118 Part 2

“…Keith, Pearl.”

“I’m here.”

“I guess it cannot be helped it…”

“The situation’s as you’ve heard; well, you two might have already known about it but… I want to talk to the Salamander so will you please find her for me? She must be watching King Saravia’s dance from somewhere.”


After Aquasteed said that, Keith and Pearl nodded and disappeared from the place.


-Things always go smoothly when Sir Aqua’s in charge…

Tiararose was thinking of finding the Salamander herself, but she now feels that she should’ve consulted the help of someone else.


Keith and Pearl will probably find the Salamander immediately.


“Thank you very much, Sir Aqua.”

“I’ll do what I can. Tiara, don’t do anything reckless, alright?”


“I’ve been a little worried but I guess it’s fine.”


While waiting for the Salamander to be found, Tiararose and Aquasteed shifted their gazes to the Saravia’s dance again.







While listening to the sounds of bells ringing, Salamander gazed at Saravia’s dance; she’s on the roof of the castle and it’s the best seat to look at the festival which took place on the open grounds.

Saravia has improved… she smiled with satisfaction.

She woke up when Saravia’s still young. She’s not totally awake but was in a subconscious state where she constantly switches between being awake and asleep. To put it simply, she went back to sleep several times for a couple of years.

That’s why she has been looking over Saravia as he grew up.


“How should I put it… since I’ve looking over Saravia since he’s young, he’s cute to me.”


Compared to the previous royal family members who have given her magical powers, her love for Saravia was so much greater.


”He could not dance well at first, but he hates losing so much… He’ll wake up early in the morning to practice; he loves his mother deeply, and moreover, he always thinks about me and this country.”


That makes the Salamander happy.

However, he ended up being a womanizer… but it cannot be helped it. If Saravia was as pure as he was, he would not be able to deceive himself and love multiple women.


The sounds of bells became louder and it’s finally the finale.


“Oh so you were at a place like this.”

“I didn’t expect the sea fairy king to be here, what an honor.”

“You sure have the cheeks to say that.”


It’s a rare opportunity to see the Saravia’s dance but it was interrupted.

Pearl found the Salamander after having received the instruction from Aquasteed; she placed her fan on her mouth and narrowed her eyes with annoyance.


“Tiararose wants to talk to you.”

“It’s unfortunate but there’s nothing to talk about. Sorry, but I refuse to.”


She’ll probably ask for the method to return her body to normal. The Salamander shook her head from side to side and refused bluntly.

Pearl sighed and thought about what she could do.


There were two goals this time.

One was to return Tiararose’s body back to an adult.

The second was to keep Saravia from dying.


It’s simple and clear cut.

Pearl has yet to talk about it to Tiararose and Aquasteed, but actually she has thought of a secret plan to resolve these two issues.


“Sigh, you just wouldn’t listen, Salamander. I could have dragged you by force but Tiararose probably wouldn’t wish for that.”

“That’s right. I hope you wouldn’t do something so unrefined.”

“…However, what if I tell you that there’s a way for Saravia to stay alive and fulfill his role as the king?”


The Salamander was thinking of shifting to another location as she does not want to deal with Pearl… when the latter suddenly raised a proposal.

However, the Salamander just laughed and said “Please do not joke around!” while looking at Pearl.


“There’s no way there’s a convenient way to do that; if something like that exists, it would have been done in the past. Stop fooling around.”


Salamander was sure that it’s impossible and Pearl thought that the former should have used her brain more.


“I don’t like making lame jokes. It’s up to you to believe me or not, but if you remain so insistent, Saravia would end up in the bad state, you know?”



Being provoked at, Salamander bite onto her lips, it was indeed as what Pearl has said, it’s best if Saravia does not lose his honor as the king of the country.

She knows that well so she could not reply anything.


“Hmm, oh well, just go to Tiararose now; the dance of the Saravia seems to be ending too.”


Roars of cheers filled the area and Saravia bowed on the stage.


“Fine, I’ll just listen to what she has to say. However, please take note that I’m not going to return Tiararose’s magical power. I would not agree to Saravia dying.”

“I know. Just go now.”


Pearl flipped her fan and vanished with the Salamander.

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