119 Part 3


Tiararose talked about where they were teleported to and some changes took place.

Green plant was growing around the feet of the goddess statue.


-Could this leaf be… the Tiararose’s flower?


It was the Marineforest national flower, which was thought to be unsuitable for growth in Sandrose with its climate.

Why? She thought, but she immediately realized that this was the work of Keith. It’s only the forest fairy king who’s capable of doing such act easily.


Aquasteed was also shocked as he stood beside Tiararose.


“I could not say anything but as expected”

“? What’s going on?”


Tiararose and Aquasteed knew the name of this plant just by looking at the leaf, but Salamander and Saravia did not know it so they tilted their head.


“Just leave the rest to us.”



Splashes could be heard as Pearl walked into the pond where the goddess statue was in. Her bright dress floated on the water as she walked slowly towards the goddess statue.

Right then, she raised her fan and ripples formed on the water surface along with the movement of wind- it then started to sparkle.

Right then, as they were wondering what she’s going to do, the flower which was slightly budding beneath the goddess statue started growing at a rapid rate.


“This… Pearl has dissolved magic into the water huh.”

“Yes. Just take a look at how the bud, which Marineforest takes pride in, blossoms-!”


Right when Pearl said that, the bud opened up to reveal a large pink flower.

Yes, it’s Tiararose’s flower.

The blossoming flower was tilting towards the goddess statue and it headed down- towards the underground with its roots extended towards the lair of the Salamander.

The flower wrapped the goddess gently with a faint glow, as though it’s a saint that soothes.


Saravia witnessed what happened and gulped his saliva.


“So this flower is the Tiararose’s flower, huh? I did not expect to see it blooming in my country.”


It’s so dreamy and Saravia walked into the water without realizing, as he wanted to take a closer look, and touched the Tiararose’s flower.

Right then he noticed something.


“This flower contains magical power that has the same frequency as that of Kitty, right?”


It was Keith who replied to Saravia’s question.


“Yes. This flower was born from Tiara’s magical power, so it contains the same magical power frequency.”

“So, let’s get to the main topic now. Hey, Salamander, the root of this flower has reached your bed so it can provide you with continuous magical power. How about filling up your stomach with that?”

“I see, so this was what the sea fairy king has said… that’s alright with me. I have lost anyway so I’ll accept this proposal.”


Salamander showed a refreshing smile and headed towards Tiararose and Aquasteed. Saravia, who saw that, hurried after the Salamander and stood beside her.


“As promised, I’ll return half of the magical power I’ve stolen to Tiararose. I’ll wait for my stomach to become full as I receive magical power from this flower. I might not be able to fall asleep immediately but I guess I’ll look over Sandrose then.”

“Yes. Thank you for accepting our proposal, Salamander.”


Tiararose thanked her gracefully and the Salamander extended her right hand with a smile.


“It’s actually hard for me to act gracefully. So I’ll show my thanks this way, is it fine?”


Tiararose was shocked by what the Salamander has said for a while, but she immediately nodded with a smile. Right then, she grabbed the Salamander’s hand tightly and gave a firm handshake.


“Of course, Salamander!”

“Thank you, Tiararose. You are a very noble queen.”


With this, everything’s settled and the Salamander has a proposal as to what’s going to happen in the future.


“Even though I can receive magical power from the flower, the amount’s a little lacking. That’s why, Saravia, will you give me some magical power when you have a lot of it, or have your kids do that?”

“Yes. It might take time, but I promise you.”

“To me, the lifespan of the human’s too short. I’m willing to wait for Saravia’s children.”


Tiararose and the others became witnesses, while the Salamander and Saravia exchanged promises.

After that, Saravia promised to pour his magical power into the pond and make sure that the Tiararose’s flower’s growing well.


“It’s my turn next, right?”


Finally, with this, I can return back to my original form.

I want to return back to an adult as soon as possible, and I want to have a proper kiss from Aquasteed… of course I could not say this out loud in the public.


“Tiararose, your hand.”



As instructed, Tiararose put out her hand and the Salamander kneeled before her. She then places the palm on her forehead and returned the magical power she has had stolen slowly.

Tiararose’s body reacted to the restored magical power and began to feel hot. It was warm and her child body started to feel sleepy.


Aquasteed gently supported the back of Tiararose as she dozed off.

Right when the Salamander has returned half of the magical power, Tiararose was already deep in sleep.


Aquasteed thought about waking her up but she must have been tired from all the happenings so he decided to let her sleep and carried her up.


“After waking up, the restored magical power will flow around her body and she’ll return to her adult form so please relax.”

“I got it, thank you, Salamander.”

“It’s fine, I’m the one who’s grateful. To think that such a fine man belongs to Tiararose, how envious I’m of that… Sorry for causing troubles, I’ll tell you something in return.”


After saying that, the Salamander whispered into Aquasteed’s ear.


“…That’s romantic.”


He can’t wait for Tiararose to wake up now.

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