121 Part 2

He has dark-blue hair and refreshing golden eyes. Aquasteed looked at Tiararose with a very blissful look and he’s her husband as well as the king of this country.

Also, he’s the main strategy target character for the game’s sequel.


Aquasteed sat down beside Tiararose and gently stroked her hair.

After which he said “You’ve worked hard” and rubbed her head. He looked extremely happy as though this is a benefit for him too.


“…Thank you, Sir Aqua.”



Tiararose leaned against Aquasteed.

Her stress immediately blew off.


-I wonder if Sir Aqua’s a medicine…


She ended up thinking that way.


“Even so, there’re a lot of guests for the tea party this time round huh.”

“Yes. Everyone who’s invited attended the party, so it was very lively. However, it’s kind of disappointing that I wasn’t able to talk to everyone for a long time…”


Next time, Tiararose’s going to scale down the parties and increase the numbers instead.


“Tiara’s tea parties are very popular huh.”

“It makes me happy. Everyone took a liking to the sweets… I think they will become more popular.”


If it’s going to be well-received by the ladies of noble family, it would probably propagate further into the cities. The sweets-making skills of the artisans in their houses would probably improve too.

Go for it! The sweets kingdom which will not lose to any other country! …that’s what Tiararose joked but she sincerely hoped that it will become the country’s representative product.


“Tsk, Tiara’s so motivated when it comes to sweets. I have also fallen in love with sweets myself too.”


Aquasteed said that and grinned.



“Sir Aqua?”


Aquasteed seemed to be thinking for a while and Tiararose tilted her head in confusion. Perhaps, there’re some sweets he’s not fond of-

Of course, that was a needless worry.


“To me, the sweetest one’s Tiara.”



Aquasteed narrowed his eyes and approached Tiararose; she closed her eyes tightly. After that, he kissed her gently.


“…See, it’s sweet.”


Tiararose’s lips were licked and her ears turned red.


“That’s cunning of you to say that.”


Normally, a kiss would suffice but to think that he coupled it with sweet words; it’s no wonder she’d be embarrassed by it.

To Aquasteed, Tiararose’s reaction was extremely cute though…


Tiararose was so embarrassed that she could not show her face and just hugged Aquasteed; the latter patted her head.


-Ugh, I’m being doted so much.

She has totally recovered right now from her tiredness.


She was thinking of spending the rest of the time leisurely like that… when a knock echoed through the room.


“Lady Tiararose, it’s Philiane. You have a letter from Sir.”

“From father?”


After being given the permission to enter the room, Philiane came in with a letter in her hand.



She’s Tiararose’s attendant, Philiane Sunfist.

She has a maid hat on her yellow-green hair, and she’s wearing a modest long skirt and an attendant outfit.

She has served Tiararose since before and was like an elder sister to her; she’s a reliable ally of hers.


The letter brought in by Philiane was from Tiararose’s father who’s in Lapis Lazuli.

It’s not exactly rare as she often gets letters from her father who loves her very much.


“Thank you, Philiane.”


Tiararose looked at the letter and it’s about the recent happenings and-


“Eh? Adopted a son?”

“Adopted a son?”


What Tiararose has said surprised both Aquasteed and Philiane too.

In the letter, he said that he has adopted a son into the family so that he’d carry on the lineage of the family. Also, he wanted her to come home to meet him too…


-I’m shocked but indeed, there’s no one to carry on the lineage.


“There’s no one except me in the Clementine family so he’s always troubled about the issue of having no one to carry on the lineage.”


That’s why she’s a little relieved by it.


“That’s right. Since Tiara’s married to me, there’s only the options of making babies or welcoming an adopted son.”

“Yes, with this, the Clementine family will be stable too.”

“If you’re going for a meet up, I’d arrange it such that I can join you too. Will you give me some time?”

“Of course.”


After that, she’d write a reply to the letter and report that she’ll be returning along with Aquasteed after things have calmed down.


“That would mean that I’ve a step brother, right? I wonder if we’d get along well together.”


It’s her first sibling so she’s kind of nervous about it.

Looking at that, Philiane told her that “You’d be fine!”


“Lady Tiararose’s kind after all. Furthermore, with Lady Tiararose’s sweets, any kid would be won over!”

“Oh Philiane…”


-Indeed, the sweets strategy might be a good idea!

Tiararose thought.


“So, who’s the adopted son?”


If it’s the son of a noble family, Aquasteed might know him so he decided to ask.

Even if he doesn’t know him directly, Tiararose should have some idea as she knows every member of the Lapis Lazuli noble family.




“It’s not written on the letter who’s the adopted son…”


Tiararose was a little perplexed by this, and Aquasteed and Philiane tilted their heads in confusion too.

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