys want to have some?”

『“Wah, wah, waaah〜! I do!!”』

『“Wow, it’s so crunchy!”』

『“So delicious, I love it〜!”』

――Th-they’re so cute!

Tiararose loves small animals and cute things so the sight of the fairies deliciously eating cookies was too adorable for her. That is why she’s very delighted to be favoured by the fairies.

『“Tiara, over here〜!”』

“Hmm? What is it?”

The forest fairies continuously tugged at Tiararose’s arm, leading her towards the forest.

Tarmo was about to approach them when he saw this but since she stopped in her tracks in front of a tree, he decided not to. He assumed that the fairies were just trying to show her some beautiful flowers.

However, it was already too late when he realized that his assumption was wrong.


She tilts her head in wonder over the spirits who seemed to be pointing at a flower. “How beautiful,” Tiararose said.

But, at the next moment, the tree trunk cracked in half, as if making a way in between. It turns out to be a tree gate that the fairies have created.

As she gets pulled, Tiararose willingly steps in the passage without any question.

“Amazing, the leaves in this place are all shining brightly.”

『“Beyond this is where Our Majesty is!”』

“By ’Our Majesty,’ you mean?”

While wondering about what the fairies said, Tiararose remembered that she had to inform Tarmo about this first. It’s not good to just leave her escort behind and go all by herself―― that is what she thought but……

The entrance that she had passed through earlier was already surrounded by trees and there’s no more way out.

“Eh? Little fairies, I need to go back for a moment.”

『“His Majesty is over here.”』

『“Over here, over here〜”』

As if they couldn’t hear her panicking voice, the fairies continued to pull Tiararose deep inside the passage.

“Umm, little fairies?”

She tried to call out once more but all they did was to pull her. Just as when she didn’t know what to do anymore, they arrived at the end of the gate.

What lies at the end was a huge space with a bunch of forest fairies in it.

“Where is this…?”

“So you’re Tiararose.”

In a space surrounded by trees, with flowers serving as the lights, Tiararose flinched as her name got called.

When she looked towards the owner of the voice, what she saw was a fairy―― or probably not. There stood a man with the same appearance as a human.

『“Your Majesty〜”』

『“Tiara is with us〜”』

The fairies flew and gathered towards the person they called king.

Long dark green hair that is loosely tied with a pair of golden eyes that seem to see through everything and a tall and sturdy build.

――Is he the fairies‘–, the king of the forest fairies?

She then came to realise who’s the person standing in front of her. She quickly kneeled down in front of the man they addressed as king.

It is obvious that the fairy king has a far greater status and importance than her so she has to pay respect.

“It is an honour to meet you, the King of the Forest Fairies.”

“…… Hmm. Address me as Keith. Tiara, it seems the forest fairies have taken a huge liking towards you.”

“I am very humbled.”

The king, who’s named Keith, ordered Tirarose to lift up her head.

He stared at her face with a smirk forming on his lips. “How interesting,” he uttered.


“Tiara, you―― have an unusual soul.”


“It’s so unstable and yet, very beautiful. I can see why these guys like it. Besides, you also have a nice scent. It’s like a sweet smell of some pastry.”

Keith lifts Tiararose’s chin and looks into her eyes.

Those eyes of his that look like they can see through everything might actually be true. Tiararose then realizes that she still has some cookies with her.

Perhaps, he’s pertaining to this? She said in her mind as she gently presented the cookies to Keith.

“I am very honoured by your compliment. The sweet scent you are talking about might be from this…”

“No need for formalities. It’s Keith, just call me that.”


“Call me that.”

“I- I understand……”

――What a bossy fairy king!

Is what Tiara yelled deep inside. She then came to a realization while thinking of Keith‘s bossy attitude.

――Could he be one of the conquerable targets?

He who has the position of the fairy king, overwhelming power and above all, handsome— Tiararose is convinced that Keith is definitely one of the conquerable targets.

The sequel is located at Marineforest, a kingdom where fairies exist. Tiararose thought that it’s already a given to have a fairy king as one of the conquerable targets.

“I see, it was a cookie, huh. It really does smell good.”

“…… Would you like to have some?”


He took the cookie in Tiararose’s hand and immediately brought it to his mouth.

After thoroughly tasting it, he let out an amused sigh.

“I see, so you put your magic in here, eh?”

“Ah, yes. Although I have weak magical power…… I am able to put them in the sweets that I make. By doing so, it becomes good for your body and it can make small injuries heal faster.”

“I see. But I must admit, it’s really good.”

Unlike the heroine, Tiararose who has the role of a villainess doesn’t have a strong magic power.

Instead of that, she can put magic on the sweets that she loved the most during her previous life. This causes a special effect; it can make the people who ate it be happy.

Although, that being said, its effect is not that grand, it just serves as a moment of relaxation for those who ate it……

“Your Majest—……”

“It’s Keith.”

“…… Keith, I’m glad that you like it.”

Keith didn’t want any formalities when addressing him so Tiararose had no choice but to follow what he said.

When Tiararose called him the way he wanted to, he let out a satisfied laugh, saying, “Good”.

“That’s because, unlike humans, fairies are free.”

“…… It seems so. I wish I could also live a life like the fairies have.”

With a wry smile, Tiara spoke the words that were on her mind.

If only she’s able to do so, then she wouldn’t need to worry about a thing. A human’s love is indeed troublesome.

“What, is something troubling you?”

“Ah, no…… I just thought that humans have too many ties, that’s why it’s difficult.”

“Hmm. Well, you are favoured by the fairies so if you need something, I’ll help you out.”

As he says so, Keith’s big hand pats Tiararose’s head.

――I was being too disheartened. How embarrassing.

But Keith’s words made her really happy.

Since she was hated by the sea fairies, she was actually worried about a lot of things but, even though it’s not by the sea fairies, she deeply appreciates the fact that the fairy king is concerned about her.

Especially for someone like her who’s from another kingdom.

“Thank you very much.”

“No problem. Speaking of, you’re from another kingdom, right?”

“Yes. Since I am the fiancée of this kingdom’s first prince, I have come here from the neighbouring kingdom, Lapis Lazuli.”

She curtsies as she explains things to Keith. “I see,” he utters and says, “That guy, huh.”

――I wonder if Keith knows Prince Aqua. Since it’s not strange for a fairy king and the royal family to have an interaction.

“Since he’s from the royal family, yes. I kind of know him. But the latter doesn’t know me.”

“I see.”

“He’s the heir to the throne, right? What kind of person is he?”

“Ah, yes…… Let’s see, His Highness is a very nice person who is able to play out his duties well. He is also very well supported by the citizens.”

Keith, who seems like he took some interest in Aquasteed, sat down on a sofa made out of flowers as he asked.

Of course, Aquasteed has many good points and as Tiararose told Keith what they are, he let out a smile while saying that the future of this kingdom is in good hands.

…… After that, time passed by and Tiararose lost track of how long they have been talking.

Both Keith and Tiararose are now sitting on the sofa as they talk for several hours. Of course, their topic was about this kingdom and Aquasteed.

But then, Tiararose gradually voiced out her worries about Aquasteed.

“…… I am well aware that I am being loved but some things just makes me so anxious. It worries me that he will choose someone else over me in the end.”

“Hmm―― a human’s love is troublesome.”

“…… That is why the freedom of the fairies are quite admirable for a human.”

After drinking her tea, Tiararose lets out a sigh. She then questions herself about what she is saying to the fairy king she had only met for the first time.

That thought eventually occurs to her, causing her to slightly shake her head.

――What time is it?

She had spent quite some time talking with Keith. Not only that, she remembered the fact that she hasn’t informed Tarmo about this. Perhaps this already created a fuss.

“I-, I will be going now…….!”

She stood up, rushing, and asked Keith where the exit was as she panics.

Keith who was watching her couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll send you home,” he said as he wraps his arm around her waist. “Eh?” By the time she reacted, Tiararose was already in her room.

Teleportation magic.

As expected of a fairy king, being able to perform a very complex magic. Tiararose scans her room in awe.

Being able to go back in just a snap of a finger was too peculiar for her. When she was about to thank Keith, she got cut off by a different voice.

“Tiara――? Who’s that man? Get away from her!”


It seems like they had teleported exactly when Aquasteed had entered her room.

Those eyes that glared at Keith were unsparing. He drew out his sword and pointed the tip at Keith.


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