118 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 118

  1. Festival of Fire and Water: First Half

Grand fireworks were set off with magical power, marking the start of the festival of fire and water.

It’s an annual summer festival held in the castle grounds of Sandrose; the original purpose of it was to show gratitude and pray for the blessing of oasis, but it’s different this time round.

There’s an important goal of passing the magical power to the Salamander to make it sleep again.

If this fails and the Salamander could not get the magical power, Sandrose will be covered in flames, leaving the city in dust.


Tiararose and several other royal family members of other countries were invited to this festival where the Salamander has awakened, and lots of preparations were put into it.



Tiararose looked at the stage set up for the festival with a listless expression as her body has not returned back to normal.

She’s seated next to Aquasteed, and many people came over and complimented her saying “What a cute child.”


“Tiara, time’s up.”


Aquasteed told her that it’s better to leave the rest to Saravia.

However, there’s a reason why Tiararose could not agree to that; there’s no way she’ll have Saravia die for her sake.


She has been thinking of what she could do, even in her sleep, and arrived at a conclusion.

If this continues, all of them, Saravia, Aquasteed and herself wouldn’t end up being happy so… a compromise proposal was what’s left.

Of course, it might not be accepted but when push comes to shove, she’ll have to do what she could; she will have the Salamander return part of her magical power and she will pass some of the magical power to the Salamander after she has recovered.


-Since Salamander thinks preciously of King Saravia, she’ll probably agree if they managed to have a talk.


However, if she puts her hands on Aquasteed, Tiararose’s prepared to fight then.




Tiararose was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t reply Aquasteed and he had to call her again.


“Eh! Um, that’s right, no, it’s not that but…”

“…Could it be that you are hiding something from me?”


She must have been quite flustered that Aquasteed asked her with confidence. However, Tiararose have no idea how to break it to him and her eyes were wandering around.


However, fortunately, or unfortunately, the dance for the festival of fire and water has started.

First, the witches of the desert put on a dance performance and after that, the king, Saravia danced. It’s extremely rare to see the king dance and everyone was holding their breath, trying to catch all the details and imprint them into their minds.


Tiararose and Aquasteed, too, were enchanted by the beauty.

It was far more mysterious compared to the dance he had during the battle off with Aquasteed at the masquerade ball; Salamander must be watching this dance too.


While staring at Saravia quietly, Tiararose decided that she cannot possibly keep it a secret from Aquasteed and slowly opened her mouth.


“…I didn’t have the confidence to speak about it. However, I guess I cannot possibly keep quiet about it from Sir Aqua.”


Tiararose’s hands, which were placed on her knees, trembled slightly.

Aquasteed did not fail to catch that; he placed his hand on Tiararose’s hand and wrapped it, trying to reassure her that he’ll be there for her.


“…Sir Aqua must have already known that magical power’s required for the Salamander to fall asleep once again.”


“For generations, the royal family of the Sandrose took the role and responsibility for it; that’s the reason why this country’s called the kingdom of romance.”


Tiararose did not shift her gaze away from Saravia’s dance and continued speaking.


“King Saravia’s magical power, alone, is not enough to fulfill the needs of the Salamander; if he does not give up his life and part all of his magical power, he cannot make the Salamander fall asleep once again.”


“Yes. If I have the Salamander return my magical power, King Saravia will give his magical power… and he’ll probably end up dying.”


Aquasteed gulped as he did not know that the situation was this grave.

However, at the same time, he now understands why Tiararose insisted on finding ways to return back to normal by herself; it was too cruel for someone as kind as her to choose between someone’s life and herself.


Aquasteed hugged Tiararose’s shoulders and quietly told her “thank you for telling me.”


“I’ve made Tiara shoulder the burden alone.”

“No, I should have told Sir Aqua earlier about it.”

“That’s not true. As Tiara has just said, it requires a lot of courage to talk about death.”


That’s why, her feelings were understandable and Aquasteed smiled gently.


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