Villainess Doted On

Chapter 22

Tiararose had been spending her days accepting jobs related to the fairies in the morning and observing Aquasteed’s work at his office in the afternoon.

However, not being able to be of much use to Aquasteed, she let out a sigh.

“Tiararose-sama, you’re doing the best that you can.”

“But… Aishira-sama is still only 14 years old but she is still able to do the job so well.”

After resting her body on the soft sofa, she drank the black tea Philliane had brewed.

At this time of the night, the castle is quiet and one can hear the wind. Tiararose liked this time of the day, when she drank black tea while she waited.

And then she recalled the incident that happened during the daytime.

After she started observing Aquasteed’s work, she noticed that Aishira would come from time to time. It does kind of affect her every time, but she tells herself that it is for work.

—-But, to be able to work properly at 14 years. It can’t be imagined in Japan.

Sighing in her heart, Tiararose wondered how she could be of use.

“Tiararose-sama, you just being here helps Aquasteed-sama very much.”


She tilted her head, hearing the attendant’s words. How can someone be useful by just being there? Seeing Tiararose seriously thinking about that, Philliane said, “That part of you is also good“, and gave a wry smile.

It is common knowledge at this point that Aquasteed dotes on Tiararose but it seems like the person in question herself isn’t quite aware of it.

Just from Tiararose’s presence, Aquasteed feels good and the work progress in the office also increases.

Although Philliane does feel that is cute of her employer, Tiararose is still in training for homemaking. It’s probably not good to be in excess contact… Thinking that, she wondered about what to do.

“How about making desserts? You can add magic into your desserts, after all. I think making sweets which would help recover from exhaustion would be good.”

“As expected of Philliane! That’s right, if it’s making desserts, even I can be of use.”

Tiararose smiled like a blooming flower.

And if that’s what she was going to do, she thought she should start preparing right away and stood up–but, of course, she was stopped by Philliane.

“Tiararose-sama, it’s already late now. How about we do it tomorrow?”

“Mmmm… That’s true, let’s get up early tomorrow and make them.”

After being stopped by Philliane, as it would cause problems for other people in the castle, Tiararose accepted easily and started preparing for bed.

Seeing her employer in such a good mood made Philliane happy. Especially since all she heard from Tiararose recently was “Aishira was also there today…“.

◇ ◇ ◇

[Tiara, I will let you have this–]

[Is it okay if I eat it–?]

[So softtt~!]

Tiara, who was fired up about making sweets, was able to borrow the castle’s kitchen first thing in the morning.

—Actually, Aquasteed had prepared a special kitchen just for Tiararose since she likes to make sweets–but nobody knew of this.

“Thank you, it looks very delicious.”

Amongst all that, while the preparations were going on, the fairies of the forest had come to Tiararose. With both of their hands full with fruits and flowers, they just kept on giving them to Tiararose one after the other saying “I will let you have this.“

Looking at the fruits she received, she thought of using them as they had gone through the trouble of bringing them.

“What will you be making?”

Philliane, who was observing, also seemed to be having fun.

As Tiararose was to be making the sweets alone, Philliane just observed. She might get bored but that can’t be helped.

[You can eat this flower too~]

[It’s delicious~]

“Eh? You can eat this flower?”

Hearing the fairies say that, Tiararose took hold of the flower. It was a cute little yellow flower, which seemed to be perfect for decorating on top of a cake.

Even in Japan, there were shops which would handle cute flowers that can be used as food. And so it’s not really surprising that there are edible flowers in this world, as well.


–Tiararose went on and put the whole flower into her mouth. She could hear Philliane’s shriek from the side but didn’t pay any heed to her.

She chewed on the flower a little to taste it and then gulped it down. Muttering “hmm“ to herself, she mixed the flowers with the fresh cream.

“What are you doing, Tiararose-sama…”

“This can be eaten, apparently. It was sweet so I thought of using it in the cake.”

Saying that, she pushed one of the flower petals into Philliane’s mouth. Philliane ended up eating it without thinking.

“Flowers aren’t foo… delicious! On top of that, it has natural sweetness with no bitterness.”


Philliane stared at the flower, looking all surprised. She was astonished, seeing that such a delicious flower existed. Looking at her with a side glance, Tiararose started finishing up the cake.

A very cute flower cake, using fruits and berries.

—-I wonder if this will make Aqua-sama happy.

“Ehehe,“ Tiararose laughed to herself, looking forward to the finished product.

◇ ◇ ◇

Philliane was in despair.

Seeing Tiararose off to the office, she thought of bringing in the cake, thinking it was time. But there, she found—another wonderful cake.

It seems like Aishira had also come prepared with a cake, just like Tiararose.

Philliane carried Tiararose’s cake into the main kitchen. And Aishira’s cake was also there.

“To think it would turn out like this… I couldn’t even imagine.“

Philliane said, looking frustrated at the sight of Aishira’s cake.

Unlike the one Tiararose made, it looked really professionally made. There was also chocolate topping, which made Philliane think that Tiararose-sama would definitely like it.

—Should I just add tabasco or something to Aishira-sama’s cake?

No, no, no, as Tiararose-sama’s attendant, such a foul act can’t be committed. Clearing the evil thought which came up for a moment there, Philliane let out a sigh.

But in reality, Philliane really wanted to do something about it. She didn’t think well of Aishira as she always made Tiararose look gloomy. Of course, she wouldn’t let that show.

“For now, let’s make Aquasteed-sama have Tiararose-sama’s cake ‘till his stomach is full. It’s fine to serve Aishira-sama’s cake after that.”

—-Alright, it’s perfect.

It was Tiararose’s handmade cake. If she were to provide Aquasteed with second servings while he was still eating, he would probably finish it all too.

Thinking she would make Aquasteed eat up the whole thing, Philliane carried the cake into the office in an euphoric mood.

Following the red carpet, she reached Aquasteed’s office before long. After knocking, she entered when the permission was given.

Tiararose immediately welcomed Philliane and happily let Aquasteed know that the cake was done.

“A cake Tiara made? That’s very nice. Let’s take a small break then.”

“Wow! Tiararose-sama can make desserts? That is amazing.”

“Thank you very much.”

Aishira, who had entered the castle for a meeting, also smiled happily.

Philliane cleanly cut the cake in proper proportions and served them with tea. The one who had the first bite was Aquasteed. Taking in the flower with his bite, he nodded in response to the taste.

“Hmm, all the sweets Tiara makes are very delicious.”

“I am glad you liked it, Aqua-sama. These flowers and berries were given to me by the forest fairies.”

“Moreover, this—No, I will give you the detailed impression later on.”


He probably wanted to say something about the magic Tiararose inserted into it.

It isn’t something that he would discuss in front of other people as only Aquasteed and Elliott know of it.

Beside them, Elliott and Aishira also had the cake and praised the taste highly.

And while Tiararose was relieved that it was good, another knock could be heard on the door. After Aquasteed gave the permission to enter, Aishira’s attendant entered with the gorgeous cake.


Philliane gulped. She didn’t think that cake would be served so soon. She wondered if she should have hidden it altogether.

“It is a new cake our chef has thought of. Tiararose-sama is also here nowadays so I thought something sweet would be good. However, it seems the timing was off so…”

“I see.”

Seeing Aishira look sorry, Tiararose kindly smiled and said, “Please don’t mind me.“

In fact, Tiararose would even welcome it. Since she was always a lover of sweets, she would gladly welcome it.

The gorgeous two-storied cake made Tiararose excited.

“That’s a very wonderful cake. I love sweets.”

Tiararose took a bite of Aishira’s cake with a smile. The soft and light cream cake really matched Tiararose’s taste.

Having finished the cake, Tiararose now took a sip of the tea.

“Tiara, you really look happy when you eat sweets, don’t you? Makes me want to keep looking.”

“Yes. I will be bringing more sweets later on then.”


Being told those by Aishira and Aquasteed, Tiararose felt embarrassed all of a sudden. Was she that happy while eating the cake?

Philliane, who was standing behind, was relieved that nothing happened and let out a sigh.

Aquasteed also had Aishira’s cake but didn’t compare the two.

Of course, the only one competing was Philliane…

“However, berry cake and fruit cakeare both very wonderful. Which one do you like more, Aquasteed-sama?”


It was Elliott, who casually dropped the bomb, while having the cake.

Tiararose and Aishira gulped and slightly glanced towards Aquasteed. Their hearts were beating fast.

Whose cake will be chosen by Aquasteed? Expectation and unease. Although they want to hear, they also would prefer not to.

—Obviously it would be Tiararose-sama’s cake!

That aside, Philliane was very confident about victory.

She can’t think of him choosing Aishira’s cake on top of Tiararose’s one. Moreover, the one Tiararose made had magic imbued and was handmade.


However, Aquasteed took his time.

Tiararose’s one should be the answer. But, Aishira was also the daughter of the duke of the country. He couldn’t possibly answer so easily.

It would’ve been fine but his crown prince self didn’t let him free so easily.

“….It isn’t even worth thinking about. Tiara’s one is more delicious, without a doubt.”

The unexpected answer came from the fairy king, Keith. Suddenly appearing beside the wagon carrying the cakes, he was having both of the cakes.

Seems like he had a bite of both and decided on which was better. He put Aishira’s cake back on the wagon and finished Tiararose’s one.


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