The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 120

  1. As expected, it’s the sweet kiss after all

Aquasteed was woken up by the gentle morning sunlight shining through the windows, and he smiled at Tiararose who was sleeping on his arm.


“You look extremely comfortable sleeping.”


Without waking her up immediately, he enjoyed staring at her sleeping face.

How long has passed since then? He has been staring at her for five minutes, ten minutes, no, more than that.



“Are you awake?”

“Sir Aqua?”




Tiararose blinked several times and rubbed her eyes in a daze.

While thinking that she has to wake up soon, she felt so comfortable sleeping in the arms of her beloved one that she wanted to stay there forever.




“When did I fall asleep…?”


Her memory was cut off after the Salamander returned her the magical power; she probably lost consciousness then.

Wanting to know the answer, she looked at Aquasteed and he rubbed her back gently.


“Your body became warm after the magical power was restored… you ended up falling into deep sleep since you’re in your child form.”

“I see… I have caused you troubles.”

“There’s no trouble. As for the matter with Salamander and King Saravia, everything went well with the help of Keith and Pearl; it’s all thanks to you, Tiara.”


Aquasteed praised Tiararose and hugged her tightly. He patted her head multiple times and gave her a gentle peck.


-Ah, it’s Sir Aqua’s kiss.

I’m happy.


That’s what she thought when a certain doubt came into her mind. No, it’s not a doubt at all.


“I’m still in my child-form, aren’t I?!”

“Tiara, that’s-”


Indeed, the Salamander has already returned the magical power, so what on earth’s happening? Dreadful cold sweat ran down Tiararose’s back and her heart was pounding hard.

Aquasteed was telling her something from the side, but her heart was so loud that she could not hear anything.




Tiararose thought that she has to calm down and tried taking deep breaths.


-She has regained the magical power properly.

She knows that from sensation.


Perhaps, she’d be able to return to her adult form if she rest well and recovered all of her magical power.

If that doesn’t work, she’d go back to the country and ask Grail and Pheles, as there’s a possibility that they might come up with a solution easily.

She tried to convince herself that there’s no need to be pessimistic now.


But, but, even though she tried telling herself that it’s fine… she cannot suppress the fear and uncertainties within her.


“Sir Aqua…!”

“Tiara, it’s fine.”


Tears rolled down from Tiararose’s eyes and she shook her head saying “Why?” Aquasteed’s words couldn’t reach her.


“It’s totally not fine! If this continues, Sir Aqua will not kiss me anymore!”


“I was thinking of kissing you a lot after I have the magical power back and returned to my adult form. It’s probably the first time we have not kissed for a long time…”


Looking at how serious Tiararose was as she cried, Aquasteed thought it was cute even though he shouldn’t be thinking that way.

To the point that he ended up thinking that if they were to have children, he’d prefer a daughter over a son…


“Tiara, it’s fine so look at me.”

“Ugh… I’m looking at you properly. But, my tears just wouldn’t stop…”

“Sorry. I’ll make you stop crying immediately so forgive me.”

“…? How- hng”


Tiararose was in Aquasteed’s embrace when he grabbed her chin and placed his lips on her cute pouty lips.

Tiararose opened her eyes wide in surprise and then immediately closed her eyes, and gave into Aquasteed.


It was gentle at first but he started pecking her repeatedly.

To make Tiararose feel secure, Aquasteed rubbed her back gently with his arms. It’s been a long time since she has felt such warmth that it made her blissful.


-He was so insistent on not kissing me before though…

So he will kiss a crying girl? Tiararose has become so relaxed that she could even come up with conjectures.


They exchanged kiss multiple times and parted their lips, Tiararose became out of breath.


“Hah… Hah… eh…?”


While regulating her breath, she was surprised at her body’s transformation.

When Aquasteed kissed Tiararose, she was in her child form but now she has returned to her original adult form.

She wondered what happened and looked at Aquasteed, he then gave a gentle smile in return.


“Welcome back, Tiara.”

“…I’m back, Sir Aqua.”


She has finally stopped crying just before, but now she felt so happy with a mixture of surprise that tears overflowed from her eyes. Aquasteed kissed her on her eyes, cheeks, forehead and then nose…


“You must be tired from crying.”

“Ugh… So many things have happened that I just couldn’t stop. Is it bad?”

“No? Ah, but Tiara’s crying face’s very tantalizing so in that way it’s kind of troubling.”



Aquasteed’s reply made Tiararose blushed so hard that her ears were red. She didn’t know what to reply him and was about to bury in the towel blanket… when she noticed the state she’s in.


“Yikes, my clothes… or rather cloth!?”

“You have turned into an adult from a child, so it cannot be helped it. Taking into consideration that you’d return back to normal, Philiane put on a large cloth over your body and tied it up with a ribbon.”

“I-Is that so? But, that’s right… it’d be a big problem if I returned into an adult in kid’s clothing…”


Tiararose was so embarrassed that she’s panicking within her head even though she tried to reply coolly.

She’s only covered with a large piece of cloth, and right below it, was a ribbon that came untied when her body returned into an adult from a kid. She felt like a present that’s just unwrapped.


She immediately wrapped her body with the cloth and took a breath.

Right beside her, Aquasteed was saying “It’s fine that way though” and laughed.


“No way… but, why did I return to normal at this timing?”

“Hmm… it’s due to my kiss?”

“Eh!? B-But… my body did not return back to normal when you kissed me previously.”


Of course, it’s romantic to think that it’s the kiss that made her return to normal, but she has tried it before so it just doesn’t make sense.

She’s very happy about it though…


Aquasteed then answered her doubt.


“You didn’t have magical power back then. Your magical power’s restored this time round so I’m sure my kiss became the impetus. The princess turned back to normal with the prince’s kiss, right?”

“Sir Aqua…”


Tiararose finally accepted it as a fact and nodded.

Indeed, as Aquasteed has said, her magical power situation’s different now, so it’s not strange for the outcome to be different.


-What should I do, I feel like smiling!


It’s such an orthodox way to return back to normal with the prince’s kiss but her heart wouldn’t help pounding. Tiararose looked so happy that Aquasteed kissed her once again.


“…If you’re going to be dressed like that, I won’t be able to restrain myself any longer, you know?”

“Eh? …I’m going to change my clothes!”


Aquasteed laughed cheekily and Tiararose’s face became red. She immediately got off the bed and headed for the main room.

Aquasteed was left in the bedroom alone.


“Tiara’s really cute. She totally believed in the kiss story; I can’t help but be under her biding.”


Aquasteed rolled the shining red jewel in his hand and lied down on the bed.

Actually, he plotted a scheme such that Tiararose’s body would return back to normal at the right time.



That was the “Tear of the Salamander” which was attached to Tiararose’s necklace.

When Tiararose fell asleep after regaining her magical power, the Salamander told Aquasteed that “her body would return to normal after this jewel was taken off.”

The condition being that she has to be awake…

The Tear of the Salamander was a medium for Tiararose’s magical power to be passed to the Salamander. Therefore, as long as she has it on, she’ll be in her kid size.



Aquasteed wanted to remove it as soon as possible and he intended on settling the clothing issue and explaining to her before returning her body back to normal… but Tiararose was in a panic mode, so he had no choice but to resort to that method.

It seemed like that was the romantic method taught by the Salamander.


“I should have given a proper explanation, but it might be better to return her back to normal with a kiss.”


Aquasteed decided that there’s no need to tell her the mechanism behind it; he got up from the bed and put on a rough shirt.


“Well then, let’s have breakfast with Tiara.”


This will probably be the most delicious meal they’d ever had since coming to Sandrose.

That’s because he’ll be eating with the happy Tiararose.

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