The Bridal Training

20 days have passed since Tiararose arrived in Marineforest.

Not even a month upon her first arrival, many things had already happened around her. Mainly her encounter with Aishira and the fairy king.

There are also times when she had tea parties with the noble ladies in Marineforest as a form of social gathering.

And now, what is about to officially begin is her―― bridal training.

But since Tiararose was a former fiancée of the crown prince of Lapis Lazuli, Hartnights, she had already mastered all that there is to learn.

Therefore, she is to be educated about Marineforest’s culture instead. Such as things about the fairies and the kingdom’s history to also build up a much deeper trust with her fiancé, Aquasteed.

“I need to keep myself together since I will soon be the queen……”

What caught her eyes as she lies down was the beautiful decorations of her canopy bed.

As the moon quietly rises, Tiararose closes her eyes— attempting to sleep, but of course, ends up in a failure.

Even she is not sure whether it’s because of her worries about the start of her bridal training or her doubts about whether she will really be the future queen.

――Prince Aqua. No, Aqua.

The one who is always on her mind before she slept was Aquasteed.

Ever since she had called the king of the fairies by his name, an unspoken rule has been created between the two. That is, when they are alone, she is to call him Aqua, without honorifics.

When it’s just the two of them, she’ll address him as Aqua.

When they’re with someone they are close with, she’ll address him as Prince Aqua.

And when they’re in public, she’ll address him as ”Your Highness”.

‘…… I feel like I might call him without honorifics by mistake.’

She thought as she shifted her position. If she didn’t do so, she’ll end up smiling to herself.

Tiararose actually panicked when Aquasteed confronted Keith but, in the end, that closed the gap between them.

She is really thankful to Keith for that.

As Tiararose continues thinking about these things, her thoughts seem to have no end.

 ‘The day of the bridal training will come if I don’t sleep soon,’ she scolded herself who was smiling alone and decided to close her eyes once again.

◇ ◇ ◇

“……That is all. Miss Tiararose, you are indeed excellent,” the teacher said.

It has only been a month since they began the bridal training.

“Thank you so much, teacher.” Tiararose smiled as she gracefully curtsied.

What they have covered within the month was matters regarding social relations. And this has been done at an unprecedented speed.

Etiquette, dancing, embroidery, general education. Tiararose did all of this only once and she already earned praises from her teacher.

She was certainly happy that what she had learned when she was still Hartnights’ fiancée didn’t go to waste. She had thought that all of it would be unnecessary since she was supposed to be exiled from the kingdom.

“After this, we will be covering the topic about the fairies for a week.”

“I understand.”

“Though this is already common knowledge, I will be explaining it much deeper to you. Miss Tiararose, since you will be the queen of this kingdom…… You have to learn this properly,” the teacher said as she hands her a thick book.

She opens and scans it and what was written inside was all information about the fairies and indeed, there were things written in the book not commonly known. 

Tiararose thought that it would be really helpful for her to learn all these in just a span of one week since there wasn’t much information about fairies in the neighbouring kingdom.

――Some of the information here might be restricted to others so I need to know what are the things that I am allowed to talk about and what are not.

“Miss Tiararose, if I’m not mistaken, you are favoured by the forest fairies. Can I ask what kind of conversation you have with them?”

“The fairies come to me whenever I go to the garden. It is not like we have a specific topic. We mostly have conversations about how that certain flower is pretty and such. Also, they love sweets.”


The teacher’s eyes widened in surprise by Tiararose’s words. It’s because, all this time, she hadn’t heard of the fact that fairies eat.

It’s probably better to say that a human hasn’t dared to give fairies any food. Of course, there were some who did but the fairies did not accept it.

For that reason, it was concluded that fairies do not eat human foods.

“The forest fairies love sweets…… I am actually blessed by the sea fairies but I wonder if they will accept it if I give them sweets?”

“Unfortunately, I am not liked by the sea fairies so I cannot say for sure. I think it is best for you to try it.”

Indeed it’s unfortunate for she is even hated by them. Although the forest fairies gave her their blessings instead.

“I will do so,” the teacher replied after hearing Tiararose’s words.

“Well then, let us end for today――Oh my, Your Highness.”


The teacher was about to tell her that they will be having another lecture about fairies tomorrow when she caught Aquasteed’s figure entering the room.

He apparently came to pick up Tiararose.

“It seems like today’s lesson is over,” he smiled.

“Yes, it is. Miss Tiara is really excellent so the lessons that we were supposed to tackle for 6 months were finished within a month. All that is left is a week of lecture about fairies and we are finished.”

“I see. You’re really brilliant, Tiara.”

“Thank you, Your Highness. I will keep doing my best.”

After bowing to the teacher, Tiararose was escorted out of the room by Aquasteed.

She wondered where Aquasteed is leading her but apparently, they are heading to his office.

As they passed the long carpeted hallway, her eyes were focused on the elegantly beautiful decorations on both sides of the walls. All of these are products of Marineforest which are made out of corals.

“Tiara, this is my office. Let’s discuss the things that will happen later on.”


When they entered the room, their seats had already been properly prepared.

After being escorted to the sofa, Tiararose sat down. Aquasteed sat across her while Tarmo stayed behind Tiararose acting, as her escort.

Eliot was preparing some documents. It seems like he will not be part of the discussion.

“You can relax, it’s just me and my aides in this room.”

“I understand, Prince Aqua.”

Aside from Eliot, Tarmo (who is now serving as Tiararose’s escort) is also a former aide of Aquasteed.

But even so, it is not easy for Tiararose to relax since she just recently arrived in this kingdom for the bridal training. But she is happy that he is being considerate of her.

“I hear reports about your bridal training every day. All of your teachers praise how excellent you are.” Aquasteed proudly said

“I am not worthy of those words,” a little embarrassed, Tiararose replied.

It is only natural for her to know things regarding general education, such as manner and etiquette. She has mastered all of it to the point that one may question why she is even learning the basics.

However, though young ladies know how to act elegantly, there are still many instances where they do not understand everything in it nor its essence.

It is very difficult to be a young lady like Tiararose unless they have undergone a strict education since childhood.

For that reason, any young lady who is to be married to a royal family must undergo a very strict bridal training.

“I’m thinking of letting you observe my work for the remaining period of your training.”

“Your Highness’s work?”

“That’s right. Isn’t that the best way for you to understand the kingdom’s situation better? Because you will be the queen, I doubt that you will have much direct involvement with my work but still, being able to know these things isn’t a bad thing.”

I see,‘ she thought.

Aquasteed is the one who manages all the political affairs in the kingdom such as handling documents and giving actual commands but as for Tiararose, who is to be crowned princess, there would be many instances where she will be tagging along during inspections and a few other formal tasks. 

If that’s the case, it is a good thing to know the usual work situation there is. Like what to do in certain situations because responses to people changes based on that.


“I am still nothing but your fiancée. For me to know the state of affairs of Marineforest, moreover, your work—”


 You must not give me too much information for I am just your fiancée.

Is what she was about to say but Aquasteed’s finger touched her lips, preventing her from saying any more than that.

“There’s no problem with that.” Aquasteed said to the confused Tiararose.

That statement of his actually proved that Aquasteed doesn’t plan on letting her go.

ーーI’m happy that Prince Aqua trusts me but there’s still a huge possibility for things to go according to the game……

’There’s still a possibility that Aishira will become the queen instead of me,’ Tiararose thought but she then decided to stop thinking about it.

 ’If I continue to think like this, I will lose the fight that I can win. I must stay strong,’ she scolded herself.

Being discouraged whenever the game is involved is Tiararose’s bad habit.

“I will do my best order to support you.”

“I’m counting on you, Tiara.”


And so, Tiararose is now to spend her days studying things about fairies and observing Aquasteed’s work.

“However, I want you to promise me one thing.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“If there is something that is bothering you, consult it to me right away. You must not shoulder it all by yourself.”

It sounded like a strict explanation of rules but it turns out that he was simply concerned about her.

When Tiararose obediently nodded, Aquasteed also nodded back in satisfaction.

But little did Tiararose know that the heroine, Aishira, frequently visits this office due to work……


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