119 Part 2

Electric sparks could be seen flying between the two ladies.

It’s a magical power fight but it ended up looking like a fight over Aquasteed… that’s probably fun.


However, Aquasteed, who’s the person in their minds, put on a stop to it.


“Tiara, I’ll not allow that, so please be obedient-”

“No, Sir Aqua. A woman has times when she has to fight no matter what. I’ll definitely win so please just look over me.”


With force that would not allow any refutes, Tiararose stood up.

She refused to listen to Aquasteed and stood in front of the Salamander.

Right then, Saravia, who was watching at the situation, thought that the situation’s getting bad and headed over.


“Salamander, Kitty, it’s not good to do something dangerous like that. Please stop fighting.”

“This kid has already accepted my challenge so there’s no way I’ll allow for a retreat now.”

“No! Please fill your stomach with my magical power, as initially planned. I’ll pass you the magical power when I do the final offering later. So please return kitty her magical power.”

“No way. I’ve said this before but I value you more than that kid.”


That’s why that option never existed from the start.

Saravia clicked his tongue and started showing his irritation at how things were not going well. However, Tiararose was the one who stopped him.


“You cannot show your troubles here as the King. You’ll end up making the others to worry. Furthermore…”


“I have no intentions to lose.”


Tiararose declared that and grinned.


Aquasteed and Saravia sighed, knowing that there’s no way they could stop her. Pearl was the only one looking at the situation with an amused look.


Saravia headed to the side of Aquasteed, and they watched Tiararose and the Salamander together.

They were concerned about Tiararose’s energy level.


“What a frightening kitty… so is there a possibility Kitty would win?”

“To be honest, I don’t know how strong the Salamander is… I think it’s impossible but Tiara’s not that reckless and she probably has some strategy.”

“Strategy huh…”


Saravia thought that it’d be futile in front of the overpowering fire power of the Salamander. However, at the same time, since he does not know what Tiararose’s going to do… there might be a chance.


Tiararose and the Salamander stood on top of the stage where Saravia performed his dance earlier. They faced each other on the both edges of the stage. They were probably 30 meters apart from each other.

The guests who were enjoying the festival began to feel nervous about what’s going to happen next. The place was filled with silence and everyone placed their focus on Tiararose and the others.



The definition of winning or losing was clear.

With a distance of 30 meters, the Salamander will attack and Tiararose would receive it.

If the attack was a success, the Salamander would win.

If Tiararose did not end up being injured, it’s her victory.



Aquasteed spoke to Pearl who was standing behind him.


“Please protect Tiara if it looked like things are getting dangerous, regardless of the outcome.”

“…You are sure a worrywart. Well, just look at it and you will know the result soon.”


Right when Pearl said that, the Salamander chanted and attacked Tiararose with magic! The black flame in the form of a dragon headed straight for Tiararose.

The sound of wind being sliced was like the roar of the dragon.


“I did not expect her to be so powerful…! Pearl, Tiara’s going to end up…!”

“Hm. That flame would probably lose to my water.”


The very next moment, it looked like the black dragon was about to swallow Tiararose. However, before there was any contact, it dispersed.




The Salamander was sure that she has had Tiararose, and could not hide her shock at how her magical power has disappeared. No, to be more accurate- it has evaporated.

The dragon flame made contact with the thin layer of water surrounding Tiararose and disappeared.


“There’s no way the flame’s going to affect Tiararose, who has received my blessings.”

“I see, the blessing of the sea fairy king’s this wonderful…”


Saravia gulped at how it exceeded his imagination.

Aquasteed was relieved from the depth of his heart that Tiararose’s fine.


“I did not expect to lose. It seemed like I’ve underestimated you and the sea fairy king.”


As declared earlier, the Salamander has admitted coolly to her defeat.

When the outcome of the fight was decided, droplets descended from the sky. It was sunny and yet there’s rain? It was actually water droplets formed when the power of Salamander and Tiararose clashed each other.


A sound could be heard from somewhere.


“Fire and water…”

“Is this the symbol of this festival?”

“Initially I thought that some trouble has happened, but this is a wonderful setting.”

“The festival of the fire and water is wonderful.”


Everyone thought that the Salamander’s fire and Tiararose’s water was used to express this festival.

Tiararose did not have such intention at all… and gave a wry smile.


-However, it might be better to be misunderstood.


Or rather, it’s a good excuse to cover up for the earlier fight.


“Tsk, you have done it once again, Tiara.”

“Keith! Speaking of which, Keith also went to look for the Salamander, right?”

“No, I left that to Pearl and did the preparations.”



Tiararose did not know what’s going on and blinked her eyes with the Salamander.


“It might be better to show you instead of explaining. We’re going to teleport.”



Without waiting for a reply from Tiararose and the others, Keith used his teleportation magic.

Tiararose, Salamander, Aquasteed, Saravia and Pearl were forcibly being teleported.


“This… is the goddess statue that leads the way to the shrine of Salamander?”

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