Villainess Doted on Chapter 20

Both Aquasteed and Keith’s eyes narrowed. As if both of them were trying to make Tiararose their own…

In response to this sudden development, Tiararose gulped. Even though she had to clear up this misunderstanding and apologize to Aquasteed as soon as possible…

It was probably because of the tense atmosphere, that she was unable to speak out loud.

“Ahh. You——So you’re Aquasteed.”

“Kuku,” sneered Keith while looking at him, as if he were ridiculing him. He didn’t seem a bit tense even though Aquasteed’s sword was directed straight at his throat.

While looking at Keith suspiciously, Aquasteed again demands, “Let go of Tiara.”

“I would suit you much better than a man like this, you know?”


Without paying any heed to Aquasteed’s words, Keith went and stroked Tiararose’s hair.

While making a grim face, Tiararose regained her composure. It was because the seductive words Keith spoke to her were not suitable for such a tense situation.

“Please stop, Fairy King. I am Prince Aquasteed’s fiancée.” 

“I see. That’s unfortunate, really.”

Looking at Keith with serious eyes, Tiararose expressed her will strongly.

Keith then went on to put away the sword on his throat with his bare hands. And then gave a piercing look towards Aquasteed.

Exactly who do you think you are pointing your sword at?

That’s what Keith’s eyes informed implicitly.

Next, it was Aquasteed who caught his breath after hearing Tiararose’s words. Who would have thought that the person here trying to seduce his fiancée was the Fairy King?

However, there was no way Tiararose would joke about something like that in a situation like this. In other words, the fact that the man in front of him was the Fairy King was absolutely true.

“――――I didn’t think you were the Fairy King of the forest. I apologize for pointing my sword at you. I am this country’s, Marineforest’s, crown prince, Aquasteed Marineforest.”

“That’s fine. I shall forgive you ’cause I am in a good mood today.”

Aquasteed knelt before Keith and gave him his salute.

No matter which country’s crown prince he is, there’s no mistaking that the presence of the Fairy King is much higher. Even kings can hardly stand equally with him.

“However, Tiararose is my fiancée. I don’t think it’s classy of you to get close to her, even though you’re the Fairy King.”

“Ah— Aqua-sama?!”

After greeting the Fairy King , Aquasteed quickly brought Tiararose between his arms.

He wouldn’t let anyone else touch her. Tiararose looked very embarrassed in his arms.

“Well, what do you know— you’re loved quite a lot, aren’t you, Tiara?”

“….! It’s because you did something which would make misunderstandings!!”

Keith looked fascinated, as he gave a small laugh.

He never thought that someone would point a sword at him, the Fairy King. On top of that, that person is the next king of this country.

—This country will turn out quite interesting.

“Well, I guess it’s fine. I will go back for today. Tiara.”


“Call me whenever you are hurting. I will save you, in return for the cookie.”

Keith came walking all the way to Tiararose and Aquasteed, stopped, kissed Tiararose’s hand and disappeared the moment after.


“Looks like the Fairy King has left.”


Keith’s body disappeared as he used teleportation. And of course, that just leaves the both of them there.

And—There was Aquasteed, who felt a bit colder than usual.


Tiararose wanted to apologise but Aquasteed did not even allow that. He kept hugging her tight and then went on to sit on a sofa nearby. Tiararose was now sitting on Aqua’s lap but didn’t dare ask him to let her down as he seemed to be angry.

Silence fell between them. However, Aquasteed’s hand didn’t stop stroking Tiararose’s hair during that time.



She said nervously, looking into Aquasteed’s face. There was no reply but his eyes were smiling at her.

I am glad. It looks like he doesn’t hate me.

Giving a sigh of relief, Tiararose tried to stand and sit next to him to apologise properly but failed.

“Ah, Aqua-sama?”

“No. Stay here.”


He wouldn’t allow a no. “I won’t allow you to stay away from me,“ he said in a low voice in her ears.

She wanted to apologise properly by facing him, but it was impossible because of Aquasteed’s jealousy. As she didn’t have a choice, Tiararose decided to apologise just like that.

“I am extremely sorry to have made you worry, Aqua-sama. To stay away ‘till this time, without even saying anything…”

“….I won’t get angry at you for something like that, Tiara. You were taken by the fairies of the forest, right? I got the report from Tarumo.”

“I-is that so….”

He wasn’t angry. Aquasteed certainly said that but Tiararose could still see anger in his eyes. He was definitely angry. In fact, he was probably the most upset ‘till now.

Although he was smiling, his tone wasn’t as sweet as usual and felt somewhat indifferent.

Tiararose apologised once again but Aquasteed’s attitude didn’t change. On the contrary, he became more clingy as he put his arms on her waist.

“Ah, Aqua-sama?”

And suddenly, Tiararose’s heartbeat got quicker.

She was in the position to apologise, not to enjoy—she told herself. But even then, her thumping heart wouldn’t stop.


As he whispered into her ears, his fingers followed up the nape of her neck. To this, she was surprised suddenly and her body shook a bit.

“Do you think I am angry?”


Asking that, Aquasteed gently kissed Tiararose’s ears, which made her go “Nnn“.

And like that, his lips went on to the nape of her neck.


“…Tiara, you’re really good at playing with me.”

“Eh, ah?”

Like that, he kissed her on her chest and gave her a passionate gaze.

Exactly how did it come to this? Tiararose blushed and her breathing got rough.

“You don’t understand?”


As Aquasteed looked somewhat lonely, Tiararose panicked a bit.

It looks like Aquasteed was definitely angry. But Tiararose didn’t know the reason behind it.

She did apologise for making him worry but she was told that that was not it. But did she do something other than that which made him angry?

When she thought about that, she was suddenly taken aback.

—Is it because Keith touched me?

Certainly, one wouldn’t like it if their fiancée was touched by someone else, much less if they were of the opposite gender.

“I-I am sorry. Is it because, Keith touched me…?”

“Hmmm— I guess that is also why.”

That is also why he is angry.

Which means that that is not the biggest reason.

“Seriously, it really makes me jealous.”


“Even though Tiara is mine. Right?”

Stroking her cheeks, Aquasteed asked her, “Do you understand?“.

While nodding, Tiararose replied, “O-of course!”.

But even then, she still doesn’t know the biggest reason behind why Aquasteed was angry. Exactly why was he so angry?

She thought that Keith was probably related to it somehow but she couldn’t guess why.



“That. That’s why I am angry.”


—What do you mean by ‘that’?!

He just called out her name and didn’t say anything which could be a reason.

Tiararose just got more confused and the word ‘why?’ just kept going round and round her head.

While she was thinking what to do, Aquasteed pushed her down on the sofa.

“I will sterilise you, all of you.”


And then Aquasteed kissed the place where Keith had touched earlier.

To the unexpected development, Tiararose’s body shivered. She thought——this isn’t a game or anything, why would such an embarrassing..? And the moment she was thinking that——

—That’s right, this was actually a game world!!

Being embarrassed, Tiararose hid her face with her hands.

However, even that was undone by Aquasteed.

“Your cute face, show me more.”


As if he was pecking, he kept kissing her neck. But as Aquasteed was on top of her, she couldn’t move as she wanted to.

“Uuu, Aqua-sama..”



The moment she called Aquasteed’s name, a small voice reached her ears. Exactly what did he mean by that?

Name, name… Repeating it in her head, she desperately tried to search the meaning behind it.

—Aquasteed was angry because of the name? But he was the one who permitted her to call him by Aqua out of affection.

As she thought that, she suddenly realized.

—I was calling Keith without any honorifics. Is that the reason…?

Does Aqua-sama also not want honorifics?

That thought made Tiararose really happy. After all, she didn’t even think that he would be jealous of that.

But…. But is it really okay to call him like that? Of course, she couldn’t possibly do it in front of the public but maybe when they are alone together?

—Would it be okay if I called him by his name then?

If she could think that, the rest was easy. Because her mouth had opened unconsciously.



Tiararose’s eyes got teary, as she said that with embarrassment.

She had clearly called Aquasteed without the -sama. That name which was muttered from those sweet lips included the most sweetness up ‘till now.

Aquasteed unintentionally slipped a smile. And then kissed her ears, hugged her close like a treasure and said,



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