121 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 121

  1. Letter from home

Riding on the comfortable breeze, a sweet aroma wafted through the place. Today, many royal ladies came to the castle to join the tea party organized by Tiararose, the queen of Marineforest.

The garden was filled with roses of various colours, and many varieties of sweets and black tea were prepared. Every single one of them was carefully picked by Tiararose.


“To think that there’s even the newest sweet that Lady Tiararose has recently come up with… I’m such a blessed person.”

“Yes, really, there are so many sweets with cute wrappings too that I get troubled, thinking of which one I should have.”

“Of course the taste matters but, it’s also important for sweets to look good, right?”


Tiararose smiled gently at the ladies who have gathered. In her heart, she wanted to do a victory pose seeing how her new sweets were well-received.

She ended up thinking about what kind of sweets she should come up with next.



This person, who loves sweets that much, was Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

She has fluffy honey pink hair and gently light-blue eyes. She’s wearing a cute empire-line dress with light-blue and white base colours, which made her stand out even more.

She came from the neighbouring Lapis Lazuli country and is the queen of this country.

However, in fact, she’s also the villainess of the “Ring of the Lapis Lazuli” maiden game, which this world’s based on; right when she was chased out of the country, she was saved and proposed by her now-husband Aquasteed.

She loves making and eating sweets and this is pretty much evident.



Therefore, even though she’s the villainess, she’s leading a very happy life now.

Tiararose explained about the new cake to the ladies, when Olivia arrived with a fan concealing her mouth.

Her eyes looked extremely excited and Tiararose smiled wryly, thinking that she’s probably hiding her grin under the fan.


“Lady Tiararose. The cake was extremely delicious. The combination of shortcake and cheese was heavenly.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia. I’m glad you’ve taken a liking to it.”

“I’m really blessed to be able to eat such a delicious cake. Furthermore, it’s made by my villainess senior.”



The person who said that without thinking much was Olivia Ariadale.

There’s a ribbon accessory on her rose-red long hair. She’s wearing fashionable large-frame glasses where her honey-green eyes were clear.

She’s the daughter of the county and also the villainess of the sequel to “Ring of Lapis Lazuli”.

She truly likes the game and loves all the characters. Furthermore, she often gets nose bleeds when she’s too excited… By the way, her hobby’s to travel and visit the spots shown in the game.



Olivia complimented Tiararose without restraint, and the latter said “aren’t you exaggerating too much” but she could not help but smile from being too happy.

Tiararose scanned the surrounding and it seemed like the cakes, macarons, madeleines which she has prepared in large quantities were mostly taken; they’re being eaten at a rate faster than expected.

She was thinking of adding more but it’s soon the end of the tea party,


Right then a soft whisper could be heard from the ladies.


“Ah, the newest cakes are finished already…”

“It’s very delicious so it cannot be helped it. It’s already an honour to be invited to Lady Tiararose’s tea party.”

“That’s right.”


Olivia, who overheard those conversations with Tiararose, nodded.


“Lady Tiararose’s cakes were extremely delicious.”

“There’s still time so I’ll have some prepared. It’d be good if I could hold more of these tea parties but I don’t have much time recently so…”

“Your schedule’s totally filled, right?”


Visits to other countries and political exchanges, Tiararose has been busy lately. Right now, she managed to get a break and decided to hold a leisure tea party.

-As the queen, maybe it’d be better if I hold more of these tea parties?


Or should I attend more of the tea parties and night parties held by others? There are so many things to do as the queen that my head’s spinning.

Olivia noticed her behaviour and opened her mouth.


“In that case, why don’t I hold a tea party at my house?”

“Thank you very much, Lady Olivia.”

“That way, you can relax more, right?”

“…That’s right.”


Olivia whispered with the fan covering her, and the two of them giggled.






After the end of the tea party, Tiararose said “I’m deadbeat…” as she lazed on the sofa in her room.


“Ugh… I think I’ve been getting tired easily these days. Is my stamina declining?”


She’s still young but she hasn’t been exercising on a regular basis. She was wondering if she should increase her strolling time… when a knock could be heard reverberating through the room.

She told the person to come in and it’s Aquasteed.


“You’ve worked hard for the tea party, Tiara. I met Lady Olivia on the way back and she told me you looked tired so I should dote on you more.”

“Lady Olivia said that!?”


How embarrassing! Tiararose sunk into the sofa and covered her cheeks which have turned red.


The person who was going to dote on her was Aquasteed Marineforest.

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