119 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 119

  1. Festival of Fire and Water: Second Half

After the end of Saravia’s dance, the place was filled with applause and cheers. Sandrose bowed in all four directions and thanked everyone for accepting the invitation to this festival.

Right then, light shone from above Saravia’s head… and the Salamander appeared. At the same time, Pearl teleported to the back of Tiararose.

It seemed like they teleported to different places.


“As wished, I’ve brought the Salamander over… what do you plan to do, Tiararose?”

“Thank you very much, Pearl. There’s a limit to what I can do… If I miss the chance today, the Salamander will go back to sleep and there’ll be no room for settlement.”


That’s why, Tiararose decided to have a talk so that there will be no lasting regrets.



Commotions roused when the Salamander appeared above Saravia.

They were exclaiming “who’s this beautiful lady!?”

Saravia had explained at the beginning of the festival that it’s held for the sake of the Salamander, so the people who participated in the festival was aware of it, but no one knew that the Salamander really existed.


The Salamander put on a bewitching smile and looked at only Saravia, without paying attention to the crowd.


“I’ve watched your dance that you’ve dedicated to me… it’s very wonderful.”

“I’m honored to receive your compliments.”


Saravia kneeled down before Salamander so everyone realized that the beautiful lady was in fact the Salamander. They did not expect her to exist…

At the same time, they were touched by the fact that they get the chance to see the Salamander in person at the festival.


The Salamander received the cheers from the public and she can’t help but smile beautifully.

After that, she descended from the sky and walked towards Tiararose.



“You have something to talk to me about, no?”

“…Yes. I don’t think there’s a lot of time, so please excuse me for being straightforward. I will give you my magical power; however, it’d trouble me to be in this child form. So would you allow me to raise a compromising proposal?”


Tiararose searched through the library, asked Keith and the others, including the people of Sandrose… but in the end she did not receive any clues.

As the Salamander will fall asleep after the end of the festival today, there’s no time left.


“For example… I will give my magical power once again to you after I have recovered some of my magical power, Salamander.”


Tiararose thought that if it’s possible to delay the sleep, it might be a better way.

However, the Salamander shook her head.


“No… but, hmm, if you are able to beat me, I’ll acknowledge your strength and accept your compromising proposal.”

“B-Beat you…?”

“Yes. I’m Salamander. I like fights, as the spirit of fire.”


So what are you going to do? The Salamander challenged Tiararose.

However, unfortunately, Tiararose does not have any experience in fighting so she thought that she’ll end up losing even if she fights. There’s no way she could win.




-It’s impossible for someone weak like me.


Tiararose did think of accepting it on impulse, but she’s not so stupid to accept a challenge where she’ll obviously lose.


Tiararose was troubled as to what to do, when Aquasteed looked worriedly at her from the side.

Aquasteed judged that regardless of the outcome, it might be better to accept the challenge here; he was about to open his mouth when Tiararose spoke before he could do so.


“As you can see, I’m weak. I’m bad at using magic too and do not handle any weapons like swords. Would it be fun for you to fight with me, Salamander?”

“Indeed, I don’t think you’ll win. Well, it’s not really a hobby of mine to harass someone, you know? Hmm, well then…how about this, I’ll attack and you’ll try to escape and defend yourself. If you managed to get through without injuries, it’s your win.”


It’s a decisive win or lose, so that wouldn’t be bad, the Salamander thought with a smile.

Tiararose listened to the proposal and thought that she’s indeed better in defense. However, even so she’s not sure if she could protect herself from the Salamander’s attack.


-Well, from the look of it, the Salamander’s of boss class level!

In the world of the maiden game, the Salamander would naturally appear as the last boss.


Tiararose found it hard to respond and the Salamander averted her gaze with a bored looked… and faced Aquasteed instead.


“No matter what, I’ll win so I guess I’ll have him then.”



The Salamander looked at Aquasteed and tried to show off her ample chest; she then approached him to appeal with her body.


“You can’t make a joke here, Salamander.”

“Hm, that’s not true. I’m going to sleep today so wouldn’t it be good to let me have a dream before that?”


She said that and tried to seduce Aquasteed.

Of course, Tiararose could not agree to that at all.


“Salamander! I’ll accept this challenge so please do not put your hands on Sir Aqua!”

“Oh, so you are going to do your best despite being small?”


The Salamander said that as though she thought Tiararose’s going to run away with her tail between her legs, and grinned.


“You would not go back on your own words, right?”

“Of course. I’m the esteemed Salamander, there’s no way I’ll go back on my own words.”


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